How To Live Stream Elder Ring on Youtube – Ultimate Guide 2022

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Youtube Live is one of the biggest streaming platforms available, with millions of monthly visitors and active monthly streamers. These numbers alone make Youtube one of the best platforms to stream Elder Ring or any other game you can think of since there will always be somebody looking for the content you have to offer.

If you have no idea what you’ll need or how to set up everything to begin streaming Elder Ring on Youtube, no worries; I got you covered! In this post, you will find everything you’ll need to know to start streaming Elder Ring on Youtube.

How To Live Stream Elder Ring on Youtube - Ultimate Guide 2022

1 – Create a Youtube channel to live stream Elder Ring.

You’ll first need a Youtube account to access Youtube’s streaming/broadcasting features. Creating a new Youtube account is entirely free and straightforward to do.

Navigate to the Youtube homepage, and on the top right corner, click the camera icon and then click on “Go live“. Next, click on “Get Started“, choose the name of your new channel and click “Create“.

How to create a new Youtube account.

Next, you will be redirected to a page with your new Youtube channels details. You can edit your channel’s “About me” page, the logo, background, link your socials, and fully customize your channel. Skip this part for the moment, since you will have as much time as you need to do it later on.

How to edit your Youtube channel details.

Now that you’ve created your new Youtube account navigate to the camera icon again and click on “Go live“. If you haven’t yet verified your Google account, that’s where you will be asked to do so to enable the streaming feature to stream Elder Ring on Youtube.

Once you verify the account by using your mobile phone, you’ll have to wait 24 hours to be able to live stream Elder Ring on Youtube.

When your account is finally fully verified, and the streaming feature is enabled, go to the “Go live” section and click on it again. A Window will pop up asking you if you want to go live now or later. Choose “Right now” and click on the “Start” button.

How to start live streaming Elder Ring on Youtube.

By now, you should be able to see your Youtube streaming settings which you will need to optimize. The best Youtube streaming settings for Elder Ring can be found below:

  • Stream latency: Low-Latency.
  • Enable DVR: Enabled.
  • 360° video: Disabled.
  • Added delay: Choose how much delay you want your stream to have.
  • Unlist live replay once stream ends: Choose if you want the Elder Ring live stream you will be doing to be saved on your videos or be deleted once you are done streaming.
Best Youtube Streaming settings for Elder Ring.

Once you are done with the Youtube Elder Ring streaming settings, keep the page open since we will need the Stream key later on, and move on to the next part of the guide.

2 – Choose the software you’ll use to stream Elder Ring on Youtube.

There are tons of different broadcasting software to stream Elder Ring on Youtube. Each of the following software comes with pros and cons, and depending on your needs and goals, you’ll have to choose accordingly.

Below you can find the best software to use for streaming Elder Ring on Youtube with a short but detailed description of what you should know about the particular software.

OBS – OBS Studio is an entirely free, open-source streaming software with cross-platform compatibility and easy integration to Youtube. OBS Studio is well known among Youtube content creators, and it’s one of the top choices to stream Elder Ring on Youtube. Note that you will need some tweaking to set up everything as you wish. (Recommended for people who want to set up everything manually)

OBS Studio logo

StreamLabs OBS – Tons of extra features in comparison with OBS Studio. It might be a little heavier on your PC if you load it up with a lot of stuff but nothing crazy. Many StreamLabs OBS features can help you monetize your Youtube channel later on and make everything better and easier for you. Note that StreamLabs OBS is only available on Windows. (Recommended for people who want easy setup & more features)

StreamLabs OBS logo

RestreamRestream is a Multi-platform streaming software that allows you to stream on dozens of platforms simultaneously. Easy to set up, easy to use dashboard, and you’ll find everything organized in one place. So, if you are looking to grow your audience as fast as possible, this might do the trick since you will be on all platforms simultaneously and redirect people from other channels(Twitch, Facebook, Trovo, etc.) to Youtube. (Recommended for new streamers looking to grow fast)

Restream photo from their website.

Later in this guide, you’ll find instructions on setting up each of the above broadcasting software to stream Elder Ring on Youtube. Now let’s move on to the next part of this guide, where we will discuss a few things you need to start streaming.

3 – Things you’ll need to stream Elder Ring on Youtube

Apart from having a decent PC setup, console, or mobile phone, you’ll need some hardware or software to enhance your stream and make it more attractive to potential Youtube viewers.

Gaming and streaming Elder Ring on Youtube on the same computer can go a little heavy on the CPU, and if the CPU cannot handle it, it will start causing issues, stuttering, and drop performance right away. If your PC already struggles to run Elder Ring on at least 60 FPS at all times, then you might need to start thinking about upgrading before streaming or optimizing your PC.

