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Bypass HWID/Hardware Ban with the Best HWID Spoofer

Are you looking for a way to get around a HWID ban? You are in the right place. In this guide, you will find step-by-step how to bypass a hardware ban and IP ban and get back to playing your favorite game in a few minutes.

HWID bans are the most challenging type of game ban to fix since it’s hard to identify which hardware parts of your PC have been blacklisted by the game anti-cheat software.

Game developers and Anti-cheat companies are looking for better and more effective ways to ban cheaters. That’s why apart from banning IP addresses, they’ve also been HWID-banning players based on their hardware parts for the last couple of years.

While, as I said above, the hardware bans and IP bans mainly apply to cheaters in-game and people who break the game’s ToS, there are some cases when users get punished without an obvious reason.

If you got HWID banned or IP banned from your favorite game and you don’t know the reason, then this guide is made for you.

I highly recommend following the article below, as it is regularly updated. However, if you find yourself stuck at any point, there is a video available that shows all the steps included in the guide.

Most of the time, when you get HWID banned from most games, a combination of the following unique identifiers will be blacklisted:

  • Mac address.
  • Motherboard.
  • HDD.
  • SSD.
  • IP Adress.
  • Network Card / MAC.
  • Router.
  • Other HWID keys on your PC.
  • Monitor.
  • Peripherals.
  • Windows unique identifiers.
  • and more.

What is an HWID Ban?

HWID ban, which stands for Hardware ID ban, is a punitive measure that game developers and anti-cheat platforms use to prevent users from accessing their services. Unlike regular bans that focus only on the user account or IP address, the HWID ban targets the user’s hardware components, such as the motherboard, hard drive, or peripherals, along with their account and IP address. This makes it much harder for users to circumvent the ban and continue using the service.

What is an IP Ban?

Different kinds of websites, apps, stores, games, and online applications use various methods to prevent users who break the rules from accessing their platforms. One of the most used methods is banning users’ IP addresses, which is called an IP Ban.

An IP Ban is a method used by online platforms, games, and websites to prohibit access to their services by blocking a user’s IP address. This is often done as a consequence of violating the platform’s policies, such as engaging in spamming, hacking, or other prohibited activities. Once a user’s IP address is banned, they will be unable to access the platform using that IP address.

SLOTHYTECH DOESN’T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. The content you will find in this post is for educational and research purposes only. You are not encouraged to use these methods or techniques.



I made this custom HWID spoofer, to make it possible for everyone to follow the guide. Because not everyone knows how to use commands on CMD, edit the registry, or have hours to collect all the files manually.

All files are clean and virus-free, you can check by yourself on Virus Total or with any antivirus software.

The spoofer was updated in May 2024 to keep up with the latest game updates.


Receive the files in your E-mail

(You will also receive emails when there is a new patch/update)

Download the files, extract them, and move the HWID Bypass folder to your C: drive.

How To Bypass a HWID & IP Ban

It is crucial to follow each step of the guide in the exact order shown below to bypass an IP or HWID ban successfully. Skipping a single step may result in failure to spoof and conceal your previous HWIDs, which will require you to repeat the entire process.

Here is a quick overview of how to get around a hardware ban:

  • Step 1: Uninstall the game and clear all traces.
  • Step 2: Change HWID Registry keys.
  • Step 3: Change your IP Address.
  • Step 4: Change your Disk’s Serial Number/ID.
  • Step 5: Change hardware IDs.
  • Step 6: Change MAC address.
  • Step 7: Create or buy a new game account.
  • Step 8: Change Monitor HWID.
  • Step 9: Hide the Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller serial numbers.
  • Step 10: Set up the game correctly.

Step 1 – Uninstall the game and clear all traces.

To begin fixing the HWID ban issue, it is crucial that you completely uninstall the game and remove every related file from your computer. This is essential to avoid any potential traces of files that could be linked to the ban.

Make sure you moved the “HWID Bypass” folder to your C: drive.

Go ahead and download Revo Uninstaller.

Install it on your PC and run the program.

Look for the game, right-click on it, and choose Uninstall and Continue.

Choose Advanced, and click on the “Scan” button.

Choose Advanced, and click on the "Scan" button.

