How To Get Unbanned From Grindr – Ultimate Guide 2023

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Many users have reported getting their Grindr account banned for absolutely no reason, and Grindr doesn’t seem to care too much about that. In this post, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to get around Grindr ban and bypass any Grindr bans.

Grindr bans lately have been increased, and while, for the most part, they will device ban people who break the rules and the community guidelines, there is a vast percentage of those Grindr accounts banned that never broke any of the community guidelines, leaving them in the dark, asking their self why did I get permanently banned from Grindr?

The first thing most people will do after they get a device ban on Grindr is to make a new profile, only to see that their new profile will get banned either instantly or after a few hours/days, or they won’t be able to find people for extended periods (forever, lol).

If that’s what you are experiencing, then keep reading this post since I will show you how to get unbanned on Grindr with the latest workarounds and bypasses, and I can assure you that at the end of this post, you will be able to access Grindr again.

Many of you might be thinking, why don’t I reach out to Grindr support and talk with them to get my account back? There is no way you will get anywhere with their support team. I did hours of research on Reddit specifically to see if anyone had managed to bypass the ban by contacting their customer service but I didn’t find a single case that this happened.

How To Get Unbanned From Grindr - Ultimate Guide 2023

How to get around Grindr Ban?

Before we get into what you should do to bypass the Grindr IP ban, let’s get into what it means to be banned or shadow banned on Grindr.

When you get IP blocked on Grindr, you will get a message that your account is Disconnected/Disabled/Banned, or you will get a message saying that you can not log in to Grindr anymore(for whatever reason).

That means any connection from your end to Grindr servers will be denied, and you won’t be able to access their platform ever again.

This post gets updated every Grindr update to keep up with all the recent changes.

With that said, in this post, you will learn how to get unbanned on Grindr in a few easy steps, as follows:

  1. Uninstall Grindr & clear all traces.
  2. Change your Device ID or Use another one.
  3. Get A New Phone Number Ready.
  4. Get A New Email Address.
  5. Get A New Google Play Account / Apple ID.
  6. Get A VPN Ready.
  7. Create New Account.
  8. Complete your profile carefully.

1. Uninstall Grindr & Clear All Traces.

The first and most important thing you will have to do is uninstall the Grindr app from your mobile phone and make sure there are no files left that could link you back to the previous ban.

On your android phone, navigate to Settings > Manage Apps or Settings > Apps to access the complete list of installed apps. Look for Grindr, Select it, and then press the uninstall option.

On IOS devices, navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and choose to delete Grindr.

Since your account is banned once and for all, we don’t want that to be linked to the changes we will make later on in this guide and your new account. That’s why it’s crucial to uninstall the app from your mobile phone as soon as possible.

2. Change your Device ID or Use another one.

If you are on an Android device, you will have to back up the important files of your phone or sync them with your Google account(if you haven’t already) and then factory reset the device.

On the other hand, if you are on an IOS device with iOS 14 and higher, you don’t need to change the device ID since apps are prohibited from automatically collecting data. (Without your permission)

(Once you are done with this step, everything else is super easy and quick to do, so don’t get discouraged and follow the next steps depending on your device.

How To Change Device ID on Android

If you factory reset the phone on Android devices, it will generate a new Device ID on the first boot. That’s exactly what we want and what we will do here.

Before you do anything, please, go ahead and back up anything you don’t want to lose from your device.

Once you do that, navigate to Settings -> General Management -> Reset -> Factory Data Reset or go to Settings and type “Factory Reset” on the search bar, click on the option available, then choose to Erase All Data, and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

How to Factory Data Reset on Android

Once your phone restarts, you will have to set up language and everything you did the first time you got it. Once you are done, proceed to the third step of this guide.

Your mobile device has a brand new Device ID ready to be used to bypass that Grindr ban.

How To Change Device ID on IOS

Each iPhone has its very own ID, but since the iOS 14 update and Apple’s changes in TOS, all apps on your device are forced to ask for confirmation before they can track any of your activity on your device.

That means that you no longer have to care about changing and resetting the advertising ID as long as you uninstalled the Grindr app from your iOS device.

Use Another Device

If you absolutely can’t or don’t want to factory reset your phone, there is an alternative; you can get a “burner” phone. What I mean by burner phone is to get a cheap mobile device just to use Grindr on it.

If you don’t want to do that, maybe you can ask friends and family if they have any old used phones that they don’t use anymore.

3. Get A New Phone Number Ready.

There is no way you can create a new account with the same number and not get banned instantly. So that means you will need a new phone number.

Google Voice numbers, TextMe Now app phone numbers, and most free apps or phone numbers you will find online are already recognized and flagged by Grindr and almost all major social platforms.

No worries, though; there are easy ways to get around this.

The first option is to register using a friend’s or family member’s mobile number and then ask them to send you the verification code to proceed with the registration.

The best option, in my opinion, is to get a cheap VoIP phone number to just receive text messages from Grindr for registration and verification purposes. You can get a phone number that will work for Grindr from Tossable Digits or Hushed.

How to get a cheap phone number for Grindr

Another thing you could do is just to go and get a new SIM card.

4. Get A New Email Address.

You won’t be able to create a new Grindr account with the same email address. You will be instantly linked to the previous Grindr ban, and your new account will be flagged and banned as soon as possible. You will need this email for the next step as well.

Pretty easy to do; just use your favorite email provider and create a new email address. Once you are all set up, proceed to the next step.

Email icon

5. Get A New Google Play Account / Apple ID.

Another thing that is tracked and will instantly link you to the previous Grindr IP ban is your Google / Apple account. Grindr won’t ban your Google account or Apple ID, but if it matches with previously banned accounts, it will get automatically flagged by their algorithm and most likely banned after a while.

