Steam Screenshot Folder – 2 Quick Methods

Steam’s Screenshot Folder is where all the screenshots taken in the Steam platform are saved. While capturing a screenshot on Steam is super easy(Default: Press F12), on the other hand, finding where your screenshots are located it’s not so obvious. No worries though, I am here to show you exactly how you can find the Steam Screenshot Folder.

How to find Steam’s Screenshot Folder via the Steam Client

The simplest and quickest way to find the screenshot’s folder is directly through the Steam Client. To do that, follow my steps below:

Open Steam Client and on the top left menu, navigate to View -> Screenshots.

How to navigate in Screenshots folder via Steam Client

You can choose the screenshots or category you are looking for and then press “SHOW ON DISK“.

How to find the Steam screenshot folder

Now you will be directed to Steam’s screenshot folder and see all the screenshots captured while playing on Steam.

If you can’t access the Steam client for whatever reason(maybe you are experiencing black screens on Steam) and can’t find a way to locate the Steam Screenshot folder, the next method it’s probably what you are looking for.

How to find Steam’s screenshot folder without using Steam

This method can get a little frustrating later on, but i will do my best to explain you everything needed.

First, Navigate to your Steam installation folder, right-click on the Steam shortcut and choose the Open file location option.

Open file location of Steam shortcut

Look for the userdata folder and double click on it.

Access the userdata folder on steam

Now you can see one or more folder/s with numeric names. Each of these folders is bound to a Steam user account that ever played on your computer. Hopefully, you have only one. If you don’t, it might take you some time to find the folder assigned to your current Steam account.

A complete list of the users of the Steam client, how to choose which one is the current.

Open the user folder, look for a folder named “760” ,and double-click on it.

Which folder to choose in order to find the Steam screenshot folder

Double-click on the Remote folder

Accessing the remote folder on steam in order to find the screenshots folder

Now, this part might be tricky for you, depending on how many games you have on Steam. Like every different user has a different Steam ID, the same goes for Steam Games too. If you have many folders, it might be a good idea to browse this website to find the Game ID you are looking for.

Choose the correct games id that you want to see the screenshots captured

Once you know the Game’s ID, navigate to that folder, and inside, you will see the “screenshots” folder with all the screenshots you’ve taken on this particular game.

Steam's Screenshot Folder with all the screenshots inside.

That’s the two ways to find Steam’s screenshot folder really quick and easy.


Can others see my steam screenshots?

As of 2021, users can now choose which game screenshots uploaded by them can be viewed/accessed by the community, friends or are completely private to the uploader.

Why are my Steam screenshots a little blurry?

It’s because the screenshots are compressed using lossy-compression algorithms to minimize the load and space used on the Steam servers. These algorithms will save space in exchange for image quality. You can expect a 20% loss of quality.

How do I make my steam screenshots private?

1. Open Steam
2. Go to Profile -> Content -> Screenshots
3. Click on Manage screenshots
4. Select ALL
5. Click on Make Private

How do I make my steam screenshots public?

1. Open Steam client.
2. Navigate to Profile -> Content -> Screenshots
3. Choose on Manage screenshots
4. Select ALL
5. Choose to Make Public

How do I make steam screenshots better quality?

1. Open Steam and navigate to Settings
2. On the sidebar, choose IN-GAME
3. Uncheck Save an uncompressed copy option.
Steam will now save two screenshots, one High quality and one compressed(Lossy quality).

Where does steam save uncompressed screenshots?

Steam saves and categorizes screenshots depending on the user and the game. Both compressed and uncompressed can be found in the same main folder.

What’s the default screenshot shortcut on Steam?

The default shortcut to capture a screenshot on Steam is F12

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