On the other hand, if your PC is running Elder Ring just fine, you should be good at streaming Elder Ring on that PC.


Statistics show that people prefer streams where the streamer speaks on the microphone, and no one can deny that. But that doesn’t mean that you are obligated to use one. On the other hand, if you are looking to grow a community on Youtube while streaming Elder Ring, you will have to engage with your viewers via chatting, or if you don’t want to do that, you will have to find some creative way to do so!

Microphones will always be a good investment for streamers who want to talk with their audience, and that’s why the quality matters. I mean, if you do it, do it right! Good audio quality will make your Youtube Elder Ring stream sound more appealing, and believe me, viewers will instantly spot it.


Your stream may sound too “empty” without some background music. It would be best if you thought of adding some background music in your Elder Ring stream, but make sure it’s not copyrighted because it can get your channel in trouble. There are a lot of services that offer free royalty music, such as SoundStripe.

Camera or Avatar

If you want to show yourself on stream, you should consider getting a decent camera to make it look better. You don’t have to buy the most expensive, 4k camera; instead, a budget one should do the job.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to show your face on your Youtube stream and feel like you will not grow your Youtube account without showing yourself on camera, you should consider getting a custom-made live avatar of yourself or something else of your choice. It’s an excellent and effective way to engage with your viewers without showing your face. The thing is that it’s pretty hard to do it yourself without the proper skills, but you can hire someone on Fiverr to create a custom avatar for you exactly how you’ve imagined it for really cheap.

Capture Card

Capture card can help you if you want to stream console games via your PC or if you want to do a two-computer streaming setup. They are a little expensive, so consider investing in something else first and then on a capture card if your budget is tight.

4 – How to live stream Elder Ring on Youtube from PC

Now let’s connect the Youtube account to a broadcasting software and set up everything so you can stream Elder Ring as soon as possible.

Before setting up the streaming software, make sure that every hardware you want to use(Microphone, Camera, etc.) to stream Elder Ring on Youtube is connected to your PC.

Connecting Youtube to OBS

Now, go ahead and download either OBS Studio or StreamLab OBS.

For the following steps, I will use OBS Studio as an example of setting up everything to stream on Youtube. Still, StreamLabs OBS is identical and even easier, so it should be straightforward to follow along.

Now, go ahead and install OBS and once the installation is complete, run it and navigate to “Settings“.

Settings on OBS

Navigate to the “Stream” tab; on Service, choose “Youtube – RTMPS” and then click “Connect Account“.

Youtube - RTMPS. Connecting OBS with Youtube.

A window will pop out asking you to enter your Youtube/Google login details. Go ahead and fill out the form with your email and password and click “Login“. An alternative would be to copy the Stream key from the Youtube live settings we configured before and paste it into OBS.

Add Audio/Video/Visuals to OBS

Anything that you want to broadcast on your Youtube stream, whether your Elder Ring gameplay, background music, a specific part of your screen, alerts, or any particular graphics, needs to be added as a source in OBS.

Let’s do a basic setup, let’s capture your Elder Ring gameplay, microphone, and camera, and later on, in this guide, you will find resources for more advanced setups.

Setup Elder Ring Source

Navigate to the bottom left side OBS, and under “Scenes“, click the “+” symbol. Name it as you wish, and click OK.

How to add a scene to OBS

Now let’s add Elder Ring to our sources to ensure gameplay will be captured and streamed on Youtube. Click the “+” symbol on the Sources section, select “Game Capture“, and click OK.

How to capture Elder Ring on OBS

A window should pop up with a few different settings. Let me explain to you how to configure each one.

Mode: Choose either “Capture any fullscreen applications“(assuming when you play Elder Ring, that’s the only full-screen application that is running) or run Elder Ring and choose “Capture specific window“, and then select the “Window” of Elder Ring.

Use anti-cheat compatibility check: Ensure this is enabled to prevent conflicts with the anti-cheat software.

Choose the rest depending on your needs and click “OK” to save your selections.

Capturing Elder Ring on OBS.

Setup Microphone Source

Now let’s set up your microphone so your viewers can listen to you on stream.

Again, go to Sources and click the “+” symbol, and choose “Audio Input Capture“, select your microphone and click “OK“.

How to capture Elder Ring Audio on OBS

Setup Camera Source

Next, let’s set up your camera so your viewers can see you on stream.

Again, go to Sources and click the “+” symbol, and choose “Video Capture Device“, select your camera and click “OK“. Now you can adjust the camera’s size and reposition it anywhere you wish.

How to capture camera on OBS

Now you got all the essential sources configured correctly and ready to go! The next thing we will do is apply the best streaming settings for Elder Ring to have a smooth and lag-free stream and gameplay.

