How To Get 0 Ping – Ultimate Guide 2023

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Ping is one of the most important factors of online gaming that will either make or break your whole experience. That’s why everyone is looking for ways to get as close as possible to 0 ping in games like Fortnite, Warzone 2, Apex Legends, Valorant, Roblox, PUBG, and many more.

The lower the ping, the faster the information(your inputs) travels between your computer and the game servers. A ping close to zero will make your game smooth since everything will be much more responsive.

To have zero ping in games, you would have to play the game directly from the computer that hosts the game instance, as there would be no data transfer needed from two computers.

The real meaning of 0 ping is to have the lowest ping possible depending on your internet provider to enjoy smooth and super responsive gameplay.

In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on achieving a ping as close as possible to 0(zero) in any game you play on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation(PS4, PS5).

How To Get 0 Ping - Ultimate Guide 2023

How To Get 0 Ping in Games

As we said above, the perfect ping would be 0 ping, but since that’s not possible, we will focus on getting as close as possible to zero.

1. Update Network Drivers.

The first thing you should do to ensure you will get ping as close as possible to 0 is to ensure you have the latest network drivers.

Navigate to your search bar, type “Device Manager, “ and click on it.

Look for Network Adapters and once you find it, click on the bottom arrow to collapse the list. Your ethernet adapter should look like the one in the photo below.

Finding network adapters in Windows

Before you download anything, you need to find your network adapter model. If it’s not available through the Device Manager in Windows, then do the following:

Navigate to the Windows search bar and type “Control Panel” Then click on -> Network and Internet, and choose -> Network and Sharing Center. You should see the option -> Change adapter settings on the left side, click on it, and now you can see all your network adapters. Under the adapter name, you can see the adapter’s model, ex—Realtek, Intel, Killer, etc.

How to find your network's adapter model

Visit your network card manufacturer’s official website, download the latest driver’s latest version for your specific model, and install it.

If you don’t know how to do that, follow this guide on updating network drivers.

2. Use Ethernet.

Using an ethernet cable instead of wifi, if not all of the time, most of the time will get you a lower and more stable ping in games. I understand that sometimes it may not be possible for you to connect via an ethernet cable. If that’s the case, you may consider moving your computer or laptop closer to your router to have a better and more stable connection.

Remember that using an ethernet cable is the only way to ensure you get close to zero ping.

Here are two cheap but highly effective ethernet cables: VANDESAIL and AB RJ45.

Animated ethernet cable

3. Change DNS servers.

In most cases, changing DNS servers will not decrease your ping, but there are some cases in which your DNS setup might be messed up, and you will see a huge difference. Nevertheless, since it’s pretty easy to change your DNS servers, I would say that it’s worth trying and seeing if it gets your ping closer to 0 in your favorite games and console.

To change your DNS servers on PC, do the following:

Navigate to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings.

Change adapter settings in Windows

Right-click the network connection you want to change the DNS servers and select “Properties“.

Adapter Properties Windows 10

Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCIP/IPv4)”, and click “Properties“.

TCP/IPv4 Fortnite

Mark “Use the following DNS server addresses“, enter the addresses of the new DNS servers you want to use, and click “OK“.

Change DNS servers for 0 ping

Best DNS Servers for Gaming

DNSPrimary DNS ServerSecondary DNS Server
Google DNS Server8.
Comodo DNS8.

4. Disconnect All Devices From The Network.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your ping is to simply disconnect all other devices from your network. By doing this, you are essentially giving your gaming device exclusive access to the internet connection.

Disconnect any phones, TVs, tablets, laptops, PCs, or smart devices, and then test your ping in-game and see if there is any difference.

5. Get A Gaming Router.

Gaming routers deliver the lowest possible latency while maintaining maximum bandwidth. These routers are typically equipped with features such as Quality of Service (QoS), traffic shaping, and port forwarding, allowing you to prioritize your game traffic over other types of traffic on the network.

Apart from minimizing your ping as close to 0 as possible and maintaining a stable connection 24/7, gaming routers will also allow you to prioritize your game over everyone else connected on the same network. Let’s say, for example, that someone decides to watch an 8k video on Youtube while you are close to winning the game; the gaming router will not allow the other device to throttle the connection and spike your ping to the roof.

Below you can find some options for all budgets:

6. Get a low latency connection.

Last but not least is to get a low latency/ping connection from a high-quality internet provider. Have you ever wondered how these streamers play on such a low ping? Purchasing a low latency connection is the first thing they do. They make sure that they don’t just get the highest speed available but also the lowest ping possible.

There are internet providers that will give you speeds up to 1000mbps, but their ping may be higher than another provider with, let’s say, 100mbps. So keep in mind that download speed doesn’t mean lower ping.

From my research and what I’ve seen from streamers and pro players, one of the best options to get close to 0 ping is the package from XFINITY. One of the best options you can get right now is that it will provide you with tremendous download speeds and the lowest latency in the market without breaking the bank.

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