Best Places To Buy Rocket League Items, Accounts, and Credits

If you are wondering where I can buy Rocket League items, accounts, or credits, then you just came to the right place! In this post, you’ll find the best places to buy either Rocket League items, accounts, credits, boosting, or coaching services. I personally tested all the websites you’ll find listed below, and the reliability, trust score, delivery speed, and overall experience were taken into consideration when choosing them.

Rocket League is one of the biggest eSports titles right now, with thousands of daily players. Like every online game, Rocket League has an in-game store where players can purchase credits, and with those credits, they can buy in-game cosmetics such as skins, items, cars, banners, etc. There is also the ability for players to trade items with each other which takes the market to a whole new level.

Rocket League in-game cars with beautiful colors.

Best places to buy Rocket League items & credits

Let’s start with the safest and cheapest websites to buy Rocket League items and credits!

To unlock the trade feature between players, you must buy at least 500 credits in the store (Rocket League pass also counts).

G2G – Dozens of thousands of offers

Rocket League items and credits available on G2G

There are 28000 available offers for RL items and credits on G2G when writing this post, and the number is increasing daily. You’ll find Rocket League credits, blueprints, bodies, decals, paints, wheels, trails, toppers, antennas, banners, goal explosions, gold alpha boosts at low prices and many more skins and items for all available consoles. Because of the large number of sellers and offers on G2G, you can imagine a big competition between sellers, so the prices are getting cheaper and cheaper every day.

I’ve also found Alpha boost for Rocket League, but the prices were close to two thousand dollars. Credits, on the other side, are almost half the price from the in-game store of Rocket League, which can save you big amounts of money if you are constantly purchasing credits.

MMOGA – Only Rocket League items

Rocket League items available on MMOGA.

On MMOGA, you won’t find any offers for Rocket League credits yet. Still, you’ll find a medium-sized variety of Rocket League items that might be worth taking a look at if you seem to can’t find the specific items/skins anywhere else. The prices compared to G2G are just a little bit more expensive, but it makes up if you find your favorite item.

The website is reliable and easy to navigate, making searching for RL items really easy. The support will be there if you have any questions, or in the worst-case scenario that something goes terribly wrong, you will get refunded.

How to buy Rocket League items or credits (step by step)

  • Head over to G2G or MMOGA and create an account.
  • Start looking at the available item and credit offers.
  • Find the ones you want, make sure to read the description carefully, and make sure the offer applies to your playing platform.
  • (SKIP THIS ON MMOGA) Look at the seller’s feedback. You want to find reliable sellers with positive reviews as close as possible to 100%.
  • Place your order and include the link to your Steam profile or your Nickname in the order details(Depending on what Platform you are playing).
  • The seller will add you to the game.
  • They will create an in-game party and invite you.
  • The seller will open a trade window and deliver the items you’ve purchased.
  • Once you’ve received everything you paid for, you can go back to the website, confirm the delivery, and rate the seller to mark the transaction as successful.
Rocket League inventory with skins and credits after purchasing online.

Best places to buy Rocket League Accounts

While trading items don’t come with a high risk of scams or bans, buying, selling, trading Rocket League accounts is prohibited and can get you banned. Also, you’ll have to be very careful with the sellers you are trading to avoid any bans or pullbacks of the account.


Rocket League accounts available on G2G. ( Best place to buy Rocket League accounts)

On G2G, there are more than 300 Rocket League accounts available for sale at any given time with a large variety of different price brackets. There are listed accounts from two dollars, mostly newly created accounts on the Epic Games platform, to accounts with high rankings and rare skins, which can cost up to two thousand dollars.

Delivery time on all sellers is around 0 to 24 hours, with most of them delivering the accounts instantly. There are also sellers selling accounts that are not full access, and which you should avoid because the chances of pullbacks are close to 100%. That means that you may receive your account today, play for a few hours, and then someone resets the password, and there is nothing you can do about that since you don’t have access to the original email of the account.

