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How to disable all Steam notifications in 2023

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Steam notifications can be a pretty useful feature if you want to stay updated with new game updates, changes, new releases, upcoming releases, or what your friends are doing on Steam. On the other hand, many people really don’t like these notifications and want to disable them since they are pretty distracting.

Thankfully turning off Steam notifications is not a hard task. Here is how you can disable all Steam notifications, not just friends notifications.

How to Disable Steam Friends Notifications

Open Steam and click on Friends & Chat

Friends and Chat option location at Steam Client

Click on the Gear Icon

Clicking the Gear Icon to access Friend list settings on Steam.

Click on Notifications and Uncheck the notifications you want to be disabled.

How to disable Steam Notifications about Friends, chat, direct messages, group events, announcements, and when a friend joins a game.

Every tick box has a different use. By unchecking every box and choosing “Never” at the “FLASH WINDOW WHEN I RECEIVE A CHAT MESSAGE“, you are guaranteed to never be distracted by your friend’s activities.

Below you can find how to disable the rest of the Steam notifications that are not related to your friends.

How to disable the rest of Steam notifications

There are a few other Steam notifications you might want to disable. I will describe them below.

Disable Steam Notifications about game updates, new releases, and upcoming releases.

Open Steam and Navigate to Steam -> Settings

2 steps to access settings on Steam

Click on Interface and uncheckNotify me about additions or changes to my games, new releases, and upcoming releases.

How to access Interface settings on Steam and Disable notifications about games.

Click OK, and you are done. You should never again receive any notifications related to your games or new/upcoming releases.

Disable Screenshot notifications on Steam

Again, Navigate to Steam -> Settings and click on In-Game.

How to access Ingame settings on Steam

On the right side, under “When a screenshot is taken” uncheck all the boxes to disable display and sound screenshot notifications.

On the In-game settings tab of steam, turning off steam screenshot notifications.

How to disable Music Notifications on Steam

Open Steam and browse to Steam -> Settings -> Music. At the bottom left, under Display, uncheck the box “When a new track begins“.

2 Steps to disable Music notifications on the Steam client

That would be it. If you followed every step of this guide, you probably disabled every Steam notification from disturbing you. You can also check out my other guide on how to fix Steam black screens.


  1. This doesn’t say any way to disable Inventory Notifications. I live in China and steam cannot properly connect to that community site so I have no way to clear my inventory item notifications, as a result I constantly get steam notifications about new inventory items and it really annoys me.

    I don’t care about steam inventory items for even a second, and it’s not even possible for me to view the inventory items to dismiss the notifications due to the aforementioned reason. I just want steam to shut up and let me play the one and only game I want to play.

    A big thank you if you can figure out how to disable inventory notifications.

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