Now, you should see a list of all the leftovers and registry keys that would have been left on your PC after a normal uninstallation of the game. You don’t want those files/registry keys to link you back to the HWID ban.

Click on “Select All” and click the button “Delete“.

Delete all registry leftovers from your PC.

Another window will pop up with more game file leftovers.

Again, click “Select All” and “Delete“.

Delete more leftovers from the game.

That’s it, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Edit HWID Registry keys

Next, you will need to change a few HWID registry keys that could link you back to the ban.

Here are step-by-step instructions to edit registry keys linking to the game hardware ID ban.

Press Win Key + R on your keyboard, and a small window on the bottom left should appear. Type “Regedit” and hit enter.

How to access registry editor in Windows.

Copy the following path: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography” and paste it into the search bar at the top.

Location of some hardware ids you need to change.

Go to the GUID Generator website, click the button to generate a new GUID, and copy it.

GUID Generator

Double-click on the “MachineGuid” key on the right side of the registry window, replace the existing GUID with the new one, and click OK.

How to change your GUID.

Copy this path: “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\IDConfigDB\Hardware Profiles\0001” and paste it into the search bar at the top of your screen.

Go to the GUID Generator website, click the button to generate a new GUID, and copy it.

Double-click on the “HwProfileGuid” key on the right side of the registry window, replace the existing ID with the newly generated one and click OK.

How to change the 2nd GUID to bypass HWID Ban.

Now, let’s move on to the next step!

Step 3 – Mask & Setup your IP Address

We see this all the time in the comments and on the emails we receive that people don’t want to pay for a VPN or want to make this work with a free VPN. Unfortunately, that will not be sustainable, and you will actually spend more money on new accounts and countless hours thinking about why you are getting banned again than just getting a premium VPN now.

Even HWID Spoofers will require you to buy a VPN. If you were to buy a working HWID Spoofer, you would have to pay around 500$-1000$ per year for the spoofer + VPN. By following this guide, you only need the VPN(3$-4$ per month) and 15 minutes of your time to follow the steps.

I’ve tried most premium and free VPNs, and the one with the highest success rate and good ping was NordVPN.

Benefits of using NordVPN

  • It works for your purpose of getting unbanned.
  • It has one of the lowest ping you can get from a VPN.
  • If the ping is too high in your location, you can always get a refund or get a dedicated IP address with a better ping.
  • They have a limited time offer: 3 months FREE + up to 74%+ Discount.(<- that link gets you a 🎁)
  • They offer a FREE password manager with the subscription. (Useful for managing and protecting ALT accounts as well as any online account)
  • They won’t sell your data (like most free VPNs).

Create an account, download the app, and connect to a server close to you.

Step 4 – Change your Disk’s Serial Number/ID.

In this step, we will use Microsoft’s VolumeID tool to modify the unique identifiers of the disk.

It’s common for hard drives to be blacklisted by hardware ID bans. The good news is that you can easily change the unique identifier of your hard drive without any risk to your files or the hard drive’s functionality.

Here are the steps to change the serial numbers of all your hard drives.

Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the files and go to the “Step 4” folder. Look for a file named “Change Disk IDs“. Right-click on it and select “Run as administrator“.

When you open the Command Prompt, all your drives will be listed. Enter the letter of the drive you want to change and press Enter.

Script to change Disk IDs (Volume Serial Numbers)

Press any key to continue and change your HDD/SSD SN. You’ll see a confirmation message.

Once you receive a message indicating that the drive ID has been successfully changed, repeat the same process for your other drives. After completing this step for all your drives, proceed to the next part of the guide.

If you want to change the Drive ID manually or revert the changes, follow the steps below:

Run the “Change Disk IDs.cmd” file as administrator and close it directly. We are doing this only to move the required files on the C drive.

Run CMD as administrator and type the following commands: 

  • cd c:/
  • Now for every disk that you have, type -> vol (Disk letter): for example, if you have two disks, let’s say, C & D. You will have to type the following commands: 
    • vol c:
    • vol d:
    • Save the Volume Serial Number of your disks in a separate text file.
How to find out the serial number of your hard drives.
  • volumeid c: (Type the Volume Serial Number you saved before, and change the last two digits to whatever you want) For example, if the previous Volume Serial Number was AB98-1233, type the command -> volumeid c: AB98-1211.
  • If you have additional disks, please repeat the same process for each of them.
  • You should receive a message indicating that the Volume ID has been updated.
How to change the serial number of your hard drives.

