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Best Places To Buy Runescape(OSRS & RS3) Gold & Accounts

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Runescape has been around since 2001 and is still being played by thousands of players worldwide. Players are constantly looking to buy Runescape gold and accounts, but they are also afraid of getting scammed. In this post, you will find a list of the best, cheapest, and safest places to buy OSRS & RS3 gold and accounts.

To choose the websites you’ll see above, I asked myself three simple questions that most people ask before buying anything related to Runescape. If I combine all three questions into a single one, then it would be: Where is the best and safest place to purchase OSRS & RS3 gold and accounts with fast delivery?

If you are looking for an answer, then continue reading because below you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Runescape picture showing a place from in-game.

Best places to buy Old Runescape(OSRS) & Runescape 3(RS3) gold

To find the best places to buy OSRS and RS3 gold, I had to research for days to compare the prices and consider the reliability of all the websites available based on user’s feedback and my own personal experience. But well, it was totally worth it because the results surprised me and might as well surprise you if you had purchased OSRS or RS3 gold before.

Runescape gold for sale, complete review on the best, cheapest and safest place to buy Runescape 3(RS3) gold.

On MMOGA, I found almost the cheapest RS3 gold from all other websites, and considering it is one of the safest places to buy Runescape gold and takes the number one spot. I found cheaper gold on some marketplaces, but the only sellers selling at a lower price than MMOGA were sellers who either had a bad reputation or 0 reviews. Personally, I would pay the extra few cents or bucks to be on the safe side.

The prices are close to $1=30Million Gold, and their delivery time is 5-120 minutes. You can pay with all major payment methods like PayPal, credit/debit cards, Skrill, Paysafecard, and Bank transfers. MMOGA support is always there to assist you if you have any questions and help you out with anything related to your order.

Runescape gold for sale, complete review on the best, cheapest and safest place to buy Old Runescape(OSRS) gold.

On MMOGAH, the prices for Old Runescape(OSRS) gold start at close to 5.50$ per 10million gold, but you get discounts the more you purchase. I found marketplaces with sellers without reviews selling 1$ cheaper while the rest of the sellers had identical or even higher prices than MMOGAH in terms of OSRS gold. Personally, I prefer to pay a few bucks extra to be on the safe side.

Something I recommend doing is to check the prices on both MMOGA and MMOGAH for both OSRS and RS gold since prices fluctuate from time to time, and you may find better deals. I highly trust MMOGAH when it comes to in-game currencies like RS gold. The website’s interface is clean and easy to navigate, but a big con for some of you might be that they don’t accept Paypal as a payment method. But you can pay with your card, other major online wallets, cryptos, and prepaid cards.

How to buy Runescape OSRS & RS3 gold (step by step)

  • Go to MMOGA or MMOGAH and create an account.
  • Navigate to the Runescape section of the website by using the menu.
  • Choose either OSRS or RS3 gold pages.
  • Select the amount of Runescape gold you want to purchase, and click on Buy Now or Add to cart.
  • A window will pop up on your screen with instructions on how to receive your gold in-game.
  • Complete the payment and follow the instructions.
  • You will be asked to provide your character name and login to the game.
  • They will send you an in-game location via website chat or email.
  • Move your character to that location, and the seller will trade with you in-game and provide you with the gold you purchased.
  • Keep in mind to never trade your gold with anyone after the delivery for any reason. There are many impersonators in-game that might try to convince you to give them the gold back. ( They might act like the seller) In any case, do not return the gold you received from the seller.
  • Congratulations! You’ve just successfully bought Runescape gold.
Runescape gold trading example either for OSRS or RS3.

Best places to buy Old Runescape(OSRS) & Runescape 3(RS3) accounts

Runescape either OSRS or RS3 Accounts are a different thing to purchase because this really depends on your needs. Instead of telling you exactly where to purchase, I will provide you with three safe places to buy Runescape accounts so you can do your own research and hopefully find the account you were looking for.

All three websites will back you up in case of any issues with the sellers or if you have any questions about the transactions or anything you can think of.

G2G – Large variety

Example of one of the best, safest, and cheapest places to buy accounts for Runescape, both OSRS and RS3.

On G2G, you will find more than 900+ OSRS accounts and 60+ RS3 accounts at any given time. One of the biggest marketplaces with the widest variety of Runescape accounts available. The prices are on the low side because of the competition between the sellers, and you’ll most likely find the account you are looking for.

MMOGA – Only Old Runescape(OSRS) Accounts

Example of one of the best, safest, and cheapest places to buy accounts for Runescape, both OSRS and RS3.

While MMOGA is one of the leaders in Runescape gold, the options are limited when it comes to Runescape accounts. You will only find accounts for Old Runescape(OSRS), but the number of accounts available is fairly large. It’s worth taking a look and compare the accounts with the other two options.

MMOGAH – Worth taking a look for cheap accounts

Example of one of the best, safest, and cheapest places to buy accounts for Runescape, both OSRS and RS3.

On MMOGAH, you’ll mostly find accounts ranging from 5 to 40 dollars, with some exceptions that can go up to 100 dollars. The number of available accounts is low, and what I mean by low is that you will find around 100 accounts in the best-case scenario. Nothing to lose here since prices are close to other marketplaces, and it will take you only a few minutes to look at every single account.

How to buy Runescape OSRS or RS3 accounts (step by step)

Some of these steps only apply on G2G. For the other two options, just skip the steps.

  1. Go to G2G or MMOGA or MMOGAH and create an account.
  2. Navigate to either OSRS accounts or RS3 accounts section
  3. Start searching for accounts depending on your needs.
  4. Decide your budget. ( Let’s take, for example, 60$)
  5. Now start looking for accounts, be very careful at the description of the listing, and read everything that the sellers state. ( You want to be looking at accounts to which the seller will provide you full access )
  6. If your budget is 60$ (example), you can look at offers up to 80$. (This will require you to speak and negotiate with the seller later on. So, if you don’t want to do that, look at 60$ accounts)
  7. Once you find an account, immediately check the seller’s profile and make sure everything looks legit and his reviews are as close as possible to 100%.
  8. Make a list of a few accounts/sellers that passed all the checks.
  9. Start contacting the sellers and asking them questions you might have about the accounts.
  10. Once they get back to you, if the answers satisfy your needs, here is the best time to negotiate or complete the payment.
  11. Complete the payment, and you would most likely get your account either instantly or in a maximum frame of 24 hours.
  12. Once you’ve received your account, you want to instantly change the password and email associated with the account. (Sellers, in some cases, state that the account has no e-mail, which is the best option, so you can directly link yours without changing the previous one and triggering account selling securities of Jagex)
  13. The next step is to change the password of the email that the account was previously associated with and unlink any phone numbers or recovery emails associated with that email address.
  14. Add a mobile phone, 2FA, second email to your account to secure it completely.
  15. Now, you can start playing Runescape with your new account.
Runescape accounts with many items, gold, and skins—for example, for someone looking to purchase an account.

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