Create a new Google Play or Apple ID with the new Email Address or Phone number you previously got and proceed to the next step.

6. Get A Dedicated IP Address.

Your IP address is the most crucial security step that will even make or break everything you did above to bypass the Grindr ban. The best way to change your IP address is to use a VPN service or a proxy server(Proxys need an excellent setup to avoid disconnections and unhiding your IP, so let’s stick with the VPN).

I recommend using NordVPN because they have dedicated IP addresses which means that you will be the only person connecting to Grindr from them.

Why is the dedicated IP important?

Because you will have a fresh IP address only for yourself that no one else can connect from.

The shared servers from all VPN services are public to everyone with a subscription, which means that the chances that someone already got a public IP banned from Grindr are very high.

I can’t find a completely free working method to go around the ban, but this is the cheapest it can get. You can add the “Dedicated IP” option on the checkout page.

Dedicated IP NordVPN

7. Create New Account.

Now that we have everything we need to create a new Grindr account, let’s go ahead and create one. You should create the account from the app on your mobile device.

How to create a new Grindr account:

  • Make sure you are connected to a VPN server on your phone.
  • Open the app and click Create Account.
  • Enter your new email and mobile phone number and proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.

Once you have your new account created, don’t upload any photos or complete your bio just yet. Please read the next step of this guide, where we will be discussing exactly how to complete your profile.


8. Complete your profile carefully.

I want you to be very careful on this part and make sure you follow all my instructions and tips below to avoid getting banned again.

– Create a new BIO.

Ensure your Grindr bio is not offensive, leading to reports and possibly getting banned.

– Don’t use the same pictures or clear the traces of OLD ones.

The truth is that if you just upload your old pictures to your new Grindr account, you will get banned instantly or after a few hours/days, and that’s why, because of the metadata and the picture itself, that can be recognized by bots.

I highly recommend you don’t use the same picture from your old Grindr account, BUT if you have to, I will show you a method to not get linked to your previous Grindr ban.

By following the steps below, you will be able to use old Grindr photos on your new account without getting banned:

  • Change pictures Metadata and EXIF information.
    • You can do that by visiting IMGonline, uploading your photos, clicking on OK, and then downloading the processed images which have their Metadata / EXIF info deleted.
  • Next, you can either crop the images just a little bit or add a color overlay to the image(It doesn’t have to be visible). It won’t make a difference in the eye, but it will make a huge difference when a robot reads it because it’s an entirely different photo for them.
  • If you follow the two steps above, the only way to get linked to your previous photos is by manual review of a human.

– New payment details

If you make any purchases on Grindr, make sure never to use your old payment method. Use a different card to complete any transactions later on.

Tips to not get banned AGAIN!

The tips you will find below will keep your account safe from getting banned.

Read at least one time the Grindr guidelines.

You know, this stuff that no one ever reads but presses “I accept” every time. If you’re actively using the Grindr platform and would like to continue using it for months or years, I recommend you take 5 minutes of your time and read all the guidelines.

Maybe you understand why you got banned last time, or at least you will know what to avoid in the future to keep your account in a good state.

Don’t forget the VPN

Always make sure that your VPN is up and connected before logging in to Grindr.

Make sure your bio is not offensive.

I said it above, and I will repeat it to make sure you understand how vital your bio is. Your bio should not be offensive to anyone or any group of people in even the slightest way.

Don’t send the same message over and over again.

Don’t copy-paste a phrase and send it to a lot of people. That’s what low-quality bots do and get banned after a few days. Instead, try to be unique every time or at least change a few words.


  • Bully, harass or disrespect anyone.
  • Promote any services or spam links on chat.
  • Don’t impersonate people.
  • Use copyrighted content in your profile.
  • Ask any user for money.
  • Use Grindr to do anything illegal.
  • Upload sexual content.
  • Use hate speech.

Grindr Bans: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Grindr IP ban last?

Grindr bans are permanent, and it’s almost impossible to appeal your ban. Even if you do, you most likely won’t even get a response, and even if you do, it will be negative.

Can you bypass the Grindr ban?

Yes, there is a way to bypass the Grindr IP ban discussed above. You will have to follow every step and read all the tips and information to ensure you won’t get banned again.

Does Grindr ban your IP address?

Grindr collects a lot of information about you, the device you are connected from, and the network you are using. That means that every IP Address you’ve ever used to log in to your Grindr account is in their databases.

In case you get banned from Grindr, depending on the rules you broke and violations, there is a good chance that your IP address gets banned. It’s nothing to worry about, though, since you can easily bypass it, as shown in this guide.

Does Grindr remember your device ID when they ban you?

Yes, Grindr does have a track record of your device ID bound with your account information. You will have to manually change the Device ID, reset your phone to factory defaults, or get another device to avoid getting instantly flagged from the Grindr algorithm.

Can I appeal to the Grindr ban?

Yes, there is an option to appeal for your Grindr ban, but it’s tough to get a response and even harder to get a positive response that your account has been reinstated. You can give it a shot but don’t expect anything at all.

You can even try and contact their customer support on different social media accounts to try to get their attention and possibly a quicker answer/review to your ban.

Can I use Grindr if I’m banned?

You won’t be able to use Grindr again with the same account or with the same exact phone number, email, photos, etc. But, you can use Grindr again by following this guide and bypassing the ban you had.

Will Grindr ever unban me?

Unless there is a good reason for Grindr to unban you, don’t expect them to do so. I would say that it’s not even worth it to try for most of you. Instead, just create a new profile with the methods discussed in this article, and you will be good to go.


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    I’ve got another tip if you don’t have another card to purchase Apps with – just use your card to Add Money To Account , then use that to purchase your Xtra or Unlimited subscription if you want it.

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