You’ve successfully changed the hard drive serial numbers, bringing you one step closer to lifting the HWID ban.

Step 5 – How to Change HWIDs

In this step, you will learn how to change every unique hardware ID on every hardware part of your PC that games ban.

To complete this step, you will need to use AMIWIN64. (An automatic script is included in the files.)

If you didn’t download the files, these are the commands you need to use when you run AMIWIN64:

Run each command to display the current ID of each hardware part. Then, enter the command with a different ID of the same length as the default ID.


If you downloaded the files, do the following:

Navigate to “STEP 5 – Change HWIDs of everything” folder, right-click on the “Change ALL HWIDs.cmd” file and choose “Run as administrator“.

Changing all HWIDs using the free spoofer from SlothyTech.

After completing the hardware parts change, you will be prompted to press any key to continue. The new hardware IDs will be displayed in the command prompt.

How to change all HWIDs using a script.

After pressing any button to continue, your Command Prompt should correspond the example below.

Message in command prompt that all HWIDs have been successfully changed.

You’ve successfully changed all your system hardware IDs and are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 6 – Change your MAC address.

The MAC address is immediately banned by games after an HWID ban, so it’s crucial to ensure that you have a different one.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for changing your MAC address on any Windows computer.

Navigate to Windows Settings.

How to find Windows Settings.

Click on Network & Internet.

Network & Internet Windows setting.

Click on “Change adapter options“.

How to change adapter settings in Windows

Right-click on your primary internet adapter and click on “Properties“.

Adapter Properties.

Choose Client for Microsoft Networks, and click Configure.

Client for Microsoft Networks configuration

Navigate to the Advanced tab and choose Network Address.

Now go to Browserling, generate a new MAC address, copy it, and paste it into the Network address box.

How to change MAC address on network adapter in Windows.

Click OK, and you will be disconnected from the internet for a few seconds/minutes. No worries, it will get back up.

Now do the same thing for the NordVPN adapter. Right-Click on the NordVPN adapter and choose Properties.

Configuring the NordVPN adapter.

Choose “Client for Microsoft Networks” and click “Configure“. Navigate to the Advanced tab, choose MAC Address, and paste a newly generated MAC address from the generator.

How to change MAC address of NordVPN adapter in Windows.

Once you’ve changed your ethernet/wifi adapter and NordVPN’s adapter MAC Address, proceed to the next step.

Alternative: spoof Mac Address

Here is an alternative way to spoof your MAC address.

Download Technitium MAC Address Changer, install it on your PC, and follow the instructions below.

Run Technitium MAC Address Changer, select your network Connection, click on the “Random MAC Address” button, and click “Change Now!“.

Change MAC Address.

Step 7 – Create or buy a new game account.

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to create a new game account or buy a cheap one from one of these websites: MMOGA, MMOGAH, G2G

To get started, please go to the official website of the game you got banned and sign up for a new account using fresh and unique details.

Once you have created a new account, refrain from taking any actions and proceed to the next step of this guide.


  • Use the most commonly used email providers ( Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Protonmail, etc.) Avoid temporary emails.
  • The same goes for the phone number. Don’t use the free numbers you’ll find on websites on the internet. Instead, use a phone number you have never used before, and get a cheap one from Tossable Digits, Hushed TextVerified or SMSPVA
  • Don’t use Russian Numbers until further notice.

Step 8 – Change Monitor HWID(Optional)

In rare instances, your monitor’s serial number may be included in the HWID ban. It is advisable to change it since the procedure is simple and fast. To modify your monitor’s ID serial, follow the steps mentioned below:

Navigate to the folder -> STEP 8 – Change Monitor HWID, right-click on CRU.exe, and choose “Run as Administrator“.

Run CRU as Administrator

On the top side of the Custom Resolution Utility app, choose your Monitor/s and click on the “Edit” button.