5 – Streaming Settings

Now that everything is set up and ready on your PC to start streaming Elder Ring on Youtube, the next thing you will have to do to ensure a smooth and lag-free broadcast is to make sure you are using the best streaming settings for either OBS Studios or StreamLabs OBS. It will take you some time to tweak and mess around with the settings to get the perfect Elder Ring settings for streaming on Youtube but believe me, it’s worth it since once you set them up, you don’t have to touch them ever again.

Below you will find my recommendations on the best Youtube streaming settings for Elder Ring to make it super easy for you to create the perfect configuration.

Best OBS / StreamLabs Streaming settings for Elder Ring

Navigate to OBS / Streamlabs Settings tab and choose the Output tab.

Change Output Mode to Advanced, and make sure you are on the Streaming settings sub-tab.

Encoder: If you have an NVidia GPU, the best encoder to stream Elder Ring on Youtube is the “NVIDIA NVENC H.264(New)” encoder. On the other hand, if you are on an AMD GPU, use the “H264/AVC Encoder” from AMD for the best performance possible while streaming Elder Ring on Youtube.

Bitrate: The best Bitrate to stream Elder Ring on Youtube is 6000kbps. If you are on a slow internet connection, you can lower this number to achieve a stable and smooth stream.

Rate Control: CBR

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds

Preset: Start with “Quality” or “Performance“, and depending on how your stream feels, tweak it accordingly. If you feel like it drops too much performance, you should consider moving to “Low-Latency Performance“.

Best OBS Youtube Streaming settings for Elder Ring.
Best Youtube StreamLabs OBS Streaming settings for Elder Ring.

If you followed through till here, I would like to tell you that, for the most part, you are ready to start streaming Elder Ring on Youtube on your desktop computer. Below, you will find how to set up your stream on consoles and a lot of helpful information on possible ways to make your stream look and sound better, grow your channel faster, monetize your channel, and more!

How to live stream Elder Ring on Youtube from consoles

Streaming on Xbox & Playstation consoles, it’s much easier since the customizable settings are limited but so are the features available to make your stream better. Below you can find step-by-step instructions on streaming Elder Ring on consoles.

How to stream Elder Ring on Youtube from a Playstation

Click on the “Share” button on your controller to bring up the side menu. Then click on “Broadcast Gameplay”, and on the next page, link your Youtube account to your PSN account.

How to stream Elder Ring on Youtube from a Playstation

Once you successfully connect your console to Youtube, you will be asked to choose a name for your Elder Ring stream, a description, and the quality of the stream. The name and description are entirely up to you. The quality of the stream that you should use highly depends on your internet speed. My recommendation would be to go with the highest one, and then check from your phone and see if your stream is lagging or not, and depending on the results, change it accordingly.

Once everything is ready, hit the “Start broadcasting” button, and you should be live streaming Elder Ring on Youtube on your PlayStation console.

How to stream Elder Ring on Youtube from Xbox

Head to the Microsoft store and download the Youtube app.

Run the app, and it will ask you to link your Xbox to your Youtube account. Proceed with the instructions, and complete the verification.

Next, navigate to the Broadcast tab and configure your microphone and sound settings as you wish. You will also see a Bitrate and Stream Resolution option available. Next to the Bitrate option, click on the Automatic button so Youtube will check your internet connection and suggest the optimal Bitrate to have a lag-free stream.

On Stream Resolution, choose to start with 1080p, and if you notice that you are lagging, get it down to 720p; if not, you should be good to go with 1080p.

Make sure to add a Title and Description to your Elder Ring stream, and once everything is configured as you wish, go ahead and press the “Start Streaming” button!

How do I make my Youtube stream look and sound great?.

Overlays, Scenes Screens, & Logo: Even though these are not required to start streaming initially, having your overlays, screens, logo, and scenes all setup beautifully can make you stand from the crowd since that shows that you care about the stream and you look at it somehow more seriously than just streaming on my free time.

I don’t recommend purchasing pre-built designs for two main reasons. The first one is that everyone can have the same designs as you and second that with the same amount of money you can get someone to create everything for you as you have imagined it.

Best streaming Youtube overlays for Elder Ring.

Alerts: You can find a lot of ready-made and easily customizable alerts on StreamLabs to show up when someone subscribes, follows, or donates to your channel.

Music: As I previously mentioned at the beginning of this guide, music can give your stream a different feeling, and it can only do good. You can find some high-quality copyright-free music on SoundStripe.

Avatar: An excellent and effective way to engage with your viewers without showing your face is to replace yourself with an animated character. You can hire someone on Fiverr to create a custom avatar for you if you don’t have previous experience in design and animation.

Adobe animator puppet avatar for live streaming Elder Ring on Youtube.

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