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How To Install AMD Radeon RX 6700 on your PC (with Pictures)

When it comes to upgrading your computer, installing a Radeon RX 6700 is one of the most exciting changes you can make. Installing a Radeon RX 6700 isn’t complicated, but it does require attention to detail.

It’s important to follow the correct installation process to avoid damaging your motherboard or the Radeon RX 6700 itself. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install a new Radeon RX 6700 graphics card on your computer.

How to install Radeon RX 6700 on PC.

What You’ll Need

Before getting started, you’ll need the following items:

– A Radeon RX 6700 graphics card.

– Screwdriver or screwdriver set.

Safety Tips

It’s important to take necessary safety precautions when installing a GPU.

Here are some important tips:

  1. Keep all power sources off and unplugged before starting the installation process.
  2. Handle Radeon RX 6700 carefully – don’t bend pins or other connectors, as this can damage your GPU.
  3. Do not touch the metal contacts on the motherboard. This can cause static electricity that can damage the components.

Step 1 – Prepare your PC

Before installing your Radeon RX 6700, it’s important to make sure that your computer is properly prepared.

First, turn off your computer and unplug the power supply from the wall. Preferably, give it 5 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Once five minutes have passed, ground yourself by touching a metal object, like the case of your computer, to discharge any static electricity that might be present in your body or use an anti-static wristband.

Remove the old GPU, if there is one, by carefully removing the power connectors and then releasing any retention mechanisms and gently pulling it out of the slot.

If this is your first GPU, then you will have to remove the expansion slot plates.

A photo showing the expansion slot plates on a PC Case.

To do this, you will need a screwdriver to remove any screws that are securing the plate in place(Most of the time you can even do this by hand).

A photo showing the expansion slot plates removed from the case.

Step 2 – Open Your PCIe Slot Clips

The Radeon RX 6700 uses PCIe slots to connect to your motherboard. These slots have a clip that you should open before you install the Radeon RX 6700, similar to how you install RAM.

In the picture below, you can check what an open PCIe slot clip looks like.

A photo showing how an open PCIe slot clip looks.

Step 3 – Install the AMD Radeon RX 6700

Once the PCIe slot has been opened and prepared, it’s time to install your Radeon RX 6700 graphics card.

The PCIe slot will only let you install the GPU if you have it facing the right way. The metal plate with the display connectors should face the back of the case, and the fans on the GPU will usually face downwards.

To start, align your graphics card’s main connector with the PCIe slot, making sure the grooves match. It might be tricky as the GPU’s I/O plate has to fit into a small space next to the motherboard.

Once aligned, the graphics card will easily slide into place. Push down on the card until you hear a slight click, indicating that the clip on your PCIe slot has closed.

Finally, use the screws that were holding your expansion slot plates in place to secure the graphics card.

A photo showing how to use the screws that were holding your expansion slot plates in place to secure the Radeon RX 6700.

Step 4 – Connect the AMD Radeon RX 6700 to the PSU

Now that your GPU is successfully installed in the expansion slot, it’s time to connect it to the power supply.

For this purpose, you will typically need one(Double) or two PCIe power cables. Plug them into the ports on your graphics card and then plug them into a power supply.

For information about how many cables you should connect please refer to the specific manufacturer’s website. Different Radeon RX 6700 models might have different requirements.

A photo showing the PCIe power ports of a GPU.

On each cable, it’s written on the head which side should go to the power supply and which one should go to the GPU.

A photo showing how to connect the cables from the Radeon RX 6700 to the power supply.

Make sure they are firmly connected and let’s move on to the next step.

Step 5 – Connect your Monitors to AMD Radeon RX 6700

After everything is installed, it’s time to connect your monitors to the graphics card and turn on your PC to check if you did everything correctly.

It’s important to connect your monitors to the graphics card and not the motherboard, or you will see a blank screen and even if you can boot because of your integrated GPU, you will have issues with performance and refresh rates.

So please, connect your monitors to the GPU. In case you have more monitors than your GPU can receive, connect the ones that you don’t use for gaming or work on the motherboard and connect the rest to the GPU.

A photo showing an HDMI cable connected on the GPU.

Once you do that, plug the power supply back into the wall and turn on your PC. Once you get into the operating system environment follow the next steps to finish installing your Radeon RX 6700.

Step 6 – Uninstall Old drivers with DDU

Before installing the latest drivers for your Radeon RX 6700, it’s important to ensure your system is clean from any driver remains. To do this, you can use a program called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) which will altogether remove any leftover files from previous drivers and help you avoid potential instability or performance issues.

Here is a complete guide on how to correctly uninstall GPU drivers.

Step 7 – Install the BEST drivers for your AMD Radeon RX 6700

If you are a gamer, then below you can find a comprehensive list with the best drivers depending on your favorite game:

Once you find the best driver depending on your preferred game, go to the official website and download it, double-click on it, and proceed with the installation instructions.

Another way to do so is to download software like DriverBooster and install it on your PC. It will always install the latest drivers for you automatically.

Step 8 – Optimize & Overclock your AMD Radeon RX 6700

Now that everything is running just fine, it’s time to take your Radeon RX 6700 to the next level. Applying the best settings for your GPU as well as overclocking it will give you some free extra performance.

For basic overclocking, you can check out some videos on Youtube to understand the fundamentals. If you are looking for a complete optimization of your system to ensure it’s performing at its best of capabilities, check out my PC Optimization service.

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