How to edit your monitor's properties, settings, resolution, and hwids from Windows.

Change the value of the ID Serial and click OK.

Change Monitor ID Serial Number - HWID

Step 9 – Hide Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller serial numbers.

It is a rare occurrence for your mouse, keyboard, controller, and other peripherals to be banned or blacklisted. This typically only happens in manual HWID bans by game administrators and moderators. However, as a precautionary measure, I recommend spending a minute or two to hide all your peripheral serial numbers. This will help ensure that you remain safe.

In case something stops working after you carry out this step, it’s recommended that you revert the changes made to ensure that everything works as expected.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change the ID or serial number of any computer peripheral device, including mouse, keyboard, and controller:

Navigate to the “STEP 9 – Hide Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller serial numbers.” folder or download USBDeview, right-click on USBDeview.exe , and choose “Run as administrator“.

Showing how to: Right-click on USBDeview.exe , and choose "Run as administrator"

Locate your Mouse, right-click on it, and select “Open In RegEdit“.

Change controller, mouse, keyboard, and peripherals IDs and HWIDs.

Right-click on the marked folder on Registry Editor and choose “Permissions“. A window will pop up, and you should find the “Read” column and tick the “Deny” option. Once you do that, click Apply and OK.

Deny Reading Peripherals Serial ID

Repeat the same steps for your keyboard and controller(if you have one).

Step 10 – Set up the game correctly.

Please download and install the game from the official website, but do not launch the game yet.

  • Open NordVPN, go to “Settings” and make sure “Kill Switch” is enabled.
  • Connect to a server in your preferred country. (Servers closer to you will get you better ping and no VPN packet loss)
  • Run the game and log in with your new account.

Enjoy the game, and leave a comment below to let me know if it worked for you!

ALWAYS ACTIVATE NORDVPN BEFORE OPENING THE GAME, or you may get banned instantly again.

HWID/Hardware Ban: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the HWID ban last?

In most games, the length of a hardware (HWID) ban is typically unknown.

Can you play games with a VPN?

Playing games while using a VPN is a popular and reliable practice that people worldwide use without any issues.

How do you know if you are HWID Banned?

If your account has been disabled and you’ve been hardware banned, you’ll receive a message when you try to log in. If you attempt to create a new account or use an alternative account, you’ll notice that it gets banned in less than 24 hours. This is how you can tell that you’ve been hardware-banned.

What is a hardware ID changer?

A hardware ID (HWID) changer is a software tool that modifies or “spoofs” specific components’ unique hardware identifiers in a computer. These identifiers are used by operating systems and applications to differentiate between different hardware devices.

What is a HWID spoofer?

A HWID spoofer is a tool or software designed to hide or alter the unique hardware identifiers (HWID) of specific components in a computer. The software achieves this by making the system appear as if it has different hardware components than it actually does.

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  1. I did not even format my pc. I just followed all the steps, got nordvpn running, got a new alt account and boom!!! BACK TO WARZONE :))))


    1. Thank you so much! At first i thought it will be a virus but the files are clean and actually this method works unlike anything else you can find on the internet.
      slothy the man!!

    2. When i run “Change ALL HWIDs.cmd” it says “‘AMIDEWINx64.EXE’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” Can someone help me with this? idk what to do…
      Edit: Moved files to C: like shown in the video and now everything works.

  2. Hello, I made a lot of choosing your tutorial except windows the router and VPN and I made myself Ban again. My question is as I had already put my bios in the latest version. Is it a black list file in the hwid? Do I need to reset and reinstall the latest version?

    1. Which of these steps do I have to do every single time I boot my computer and open the game? Other than the VPN ofc

      1. so this actually works? the thing im most worried about is downloading stuff from this site. just wondering if it can be trusted

        1. You can either scan files on VirusTotal or do everything manually(You don’t really have to download the files).

        2. This actually works, I got banned on Apex multiple times and have used this process and the files included to be unbanned.

    1. hi there is there another way to change my IP instead of VPN because I cant use VPN every time i want to go inside the game for example can i change my network adapter?

  3. Yes, every single step is mandatory.
    Spend money on what? Everything is free, and even the VPN has a free 30 days trial.
    The only thing that you need to spend is your time.

