How To Bypass IP Ban on Minecraft – Complete Guide 2021

IP Bans on Minecraft are, widespread and sometimes you can get banned for absolutely no reason. It can get really frustrating, especially when you can’t play on your favorite server with your friends because a moderator of that server decided you should be banned. The good news is that it is pretty easy to bypass an IP Ban on Minecraft, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this post.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to bypass any IP ban on Minecraft and get yourself back to the game almost instantly. All steps of this guide are crucial to getting you back to the game, so pay close attention and don’t skip any of them.

What is the IP ban on Minecraft?

When you get IP banned on Minecraft, you’ll be immediately disconnected from the server, and you won’t be able to reconnect to the server from the same IP/Account until you get unbanned. To sum it up, an IP Ban on Minecraft is when your IP Address is prohibited from accessing and make requests on the Minecraft server.

Minecraft IP Ban message.

Reasons you can get banned on Minecraft?

If you are playing Minecraft on Private servers, then the moderators and admins set the rules, and there is really no clear answer on why you can get banned. If you really want to know the reason for your ban, your best bet is to contact the server owners/moderators directly.

On the other hand, if you are playing on official servers, the guidelines are the following:

Minecraft Guidelines and reasons you can get banned.

Bypassing Minecraft IP Ban

Now that you know the fundamentals of an IP Ban on Minecraft, let’s get straight to the point. Below you can find all the steps to get your IP address whitelisted again on any Minecraft server.

Step 1 – Uninstall Minecraft

On the first step of this guide, we want to ensure a fresh copy of Minecraft with no previous history on our computer.

Go to your Windows search bar and type: “apps and features”, and click on the option that will pop up.

apps and features option on Windows 10 in order to uninstall Minecraft.

Search for Mojang / Minecraft, and click on it, and then select uninstall.

Step 2 – Completely Clear the Cache and any Fingerprints

Now that you have uninstalled Minecraft, you want to delete any leftovers to ensure that nothing goes wrong later.

  1. Press Windows key + R and type “%localappdata%” and hit enter.
  2. Locate the Mojang / Minecraft folder.
  3. Right-Click on it.
  4. Click delete.

Step 3 – Change Your Device IP Address

To change your IP address, the best way is to use a VPN service. A VPN would use a proxy server to spoof your real IP address with a different fresh IP address. But, here is the tricky part. Most VPNs have a pool of IP addresses that any user of their service can use. What this means is that someone may have used the IP address of the VPN on Minecraft already and may trigger securities and mess up everything.

The solution to this is to use a VPN service that provides you with a dedicated IP address. This means that apart from you being able to access all the public IP addresses of the service, they will provide you with a dedicated IP address which you will be the only “owner”, so no one else can access it. Not all VPN services have this feature.

The one that does provide high-quality dedicated IP addresses and can be fully trusted, and it’s relatively cheap compared to the competition, is NordVPN. I highly recommend using NordVPN for this particular guide as well as for any other usage. You’ll be able to use it on all devices as well, so you don’t have to pay any extra subscriptions. To get the dedicated IP, make sure to enter the coupon code: norddedicatedip on the checkout to get it for free instead of paying 70$ a year.

There is also a promotion going on on their website with around a 70% discount. + 3 months completely free + 1 year free dedicated IP(worth 70$)

Once you have installed NordVPN

  • Make sure the option to disconnect you from the internet if the VPN is disconnected is enabled.
  • Make sure you have enabled OpenVPN (UDP) or OpenVPN (TCP) protocol from the settings tab.
  • Locate the Specialty servers category on the right. Click on it to expand.
  • Click on Dedicated IP and choose the location you wish.
NordVPN dedicated IP setup to hide our IP address to avoid and bypass Minecraft IP Ban

Step 4 – Install Minecraft

Before you download and install Minecraft again, make sure NordVPN is running on you is connected to your dedicated IP address.

Download Minecraft and install it.

Step 5 – Use/Create a New Minecraft Account

There is a really high possibility that apart from your IP address, your account has been banned from the server, you got IP banned as well. To avoid any errors and headaches, later on, I highly recommend you either create a new Minecraft account, or if you don’t want to repurchase Minecraft, you can take a look at my guide on the best places to get Minecraft alts(really cheap).

Once you got a new account ready, it’s time to get to the final step.

Final Step

Now that we got a tool to hide our IP address, we cleared any history/fingerprints, and we got a fresh Minecraft account; we are actually ready to take action and bypass that IP Ban.

  • Run NordVPN
  • Navigate to Dedicated IP
  • Choose your preferred country
  • Choose your preferred server, and click Connect.
Showing the following steps combined in a photo: 
Run NordVPN
Navigate to Dedicated IP
Choose your preferred country
Choose your preferred server, and click Connect.

Next, go ahead and run Minecraft and log in with your new account. Navigate to the servers list and connect to your favorite server. That’s it, you have successfully bypassed Minecraft’s IP Ban, and you can enjoy your beloved game again.


As you can see by yourself, bypassing Minecraft’s IP ban is pretty easy. We had to clear any previous history, change our IP address, and get a new Minecraft account. The same steps can be followed on any device you are playing Minecraft to get you unbanned from Minecraft.

Minecraft Bans: Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my Minecraft account banned?

If your Minecraft account was banned, you probably broke the “ToS” of Mojang or got reported by other players & Mojang found them to be valid reports. Valid reasons to get your account banned could be cheating, hacking, swearing, racism, abusing glitches, using software that gives you an advantage over the rest of the players, threatening other players, posting links to malicious software, impersonating staff, commercial spamming, and many more. For a full list, I suggest you take a look at their official website.

Can you get banned for cursing on Minecraft?

It really depends on the specific servers you are playing on. Some won’t even bother, while others will instantly ban you.

Is Minecraft banned in China?

Minecraft used to be banned in China before few years, but now it’s not. Meaning that you can freely play Minecraft from any Chinese IP address.

Did Minecraft get banned in any country?

The only country that Minecraft is currently banned is Turkey.

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