How To Bypass Twitch IP Bans – Ultimate Guide 2023

Last Updated on 11th November 2022

With the increased number of daily users on Twitch, it’s more than expected that the number of viewers breaking Twitch rules will also increase. There comes the need for Twitch or chat moderators to deploy different punishments for the users depending on their actions. One of the most common and used methods to punish players is to ban their IP addresses and prohibit access to chat features to prevent them from having any access to the stream.

In this post, you’ll find all the information you’ll ever need to understand the IP ban and a complete step-by-step guide on how to bypass the Twitch IP ban and Twitch chat ban and get back to streaming or watching your favorite streamers.

How To Bypass Twitch IP Bans - Ultimate Guide 2023

Types of IP Bans on Twitch

On Twitch, depending on your actions, you can get two types of bans. Sure thing is that whichever type of ban you receive, your IP address will be banned.

Temporary Bans: Temporary bans on Twitch can last from 1 to 30 days. You won’t be able to access Twitch services at this time, but you will get full access once Twitch reinstates your account.

Indefinite Bans: This type of ban is for people who have violated the rules multiple times or done something serious on the platform. Indefinite bans on Twitch will get your IP address banned and also prevent you from using Twitch services from an unknown time. Most likely, you are permanently banned.

Below you can find a list of the restrictions that will be set on your account if you get banned on Twitch:

  • You won’t be able to watch streams.
  • You won’t be able to stream yourself.
  • Chatting will be unavailable.
  • You won’t be able to create any new accounts(IP BAN).
  • If you appear on somebody else stream you could get the other person banned as well.

If the Twitch account was essential for you, you could appeal your ban by submitting the form on the Twitch contact page. You only have one chance to explain to them as detailed and politely as possible why you think you got falsely banned on Twitch. If that doesn’t work or it’s not something that interests you then proceed to the actual guide below, where you will find instructions on how to bypass the Twitch chat and IP Bans.

Twitch Community Guidelines

Step 1 – Create a new e-mail address

The first thing to bypass the Twitch IP ban is to create a new email address since you will need it to register a new account on Twitch. You won’t be able to log in again with your old one, and please, don’t try again; nothing will change. You can create a new email address on your favorite provider; it doesn’t matter which one; it could be Gmail, ProtonMail, whatever. Go ahead, create a new email address and move on to the 2nd step of this guide.


Step 2 – Prepare a New Browser Environment

The next thing to ensure you will not be linked back to your previous IP ban on Twitch is to get a new browser with no history earlier and fingerprints. I recommend you get a portable edition of your favorite browser and use it for Twitch explicitly.

  • Let’s download a portable Chrome edition
  • Once you download the file, click on it and choose a location to save your new portable browser.
  • That’s it, now every time you want to access Twitch you will do it using this specific browser.
Portable chrome browser download location.

Step 3 – Mask & Setup your IP Address

Your IP address is the most crucial security step that will make or break everything you did above to get unbanned from Twitch. The best way to change your IP address is to use a VPN service or a proxy server(Proxys need an excellent setup to avoid disconnections and unhiding your IP, so let’s stick with the VPN).

I recommend using NordVPN because they have dedicated IP addresses which means that you will be the only person connecting to Twitch from them.

Why is the dedicated IP important?

Because you will have a fresh IP address only for yourself that no one else can connect from.

The shared servers from all VPN services are public to everyone with a subscription, which means that the chances that someone already got a public IP banned from Twitch are very high.

I can’t find a completely free working method to go around the ban, but this is the cheapest it can get. You can add the “Dedicated IP” option on the checkout page.

Dedicated IP NordVPN

How to correctly set up the VPN to protect you from getting your actual IP address seen:

Step 4 – Create a new account

Make sure NordVPN is running and connected to the dedicated IP address you will use.

Open the portable browser you previously downloaded and head to Twitch. Create a new account using the email you previously created, and you are good to go! You have successfully bypassed the Twitch IP ban, and now you can start streaming or enjoying your favorite streamers again!

Ensure you are connected on your VPN before connecting to Twitch, so you don’t get linked back to your previous IP Ban.

Create a new account on

How To Get Unbanned From Twitch Chat on a Specific Channel

If you have been banned from using chat features in a specific channel on Twitch, you can request to be unbanned using the Unban Request feature.

How To Unban Twitch Chat:

  • Navigate to the chat of the channel you are currently banned from.
  • Click on the Request Unban button.
  • Send your unban request message via the chat interface.

Note that some streamers won’t have this option enabled so the only thing you can do to bypass the Twitch chat ban is to follow the guide above.

Banned message from

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