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Best Places to Buy World of Warcraft(WoW) & Classic Gold and Accounts

Last Updated on 23rd February 2023

Not everyone has the time or mental strength to grind hard on WoW and WoW classic. While many people enjoy farming WoW gold, there is a percentage of players who either don’t want to farm or don’t have the time to do so because of either school, work, or other stuff in real life. That’s where buying WoW and WoW Classic gold comes in handy. It could literally save you hundreds of hours of farming in exchange for money.

Personally, when I was younger, I had so much free time that I didn’t even bother buying anything related to any game. Now, my free time is minimal, so I may consider buying gold to focus on more fun things in the game or even buying a fully leveled and geared up account to play PvP.

So if you’ve made up your mind to buy either WoW or WoW classic gold or any WoW accounts, there are some things you should keep in mind before and while doing so. In this post, you’ll find the best and safest websites you can purchase WoW and WoW classic gold and accounts, and the safest ways to do the transaction, so you don’t end up getting banned and losing everything you purchased and also previously owned.

Before we even jump into the best places to buy WoW gold and accounts, let’s first focus on some basic stuff you should know.

Can you get banned for buying World of Warcraft gold?

Buying, selling, and trading World of Warcraft gold from and to 3rd party is against Blizzard’s ToS and can be punished with a suspension or ban. There are some methods to buy WoW gold that highly decrease the risk of any suspension or bans. You’ll find all these methods later in this guide.

Can you get banned for buying a World of Warcraft Account?

Buying, selling, and trading World of Warcraft accounts is also against Blizzard’s ToS and can get you banned as well, but the chances are much lower, especially if you read everything on this guide. You will know how to protect yourself.

Safest methods and tips to buy WoW and WoW Classic gold

There are three ways that sellers will deliver you the gold you purchased for WoW and WoW Classic, in-game face-to-face trading, by emailing you in-game, and through the auction house. Below you will find a brief explanation of every method to purchase World of Warcraft gold, including the pros and cons of every method.

  • Face to Face trading
    • You’ll meet with the seller in-game and open trading, he will give you the WoW gold you’ve purchased, and he will probably ask you to trade an item to him. If you choose this method, I highly recommend you ask the seller not to send you any whispers in-game and communicate the whole time from the website chat you’ve purchased the gold or by email.
Buying WoW gold with face to face trading.
  • Email in-game
    • Avoid this method. If the seller sends gold from the same account to few different accounts every day, there is a good chance he will get caught, and so do you.
Buying WoW Gold with in-game email
  • Auction house
    • This is the safest method to purchase WoW or WoW classic gold from anyone, but keep in mind that if you want to be 100% safe, it’s recommended that you put items like battle pets or old epics in the auction house with a buyout price.
Buying WoW Gold with auction house method.

Some tips to stay safe while, before, and after purchasing WoW gold or WoW classic gold.

  • Don’t ever return the gold the seller just sent you under any circumstances, and for whatever reason, they might tell you.
  • If you decide to buy gold from the websites I will list below, keep all chats and transactions inside the website just if you get scammed, the companies will have your back and refund you.
  • Don’t ever give your WoW account details to anyone, even if they are the most positively rated seller in the marketplace.
  • If you want to be completely safe, you are not getting scammed, record everything in-game, and prove if anything goes wrong.
  • Always check the seller’s feedback and make sure no one is talking about banned/suspended accounts.
  • Always check the seller’s description and make sure they are selling exactly what you are looking for.

The safest method and things to consider when purchasing a WoW or WoW Classic Account

When it comes to purchasing a World of Warcraft account, there are also few things you should take into consideration, but the ban risk is pretty low. The most reliable and safe method to purchase a World of Warcraft is always to complete the payment and receive the account inside a big marketplace website like the ones I will show you below. You want to do that, so if someone tries to scam you, you will be backed up by the company and get a refund.

  • First, you’ll have to make sure that the seller is selling an account with full access. I mean that you will receive the email associated with the account, so you can change it to your own and take complete ownership of the account.
  • Make sure to find a reliable seller and tons of positive reviews and preferably no reviews mentioning account bans.
  • Read the description of the account carefully, check any screenshots available, ask the seller any questions you might have before purchasing, and ask the seller for screenshots if there are no available in the description. You want to make sure you will get what you expect before the payment to avoid any hassle later on.

Best Places to buy WoW gold and WoW Classic gold

Below you will find the best and safest website to buy either World of Warcraft gold or World of Warcraft Classic gold, depending on your server.

Best place to buy World of Warcraft EU Gold


WoW EU Gold and available servers.

In MMOGA, you’ll find the best prices for World of Warcraft for the EU server. The differences in prices with other major marketplaces are actually big, and considering they are reliable, safe, and fast, it’s a no-brainer.

The minimum amount of WoW gold you can purchase is 100.000, and the maximum of 9.999.999. If you are looking for more than that, you could also directly contact them and let them know what you need. The delivery time window is from 1 hour to 24 hours maximum, with an average delivery time of less than a few hours.