How to buy Rocket League Accounts (step by step)

  1. Go to G2G and create an account
  2. Navigate to the Rocket League accounts section
  3. Start searching for accounts depending on your needs. (It would be wise if you write down what you are looking for. This can save you a lot of time, and also will keep you in your budget)
  4. Decide your budget. ( Let’s take, for example, 60$)
  5. Now start looking for accounts, be very careful at the description of the listing, and read everything that the sellers state. ( You want to be looking at accounts to which the seller will provide you full access )
  6. If your budget is 60$ (example), you can look at offers up to 80$. (This will require you to speak and negotiate with the seller later on. So, if you don’t want to do that, look at 60$ accounts)
  7. Once you find an account, immediately check the seller’s profile and make sure everything looks legit and his reviews are as close as possible to 100%.
  8. Make a list of a few accounts/sellers that passed all the checks.
  9. Start contacting the sellers and asking them questions you might have about the accounts.
  10. Once they get back to you, if the answers satisfy your needs, here is the best time to negotiate or complete the payment.
  11. Complete the payment, and you would most likely get your account either instantly or in a maximum frame of 24 hours.
  12. Once you’ve received your account, you want to instantly change the password and email associated with the account.
  13. The next step is to change the password of the email that the account was previously associated with, and unlink any phone numbers or recovery emails associated with that email address.
  14. Add a mobile phone, 2FA, second email to your account to secure it completely.
  15. Optimize your Rocket League settings
  16. Now, you can start playing Rocket League with your new account.
Rocket League account purchased online. Showing off the inventory, items, and skins.

Best places to buy Rocket League Boosting & Coaching services

You’ve already seen dozens of websites, Instagram pages, big marketplaces, and small websites all offering Rocket League boosting & coaching services.

What you want to look into before purchasing Rocket League Boosting or Coaching services is the safety of your account and that your money is safe in case something doesn’t go as intended. There are two options: you either go to a marketplace and find a person or a group of people who boost Rocket League accounts or can be your coach or find a company specializing in Rocket League boosting & Coaching.


Rocket League boosting and coaching services on G2G. One of the best websites to buy Rocket League boosting and coaching services.

On G2G, there are around 800 boosting services and close to 10 coaching ones when I am writing this post. You will find ultra-cheap prices and possibly some outstanding players who will either boost your account or be your personal coach. Buying Rocket League boosting or coaching services is almost the same as buying Rocket League accounts. You’ll have to do your own research on the marketplace depending on your needs, contact the sellers and ask them whatever questions you might have.

G2G will back you up in case the seller doesn’t deliver what you agreed, so you don’t have to worry at all about losing your money.

Look for sellers with close to 100% positive feedback and preferably with not a very high demand. When a seller has too many orders, they may underdeliver because of how much work they are doing daily. Personally, I prefer sellers with 30-50 positive 100% feedback because I believe they are most likely to deliver beyond your expectations. After all, they need those positive reviews to build up their profile on the marketplace.

You can follow the same steps as we did on the accounts section above, but with different questions to find the Booster or Coach that fits you the most.


Rocket League boosting and coaching services on Fiverr. One of the best websites to buy Rocket League boosting and coaching services.

Fiverr is a marketplace not only for gaming-related services but for any services you may think of. So what does it make it a good place to buy Rocket League boosting? On Fiverr, you can find new sellers thirsty for positive reviews, and they will give the 200% of their capabilities to achieve that.

While the variety of boosters and coaches will not be as wide as on other gaming marketplaces, you can still expect to find many talented Rocket League players that can help you out. Fiverr is very strict with its policies on sellers, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money. If the seller doesn’t deliver what you agreed, you can anytime request a refund.

Another great thing about Fiverr is the filter on local sellers and active ones. You enable these two filters, and Fiverr will show you all the available and online sellers right now and are also located near you. That’s a plus not only because you’ll probably speak the same language as the seller, but that’s a huge plus, especially if you are looking for Rocket League boosting, which means the seller will log into your account from an IP address near you, eliminating the risk of ban close to 0.

Man coaching a Rocket League player.

Few things to consider before and while buying Rocket League boosting / Coaching services to be safe

  • Never give a seller access to your email (It doesn’t matter what they tell you).
  • Always change your password after they finish their work.
  • Always speak with the seller on the website you are making the purchase. ( Don’t accept to speak on Discord, Telegram, etc.)
  • Prefer duos where the booster will play from their account and you from your own.
  • If you didn’t understand something, ask them again until you know what you will receive from the seller.
  • Always let the seller know exactly what you need.
  • If you face any issues with the seller and can’t solve it, do not stress, contact support via chat or email and explain everything. They can see all chat logs, so if you didn’t do anything sketchy, they would help you out with the best possible solution.


By now, you should know the best places to buy Rocket League accounts, items, skins, credits, boosting and coaching services, how to deal with sellers, and how to protect and secure your account once you receive it. Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite place to buy anything related to Rocket League, and as well as what’s your thoughts about my list!

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