      1. dont need to make new user either thats just a extra step for ppl that think they know everything but you dont need to do it

    1. Yes it sucks because you will get a little higher ping but on the other hand is worth it because you get to play the game again 😛

  4. Hi mate. Thanks for this. .I used this from October 2021. All was fine until week ago. I do this every week so I kno what I’m doing. But this last week method won’t work. Shadowban after 1 game. Warzone…
    I do that after fresh install…
    I don’t know what is detected right now.

    1. Hi again mate, came back for an update. I noticed you’ve updated the files multiple times. Its now back to working again for wz2, fortnite, rust and valorant!!
      February 2023

  5. Yeah… Question, I did this before for Warzone. I was only able to play for 4 days. Then, I got banned again. I followed all steps and everything. I’m going to try it again with the updated version. But, any idea why it didn’t work completely the first time?

    1. You have to use VPN at all times when playing.
      Even if you forget to run the VPN once and try to open the game, you will be linked instantly and banned.


      1. Thanks for the quick response..
        I used the new files, I enabled the kill switch option on nordvpn so I get disconnected from the internet entirely if something goes wrong and it seems to be working pretty well till now. It’s been 6 days and still going, hopefully it stays like this

  6. Repeat steps; make sure VPN is connected at all times before you log in and while playing.
    You can close the VPN when you are done playing.

  7. Guys just follow every single step and it will work.
    I know for sure it works for valorant, eft, gta, and apex from my self and friends but should work for most if not all games.
    thanks again for this you’ve helped me so much the last few months i just came back here to possibly help some people in the comments !

  8. found this post because someone suggested following on some forums saying it worked and i am going to try for apex legends now and will let you know the results

    1. Its been a little over a motnth that i tried this and i came to say that it really worked for Apex!
      You da boss bro , cant thank you enough!!

  9. If you are thinking does this still work I did it and I got unbanned on fortnite after over 8 months of being HWID banned

    1. Can confirm as well that it works for Fortnite, Warzone, and Valorant.
      Did this before 4 months, and came back today to do it again. Worked both times flawlessly

  10. I can’t believe you’re posting this for free. you are a legend. Although the steps are difficult but you made it look easy by organizing it for us. These instructions couldn’t be made easier & simpler. Thank you very much. Worked with me on Ranked Gaming client (RGC)

  11. hello is there any way to change monitor ( display) hwid serials? because eac games like rust bans monitor serials aswell
    EDIT: Thanks for adding it!

  12. i extracted the folder to c drive but after i try step 3 it says The system cannot find the path specified. what i’m doing wrong?

    1. Put the entire “HWID Bypass” folder into your c drive directory, lookin at the command it tries to access
      cd C:\HWID Bypass\STEP 3 – Change HWIDS\_

  13. ive changed my drive ID and it worked but the problem was on step 3 change HWIDS. It keep telling me even though i did manual or auto, it tells me e3 – Error: System doesn’t support.

    what should I do as i am lost

  14. Question, a if I do this and make another steam account for the game, can I log into my old account for my other games as long as I don’t open the game I’ve been banned on?

  15. It took me 3 times to make it work because i messed up the first two times , but it finally is working lol.. thank you so much bro you are literally a life saver!!!!

    1. how u could change ur ip address ? i saw some ppl saying restart ur router will give u new ip is that right?

  16. Yes, that’s the point of the VPN to change your IP.
    If you can change it in a different way, then do that.

  17. tried to do this for dead by daylight on steam and it didnt work, not sure if i did it wrong or it doesnt work for that game.

  18. step 3 doesnt work for me it says AMIDEWINx64.EXE’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file. How do i fix this?

    1. Yes man it works. I just tried it now for the first time and immediately canceled my zodiac subscription. so no need to pay 70$ per MONTH for the spoofer when this method is for free lol

      I mean it took me like 30 minutes to do everything and 70$ for the vpn he said for 2years
      Hopefully this guide stays free and updated FOREVER!

