How To Bypass HWID Ban in any Game – Complete Guide 2021

HWID (hardware) bans are the hardest to bypass since apart from your IP address being banned, there is also one or multiple hardware parts with unique identification of your devices that are banned as well. Game companies are looking for better and more effective ways to punish cheaters in-game that’s why the last few years, a lot of them have started banning players based on their hardware(HWID BAN) and IP addresses.

Depending on the game you got banned from, the hardware parts that got blacklisted may be different. Most of the time, one, few, or all of the following will be banned:

  • Mac adress
  • Motherboard
  • HDD
  • SSD
  • IP Adress
  • Network Card
  • Router

Which games do HWID Ban?

Some of the most famous online games that HWID ban users are the following:

  • Fortnite
  • Warzone
  • Valorant
  • League of Legends
  • Roblox
  • Rust
  • PubG
  • CS: GO
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Rainbow Six Siege

While reading this information, it might seem unlikely to you to bypass the HWID bans, but the truth is it’s not that hard to do so. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on exactly what you have to do to bypass any HWID ban on any of the games listed above. Note that to bypass the HWID ban, you should do every step of this guide and not skip a single one.


Before you follow this guide, try this!

So before you follow the main guide, it would be a good idea to try the following easy steps to check if you are HWID banned or it’s just a simple IP Ban. You never know; you may solve your issue in few minutes instead of following the whole guide.

It’s crucial to follow the steps as shown below.

  1. Go to your search bar and type “%temp%“, hit enter, and click on the folder that will show up. Select all the files and folders inside the temp folder, and delete them.
  2. Next, navigate to your C: drive -> Windows -> Temp, and select all files and delete them.
  3. Open your Browser-> Settings -> Clear browsing data, and clear everything from all times.
  4. Grab the free trial of NordVPN and make sure to add the code norddedicatedip to get a dedicated IP adress completely free as well.
  5. Install NordVPN and connect to your dedicated IP adress.
  6. Try playing the game.
  7. If it doesn’t work, no worries, keep the free trial of NordVPN and proceed on the actual guide.

Step 1 – Fresh Install Windows on different disk.

In the first step of this guide, you want to delete everything related to that game from your disk to not leave any fingerprints behind that could link to your HWID Ban later on. The best way to do that is to format your disk and reinstall your operating system completely.

Navigate to TechBench’s website to download the latest version of Windows. Once you are there, choose the Windows(Final) type, choose the latest version of Windows, choose your preferred language, choose the x64 file, and click on the download button.

How to download the latest version of windows 10

In the meantime, go ahead and download Rufus, a tool to help us create a bootable USB drive. Once the Windows and Rufus downloads are finished, go ahead and plug into one of your computers port a USB drive with 8GB + of capacity and open the Rufus executable file.

How to create a bootable Windows 10 usb drive with Rufus

Now that you are on Rufus complete the following tabs as shown below:

  • Device: Choose your USB Drive
  • Boot selection: Choose the Windows file you downloaded from TechBench
  • Partition scheme: default
  • Target System: Default
  • Volume label: Choose a name for the USB drive (e.x Windows 10 latest edition)

and click on the START Button.

Once the process is completed, restart your PC and enter the Boot Menu. (You can see on the startup screen which button you should press to enter the boot menu of Windows.) Once you do that, choose the USB you previously added Windows on, and your PC should automatically restart again.

Note that if you have an older motherboard that does not have a boot menu option, you will have to go into BIOS, change the boot order, and place your USB as the first one. Depending on your motherboard, type on Google ” Motherboard Model how to change boot devices,” and you should find plenty of information.

Important information and steps while installing Windows

At some point, Windows will ask you which type of installation do you want? It’s really crucial to choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Formating disks to clear fingerprints linking to the HWID BAN

Choose every single drive, click on Delete, and then Create a New one on the next step.

Formating disks to clear fingerprints linking to the HWID BAN
How to create a new partition while installing Windows 10

Proceed with the next steps, which are personal preference, and you are pretty much done with the Windows installation.

