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How to display your Ping and FPS in League of Legends

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

There are many reasons someone would like to display ping and fps in League of Legends. Ping and FPS are an important part of your online gaming experience, especially on E-sports games like League of Legends.

Thanks to Riot Games displaying ping and fps counter in League of Legends is very easy. Without further to say, let me quickly show you how you can achieve this.

In League of Legends, the default keyboard combination to display FPS and Ping information on your screen is Ctrl + F. With the same combination you either enable it or disable it.

If for any reason, this doesn’t work for you, below, I will show you two ways on how to check and change the combination that will display your ping and fps in League.

Method #1: Though the Client

This first method doesn’t require you to enter a game, you can do it through your League of Legends client.

On the top right side, click on the settings icon and navigate to HOTKEYS.

How to change league of legends settings without entering a game.
HOTKEYS Settings in League of Legends Client

Scroll down a little bit and click on the Display option, and you should be able to see the option Toggle FPS Display.

You can now change it to whatever key combination you desire, and once you enter your first league of legends game, press the key combination, and the FPS and Ping counter should appear under your scoreboard.

Demonstrates how to change the key combination to display your ping and fps in League of Legends in 2021.

Method #2: Inside the game

It’s the same exact process with Method #1 with the only difference that this time we will do it directly from a League game and not League client.

Press ESC to open the settings tab in League of Legends. Navigate to HOTKEYS -> Display, and now you can see the Toggle FPS Display option. Change the key combination and click Okay.

How to display FPS and Ping in League of Legends by changing the settings inside a game.

Now press your new key combination, and you should see the FPS and Ping on the top right of your screen, like shown in the image below.

Displays how Ping and FPS counter looks in League of Legends when you enable it.
18 fps lol !

I wish this guide helped you figure out how to display ping and fps information in LoL. If you are not satisfied with your metrics after watching your FPS and Ping, I highly recommend you take a look at my other guides that will either help you decrease your ping and increase your fps.

Using a VPN?

If you absolutely need to use a VPN for whatever reason, then make sure they have a lot of servers across the world, as well as their servers, are the fastest with the lowest ping possible. If you are looking for the best gaming and general use VPN without spending too much money, then you should grab 30 days FREE subscription on NordVPN.


What is a good FPS for League of Legends?

144 Fps is considered the sweet spot for E-sports titles like League of Legends. Anything over 60 FPS will allow you to play the game smoothly.

Why is LOL FPS so low?

There are several reasons why your FPS is low on League of Legends. Old hardware, overloaded Windows, overheating issues are some of the reasons you may be getting low frames per second in League.

Will ethernet cable improve my ping in League of Legends?

It will, but don’t expect tremendous differences. But for sure, it will make your connection more stable and with fewer ping spikes than Wi-Fi.

What is a good ping to play League of Legends?

10 – 60 Ping: Perfect ping, since most of the players can’t even get close to 50.
60 – 80 Ping: Pretty good/Average. That’s where most of the players ping in League of Legends averages.
80 – 90 Ping: Slightly noticeable delay since you are getting close to 0.1 seconds delay.
100+ Ping: Hard to enjoy the game but still playable if you are close to 100 ping.

High ping only in League of Legends?

If you are experiencing lag spikes only in League of Legends, there is a good chance that is not your fault. There may be server maintenance or update going on. Wait and see if it gets solved after some time.

How to fix my FPS capped in League?

If you notice that your fps is capped at 30 / 60 / or more fps, most likely Vsync is enabled, and it’s capping your FPS in your monitor’s refresh rate. Or you set an fps limit in-game or via external software. First, to unlock your FPS in LoL, try to turn Vsync off from in-game settings and your graphics card control panel. If this doesn’t solve your issue, uncap the fps limit from the in-game settings or the external software you used to cap your fps.

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