    1. Yes you will need the VPN, but not necessarily a dedicated IP, from my personal experience connecting to any server from the recommended vpn will do the job

  19. I receive this when attempting to change my drive id’s “volumeid’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  20. it’s work for me on EFT and i have play the game for 3 days safe but I have two quastion…

    1. Do I need to repeat these steps or some of them every time I restart my PC or not?
    2. I am playing on my new windows account, can I play the game on my older windows account or keep play on the new one?


    EDIT: Still working!! I can’t believe this lol

    1. I had no money at the time for dedicated IP, so i used the normal servers of nordVPN and it worked just fine and still working without issues for WZ2 and valor.

  21. I came back to confirm that it works!!
    It’s been a week and still unbanned. WOW!



  22. The first time that I tried it didn’t work, I was getting errors every time. That was like 2 weeks ago.
    I tried again on 25 October 2022 and it finally worked and i got back to the game instantly and since then i don’t have any issues!!
    I’ve spent countless hours on different guides and money on spoofers and can’t believe that this worked lol.

    Much love from New York!!! <3 <3

  23. Before this guide, I have to purchase to spoof HWID, even stil, got BSOD and few malware.
    First try this guide, works like a charm.

    1. Same thing brother. Apart from paying so much money for all these different spoofers that stop working after a while but you still pay them i also got my PC destroyed with malware one time.

      Slothy deserves a donation page lol

      Cant really thank you enough for this gem of a guide! LOVE YOU!!

  24. Thank you for this guide man, you might want to add another regedit into this guide, “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQMClient” and change the windows device ID using GUID generator, cheers.

  25. I was going to buy a spoofer, lucky i did a Google search before and found this! I tried it after they lifted my second consecutive sb 5 days ago, and I’m playing again the game i payed for, legitimately this time!

    Just one note: my game was installed on E: drive, during the cleaning with your shortcuts 4.1 and 4.2 i didn’t though about that, i obviously didnt find any game related folder in C: where your shortcuts are pointing and I thought the unistaller deleted everything. I noticed the folders after i installed the launcher, but luckly no problems. I think a different drive installation should be considered by your guide to make it more stupid-like-me-proof 😀

  26. i followed all the steps for the fortnite hwid. Could it be that i have a alienware computer it doesnt work maybe? i heard off a that helps with this stuff he doesnt do alienware motherboards

  27. i need help please!!! everything has worked up until the HWID spoofing step, when i run the file it tells me this error : the system cannot find the path specified!

    its the last thing on mylist before i should be able to get things running again please help me!

  28. How to get AMIWIN64 ? Since i try to use the file download when i press any key on second time is laptop hanging, i need to force restart it.


    I’ve done this multiple times following this exact guide and i can confirm 2 things.
    1st it works.
    2nd the files are clean.

    Steps you should follow:

    1. Go ahead and cancel your fking hwid spoofer subscriptions.(dont pay these thieves)
    2. Sit your ass on the desk for 20-30 minutes and follow this guide.(Do even the optional steps you lazy ****)
    3. Get the vpn and don’t go cheap with public proxies lol.(If you dont have money, do an onlyfans for a day or dont go out on saturday)
    4. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT -> Come back here and tell this man a big “THANK YOU” because he just saved you all this trouble, time, and money.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Do you only have to do these steps once or when the files are updated? Like, will I need to do this every single time I restart my PC? Also, do you know if this will cause you to be HWID banned on other games that you are not HWID banned? For instance, I am banned on EFT and not on DayZ, I don’t want to do this to be able to play EFT and then get banned on DayZ.

      Thanks for the vouch and I will follow the original instructions as well as yours, especially to thank the poster once I get it to work.

  30. Tried 3x didnt work.. Formated and then bam worked fine.. maybe some hidden files or something.. but now it works golden !.

    1. I will be trying this today. What game was this? I’m having the same issue with Apex. Tried 3x and still banned. Resetting my PC right now

  31. i did the tutorial and it worked but i have question about it. Is it problem that i update my gpu drivers?

  32. Do note that spoofing the BS and SU may not work well on ASUS Motherboards. Tested to work on MSI motherboards well although ASUS has an issue with BS and SU permanence. Despite that though, the rest of the serial numbers were permanently changed including the PSN (Processor Serial), CS (Chassis Serial), and SS. More additional work may be needed on certain motherboard brands.

