Rust: EAC Authentication Timed Out – Quick Fix 2023

Last Updated on 13th January 2023

The Disconnected: EAC: Authentication timed out error on Rust indicates that EasyAntiCheat(EAC) could not authenticate your connection. Many different things could be causing the EAC Authentication Timed Out error while trying to connect to your favorite server but don’t worry; below, you will find all the possible solutions to get you back into the game instantly!

Rust: EAC Authentication Timed Out - How To Fix 2022

Method 1 – Always Run Rust via Steam

If you usually run Rust through a shortcut on your desktop or anywhere else on your PC might be a good idea to run it via the Steam Launcher directly.

  • Run Steam
  • Navigate to your games list.
  • Locate Rust.
  • Click on the Play button.

Method 2 – Verify the Integrity of Rust files

Sometimes Rust files may get corrupted and cause the EAC Authentication Timed Out error to pop up. The best thing you can do before you try reinstalling the game is to verify the integrity of Rust files.

  • Close Rust and make sure it’s not running.
  • Open Steam and navigate to the Steam library page.
  • Right-click on Rust and select “Properties
  • Next, click on the “Local Files” tab and click on “Verify integrity of game files“.
  • Steam will now verify Rust files and repair any corrupted files if needed. It may take a few minutes for the whole process to finish up.
  • Once it’s done, run Rust and see if the EAC Authentication Timed Out error is gone.

Method 3 – Repair EasyAntiCheat(EAC)

EasyAntiCheat files may get corrupted and cause the EAC Authentication Timed Out error. So let’s repair the EasyAntiCheat service.

  • Open Steam and navigate to the game Library.
  • Locate Rust, Right-click on it, and click on “Properties“.
  • Choose Local Files, and then click on “Browse local files“.
  • Locate the EasyAntiCheat folder and double-click on it.
  • Locate the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe File, right-click on it, and choose “Run as Administrator“.
  • A list will pop up with a list of games.
  • Choose Rust and click on the button called Repair Service. (If you cannot locate the button, EasyAntiCheat, for some reason, is not installed/found by Steam, so you will have to click on “Install Easy Anti-Cheat“.

Method 4 – Disable your Antivirus

Depending on the antivirus you are using, there is a slight possibility that your antivirus may be blocking some files and messing up with EasyAntiCheat, and causing the EAC Authentication Timed Out error.

Now, the method to disable each antivirus is different, but for most of them, right-click on the icon you will find on the Windows taskbar and choose Disable/Exit.

Try playing Rust and see if the EAC Authentication Timed Out is fixed. If it does, then you should consider whitelisting the whole Steam / EAC folder so your antivirus won’t mess with those files.

Method 5 – Clean Reinstall

I left the reinstallation of Rust as the final solution because it’s the most time-consuming one. You will have to uninstall the game and fresh re-install it.

Uninstall the game from Steam and then delete any leftovers.

  1. Open the Steam library.
  2. Right-click on Rust.
  3. Press “Properties“.
  4. Go to “Local files“.
  5. Hit “Browse“.

Once you have located the Rust folder in the file explorer Right-click on it and choose Delete, you can now launch Rust from the Steam games library to begin reinstalling Rust.

That’s it! Now you should be able to get back to Rust without ever experiencing the EAC authentication Timed Out error again. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this guide, please, leave a comment below!

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