They are using the Auction House method to deliver you the gold you purchased, which is a huge plus and will keep your account safe as long as you follow my tips and instructions. At MMOGA, you’ll be able to pay with all major payment methods, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

In case you run into any problems or have any questions you can always contact their support.

Best place to buy World of Warcraft US Gold


WoW US Gold and available servers.

On G2G, you’ll find thousands of different offers from hundreds of different sellers to buy WoW gold in the US servers. When comparing to other big marketplaces, I’ve found that G2G had the biggest number of offers available, and because of that, the prices are very competitive and decreasing every day.

Since you’ll speak with few different sellers, make sure to read everything I’ve told you above and match the criteria. You’ll find sellers selling from 100k gold to millions of gold.

What you can do here is, once you find the seller that fits you the most, contact him and ask any questions you may have before ordering. Once everything is sorted out, go ahead and buy your WoW gold.

Best place to buy World of Warcraft Classic EU Gold



Like WoW Gold, MMOGA has the best prices for WoW Classic gold in the EU servers. Actually, as we can see, their main focus is the EU. They can deliver from 100 gold to a maximum of 3000 per order. It should be enough for a single order.

Here they offer two delivery options, the one by Auction House and via Ingame Mail. They are also linking you to resources to learn more about the techniques and processes they are using.

If you choose the Auction House delivery method and do not follow their instructions, they will send you the gold via in-game mail instead.

Best place to buy World of Warcraft Classic US Gold


US WoW Classic GOLD US

On G2G, if found the cheapest World of Warcraft Classic gold for the US servers than any other place. Actually, I’ve found it even cheaper, but the website was not so reliable. So personally, I’d rather pay a few cents/bucks extra and have peace of mind.

How to buy WoW and WoW Classic Gold Step-by-Step

  • Go to either MMOGA or G2G, depending on what you are looking for, and create an account.
  • If you are on MMOGA, look for the amount of WoW gold you want to purchase, while on G2G, do your research about sellers with positive feedback as close as possible to 100%.
  • Create an in-game Auction depending on the gold you’ve purchased. On MMOGA, you’ll find the steps on the description of the WoW gold, while on G2G, you may have to ask the seller, or most likely, he’ll let you know beforehand.
  • Complete the Payment and let the seller know that everything is ready for them to send you the gold.
  • Receive your gold and enjoy!

Best Places to buy WoW and WoW Classic Accounts

If you are looking for a good standing account, there are many options available, but you’ll also have to do your own research because that really depends on your needs.


WoW Accounts

Okay, I know enough is enough, but there are thousands of World of Warcraft accounts available, and the possibility of finding what you are looking for in your budget is very high. That’s why I am recommending them again.

You’ll find accounts from few bucks to a few thousand dollars and everything in between. Because of the number of offers, it’s really easy to negotiate the price with multiple sellers and finally get a better price.

How to buy WoW and WoW Classic Accounts Step-by-Step

  • Head to G2G and create an account
  • Make up your mind on what your average requirements are. ( 100$ price, 5 LVL 60 characters, classes, etc. you get the point)
  • Start looking for accounts close to your budget. You can get even higher than your budget, but you’ll have to negotiate with the seller later.
  • Save every account that you like until you got a list of 10-25 accounts.
  • Start checking the seller’s profile, look for them on google, and see if they are selling anywhere else to check their customers’ feedback and eliminate those that don’t fit your requirements.
  • Start contacting the sellers and asking them questions you may have.
  • Depending on their answers, let’s say you are left with 5 accounts from 5 different sellers. Start negotiating with them.
  • Most likely, you’ll end up with an account you were looking for at a much lower price.

Best Places to buy WoW and WoW Classic Boosting Services/Power Leveling/Coaching Services & Items

Since this really depends on what you are looking for exactly, I will name few places you can look for, either boosting services, coaching, power leveling, items, and mounts so you can do your own research.


  • Items
    • Not the widest variety of items, but you may find what you were looking for.
  • Power Leveling
    • Not the cheapest available but for sure one of the fastest and most reliable services you can find on the internet. They are also adding Professions power leveling at the time of writing this.
  • Boosting Services
    • No boosting services here.
  • Coaching Services
    • No coaching services as well.


  • Items
    • Widest variety of items available. You’ll most likely find any item you are looking for, and if you don’t, you can always contact sellers and ask them if they could find the item you are looking for.
  • Power Leveling
    • A lot of power leveling options on G2G. You can find categories like character leveling, campaign, quest, reputations, professions, mounts, gear boost, and many more.
  • Boosting Services
    • You’ll also find PVP Boosting services.
  • Coaching Services
    • Not a lot of WoW Coaching services, but you could take a look.


Apart from the websites I’ve mentioned above, you’ll also find dozens of other places and even cheaper. Still, for me, these are the best places to buy anything related to World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft: Classic because of the balance of quality, reliability, prices, and companies backing you up.

Keep in mind that this post is for educational purposes only, and I am not responsible for your actions. I hope this post answered some of your questions and helped you out!

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