    1. The only motherboards that might have issues with this method might be some custom bullshit from Razer or prebuilt PC companies.

      Asus, Asrock, gigabyte, msi, etc. all work just fine.

      In case you run into issues try to either update your BIOS to the latest version or if you are already on the latest version, just downgrade to a previous one. Youtube is your friend if you don’t know how.

  33. i keep getting an error for set 4 an 5 saying its not a command i watched the videos did it how it shows but still getting that message

  34. I’ve done this a number of times now and it’s worked every time, I have to reset my pc now for reasons it’s not running well so I’ve reset it clearing all apps and data but leaving personal files in a hope it makes my pc run smother. Do I have to go through these steps again? Or will all my HWIDs be the same the last time I did it. Or is there any steps I need to re do before logging back into my games.

    Thanks Mike

  35. Since the procedure has been updated, I will try the procedure again today.

    I have a windows license linked to my Harware, after doing all the procedure previously, this license is still working, if the procedure works, should I lose this license?

  36. 19 July 2023:
    This worked for me! Thank you so much!
    However, when I get into DMZ, the match search is so slow, plus they go until 200ms ping.
    Plus, I can’t play DMZ in Al Mazrah, but Vondel and Ashika ware fine. Just the server find is so long.
    Do you have any idea about this?

  37. Method works, But I have one thing to add. You cam keep a copy of the Original hardware ID’s, and before you open up or Steam, Check your Hardware ID’s to make sure they haven’t reverted back.

  38. Just wanted to thank the author of this step by step process after going through each slowly and doing as told I couldn’t believe it but was able to play the game I was banned from almost 3 years back and I wonder why people pay 100’s for this same process in the form of a program thank you so much.

    working as of 17/08/2023

  39. Tried multiple times but it wasn’t working. Found out that it was due to expressvpn because once i changed to nord i had no issues. Its has been a week or so now and my new account is just fine!
    Thank you very much bro!

    Works as of november 2023!!

  40. Was using a spoofer for a few months now and most of the times it was working just fine. But it is too expensive for me. So i cancelled the subscription and was looking for a cheaper way to get back.

    I can’t really believe that this method is shared for free since he could literally charge 150++ bucks for an ebook to explain all this.

    I’ve also seen people resell this method and files on reddit and some forums lol

    The least i could do for you man is to buy NordVPN from your link so you can get payed for you work.

    wish you all the best!

  41. Can somebody clarify the AMIDEWINx64.EXE Process. (Step 5) There is a number of things not explained that slows the process for me every time I do this. Granted I do eventually get it to work but this step always takes a while.
    1. Where is the download for AMIDEWINx64. The guide shows a link and that link redirects to the homepage of the AMI website when you try to download it.
    2. Where do you place the Program once downloaded (What folder) because The automated script you run in step 5 sometimes shows “The system cannot find the path specified .

    There’s got to be something I’m missing because i usually end up having to run AMIDEWINx64 manually in command prompt but would like to see that script work to where its automatic. I have to be missing something. Thanks in advance anybody.

    1. 1. That link used to work but now i think AMI removed the file or moved it to some other place. I found it on some random forum but i wouldn’t recommend downloading from there. I think here is much safer.
      2. For the scripts to work you will have to move the HWID Bypass folder to the C: drive. The full path once you move the folder should look like this -> C:\HWID Bypass
      The script that changes your HWIDs works only if it finds AMIDEWINx64.exe and amifldrv64.sys in the following location “C:\HWID Bypass\STEP 5 – Change the HWIDs of everything\_”

      Files look clean. Only the MAC changer thing brings up some false positives on some AVs which isn’t concerning since Technitium has been around since forever. So i think you are better of just using the files instead of trying to do everything your self.

  42. This one is probably the only “almost” free method that works. They call it a spoofer, but is not exactly a spoofer, it’s something in the middle. You still have to do some stuff manually, but the hard ones are done automatically by the scripts they’ve made.

    Thank you getting everything together and most importantly that you are updating it and keeping it working till now.

    Got the 2 year subscription from your link guys to try and support your work!

    Please every one reading this comment, go buy hte VPN from their links because they really deserve it!!!