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How to Disable or Enable Origin Overlay in 2023

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Origin overlay comes prepacked with several cool features that users may find useful. Some of these features will allow you to browse the web, chat with friends, accept invites, receive online support, and even broadcast your game. So what’s the catch here?

Many users have reported Origin’s In-Game Overlay to cause FPS drops and high CPU usage. This is a good reason to consider disabling it, especially If you are gaming from an old laptop or pc. On the other hand, if performance is not an issue for you and some of Origin’s Overlay features are useful to you, you can give it a shot.

But what happens if you have no clue on how to either enable it or disable it? No worries, I got you covered. In this post, I will show you exactly step by step how to either enable or disable Origin’s In-game overlay and answer some frequently asked questions that might interest you about Origin.

How to disable or Enable Origin in-game overlay

The first time you install Origin, the in-game overlay feature will be enabled by default. To disable it, follow the steps below.

Considering you have already logged in to Origin with your Origin account, on the top left side, click on “Origin” and go to “Application Settings“.

Shows the first step in order to disable the origin in-game overlay

Now you should see a menu with 5 categories, click on the last one “ORIGIN IN-GAME


The first option,” Enable Origin In-Game” is the option we are looking for. If you want to disable it, make sure the slider’s color is grey. If you want to enable it, then make sure the color turns green.

From now on, once you start playing your favorite game in Origin, press “Shift + F1” while in-game to confirm that your changes took place.

That’s how you enable or disable Origin’s in-game overlay.

F.A.Q: Learn more about Origin

Origin Overlay is enabled, but it doesn’t work?

First, make sure you are pressing the correct key combination to enable it. If that’s not the case, do the following:
1. Close background software that may interfere with Origin’s overlay ( Software like MSI Afterburner / Steam / Razer Synapse )
2. Add Origin’s executable files to your antivirus’s exception list.
3. Reinstall Origin

How do I disable Origin in-game feature while playing a game in Origin?

Just press the key combination you have selected to toggle Origin overlay on and off. By default, the key combination is “Shift + F1”.

How do I clear my origin cache?

1. Press Windows key + R.
2. Type %ProgramData%/Origin and then click OK.
3. Delete all the files and folders inside it except for LocalContent.
4. Press Windows key + R again.
5. Type %AppData% and click OK.
6. In the Roaming folder, delete the Origin folder.
7. Click on the AppData folder in the address bar.
8. Open the Local folder.
9. Delete the Origin folder in there, close origin, and restart your computer.

How to disable or enable sounds/notifications in Origin?

To disable either sounds or notifications in Origin, do the following: ( This works for every game available in Origin )
1. Open Origin Client
2. On the top left side, navigate to Origin -> Application settings
3. Click on Notifications
4. On the right side of every setting, you should be able to see two options: Notification / Sound
5. Turn on or off the settings you desire. If the slider is grey, it means that the setting is disabled. If it’s green, then it’s enabled.

Issues with Origin Overlay because restricted access mode is on/off?

How to enable or disable restricted access mode.
1. Close the Origin Client
2. Right-click on Origin and choose Run as administrator.
3. Navigate to Origin -> Application settings
4. Scroll down at the end of the Application tab
5. Under Advanced, you’ll see the Restricted Access Mode option.
6. Click the toggle switch to either Enable or Disable Origin’s Restricted Access Mode option.
* The Green color on the button means it’s enabled.
* The Grey color on the button means it’s disabled.

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