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Best Places To Buy Warzone 2 Accounts, Boosting, and Coaching

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

There are many reasons to buy either a Call of Duty®: Warzone 2 Account or coaching & boosting services. This post will go in-depth on how to purchase a Call of Duty: Warzone 2 account or/and boosting and coaching services. You will also find the best places to buy Warzone 2 accounts, boosting and coaching services, and things you should take care of before, while, and after doing so. Before we dive into that, let’s talk about few basic things you should be aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get banned for buying a Warzone 2 account?

Buying, selling, or trading COD: Warzone 2 accounts are against Blizzard’s ToS and could get you permanently banned.

Can I play with a new account if I’ve been HWID banned?

No, your new account will be immediately banned, and you won’t be able to play Warzone 2. There are few ways to “remove” your HWID ban, but they are not related to your account.

Are there websites I can buy Warzone 2 accounts?

There are dozens of places online to buy Warzone 2 accounts, even though you’ll have to be very careful where, from whom, and what you will be getting when purchasing a Warzone 2 account on sale. You’ll find all the best places to buy Warzone 2 accounts later on this post.

How do I know if I’m Hwid banned?

Create a new account without using any hacks or software that injects files in Warzone 2 client, if you get banned the next day, you most likely are HWID banned.

Should I buy a Warzone 2 account if I am HWID banned?

No, you should first solve the HWID ban and purchase a new COD: Warzone 2 account. You don’t want to get instantly banned after buying your new account and lose all the money you paid for the account.

Best places to buy Call of Duty: Warzone 2 accounts

Since it really depends on what you are looking for when researching to purchase a new Warzone 2 account, I would advise you to look at marketplaces where you will have tons of available options and lower prices.

G2G – Lots of different options

One of the best places to buy Warzone 2 accounts is G2G. With more than a thousand listings available at any given time, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at a reasonable price. You will find newly created accounts with just one dollar to accounts with all battle pass seasons completed, all weapons unlocked, and tons of skins that could go for a couple of hundreds of dollars. As I’ve said in other guides, if problems arise with the seller, G2G support is always there to solve any misunderstanding and help you out in any way.

Best place to buy Warzone 2 accounts

How to buy a Call of Duty: Warzone 2 account and secure it( Step by Step )

  1. Go to G2G and create an account.
  2. Navigate to the accounts section and choose Call of Duty.
  3. Click on the filters and choose Warzone 2 as the series of the game and your platform and click apply.
  4. Start looking for accounts depending on your requirements and check the seller’s profile.
  5. Please make sure the accounts you are looking at are full access ( This means that you will get access to the email used at the creation of the account). The seller should clearly indicate this either on the title or description of the product. If for any reason it isn’t, ask the seller and, depending on his response, either save it or skip it.
  6. Save a few accounts and start asking the sellers questions that you might have about the accounts.
  7. Once you’ve made up your mind, it’s time to complete the payment and receive your account.
  8. Make sure to always pay inside the website and not in private with the seller. By doing this, you are completely safe in case of any scam attempts.
  9. Once you’ve received your account, you have to do the first thing before even playing to secure the account.
  10. The seller should have provided you with 2 sets of emails and passwords. One for the actual game and one for the email client.
  11. Go to the email client, log in and change the password.
  12. Next, go to the Blizzard website, log in, and change the email(to yours) and your account’s password. Remove any previously linked phone numbers and add yours. If there is a verification step needed to unlink the phone number, kindly contact and ask the seller to give you the code and complete the process.
  13. Optimize Warzone 2 with the best settings.
  14. Now, you can start playing Warzone 2!


warzone mmoga

On MMOGA, you’ll find a lot of Warzone 2 accounts for sale at any given time. From accounts with a low number of skins to OG accounts with the rarest skins in the game. You’ll find a lot of different offers with relatively low prices, but don’t hype immediately. Always make sure to check exactly what the seller is offering and carefully read the description. As I said above, I highly recommend you look for full access accounts that their email can be changed instantly.

Before you purchase anything, do your own research. Find a few Warzone 2 accounts that you really like and take a look at the seller’s reviews to see if they can be trusted and what other buyers experienced with them. You don’t want to purchase from anyone that their reviews indicate accounts pullbacks and bans.

In case you run into any problems or have any questions you can always contact their support.

Best Places to buy Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Boosting & Coaching

When it comes to rank boosting and coaching services, this is a completely different story. Especially on Warzone 2 coaching apart from making sure that the seller can deliver a high-quality service you have to also make sure that the communication between him and you is the best possible. That’s why we will look into more transparent ways to find the best Warzone 2 coaching service. On the other hand boosting doesn’t require you to directly communicate with the seller while he is playing so you’ll just have to make sure he can deliver what you both agreed.

Best place to buy Warzone 2 Boosting

At G2G, you’ll find a lot of good sellers that specialize in Warzone 2 boosting. You’ll find sellers offering, wins boosting, KD boosting, Weapons missions, unlocks, leveling all these on different regions and consoles. The prices are on the low side because of the overall competition at the platform, and keep in mind that since it is a marketplace, you can always negotiate the prices and possibly bring good offers to your budget.

You will have to look for sellers with excelent reviews from previous buyers and ask them as many questions as possible before you complete the payment to be sure you will be getting what you expect.

Best place to buy Warzone 2 Boosting

Best place to buy Warzone 2 coaching

As i mentioned above when looking for a coach in Warzone 2, apart from finding someone who is really good at the game you will also have to make sure he can transfer that knowledge to you. So it would be a good idea to first try the service and then if everything goes well you can close a bigger appointment with the coach.

The best place to do that and find the coach that fits you the most in Warzone 2, in my opinion, is through Fiverr. On Fiverr, you’ll find multiple listings from possibly top Warzone 2 players who offer coaching services. You can contact them and ask them for a small gaming session to try out their service. They are most likely to get back to you with a 5$ offer (which is the minimum on Fiverr).

Not bad at all, with 5$ you can have a 20-30 minutes session with the coach and see if he is what you were looking for. If not, then you can try another one in the same way. After a few tries, you will most likely find the Warzone 2 coach the fits you the most.

Best place to buy Warzone 2 coaching

How to buy a Warzone 2 coaching service ( Step by Step )

  1. Go to Fiverr and create an account.
  2. Navigate on the search bar on the top and type “Warzone 2 Coach”.
  3. Look through the sellers and find the ones with the best feedback from previous sellers, and carefully read what they are offering in the description.
  4. Make a list of a few sellers that you think you would really like to work with.
  5. Now, start contacting them and asking if you could do a small gaming session trial for a minimum price. ( This will work really well on new sellers trying to build up their profile but could also work on bigger sellers if you propose them with a 5* rating whatever the result of your session)
  6. Sit back and wait for their responses. It shouldn’t take more than few hours.
  7. Depending on the responses you’ve got, please choose one of them and make sure to ask him anything related to the session before you complete the payment. ( Always complete the payment through Fiverr)
  8. Complete the payment, and follow the seller’s instructions.
  9. I hope you find your other half in Warzone 2 through this guide!


We spoke about Warzone 2 accounts, boosting services, and coaching services. By now, you should have a good understanding of key things to watch out for the sellers and how to protect yourself from possible scams and problems that may arise.

Keep in mind that this post is for educational purposes only, and I am not responsible for your actions. I hope this post answered some of your questions and helped you out!

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