Perfect, now we got a fresh new Windows installation without any fingerprints to the HWID Ban.

Step 2 – Reset Router

The next step is to reset your router completely. Most routers will have a small button on the backside, which you should press for 10 – 30 seconds to reset it. Go ahead and do that and change your ethernet cable from the LAN port you had to another one.

How to reset your router to bypass HWID BAN

Step 3 – Reset Bios (CMOS)

As I mentioned above, your HWID ban may be related to your Motherboard, and since buying a new motherboard for just getting yourself unbanned is not so practical, we will do some other stuff that can help us unban the device. You are going to reset your BIOS by following the guide below:

Step 4 – Update BIOS

Now that you have reset your BIOS, let’s go ahead and update it to the latest version. Find your exact Motherboard model, navigate to google search, and type “Motherboard model Bios Update”. As you can see in the example below, my motherboard is the B450 TOMAHAWK MAX. Always make sure that you are on the official motherboard manufacturer website.

How to download the latest BIOS Update for your motherboard

Look for the Support page of your motherboard, and then click on BIOS. Download the latest Bios version, and follow the manufacturer’s installation process. If you are still unsure how to update your BIOS, find a tutorial for your specific model. I am not going to explain it here because every manufacturer’s installation process is slightly different.

Step 5 – Create New Personal Information and Account

While your account and personal information are not related to any hardware, it’s almost guaranteed that they are blacklisted as well, so it’s highly recommended you create a new account with completely different information.

Open up a new text file, or excel, or word, whatever you prefer, so you can write what’s coming.

Two hologram faces with two identity cards on each side with different colors. Demonstrates the change of the information needed to bypass an IP/HWIDBan.

Full Name

To create a new account without triggering any securities of the platform, you’ll have to come up with a unique name you’ve never used before. There are probably thousands of names you can come up with. Just think of one; even if it sounds stupid to you, go for it. Once you have it, go to the text file I mentioned before, and write it down.

Home Address

You can go ahead and choose an address near or not your real address; it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure to write it down on our text file.

Phone Number(if needed)

Most websites and platforms nowadays require a phone number to either register or verify your account later on. Here you want to choose a phone number that’s unrelated to the account you were logged in to when you got HWID banned. If you don’t have any other mobile numbers available, then your best bet is to get a free trial from either Hushed or Digtone and use it for verification purposes. Make sure the phone number is in the same country as the home address. (Most of the time, it doesn’t really matter, but to be 100% sure, try to find one)

Email Address

I left the email address as the last one since now that we have written all the previous information on our text file, we can go and create a new email address on our favorite provider; it doesn’t really matter which one; it could be Gmail, ProtonMail, whatever. Go ahead, create a new email address and write it down on our text file as well.

Now your text file should look something like the photo below:

Example of the text file with all the new information we will need to create our new account in order to avoid IP BANS.
The details shown in the picture above are imaginary and randomly typed and are used only as an example.

Step 6 – Change IP Address

To change your IP address, the best way is to use a VPN service. A VPN would use a proxy server to spoof your real IP address with a different fresh IP address. But, here is the tricky part. Most VPNs have a pool of IP addresses that any user of their service can use. What this means is that someone may have used the IP address of the VPN on the same website you got IP banned and may trigger securities and ban the account we are going to create on the next step.

The solution to this is to use a VPN service that provides you with a dedicated IP address. This means that apart from you being able to access all the public IP addresses of the service, they will provide you with a dedicated IP address which you will be the only “owner”, so no one else can access it. Not all VPN services have this feature.

The one that does provide high-quality dedicated IP addresses and can be fully trusted, and it’s relatively cheap compared to the competition, is NordVPN. I highly recommend using NordVPN for this particular guide as well as for any other usage. You’ll be able to use it on all devices as well, so you don’t have to pay any extra subscriptions. To get the dedicated IP, make sure to enter the coupon code: norddedicatedip on the checkout to get it for free instead of paying 70$ a year.

There is also a promotion going on on their website with around a 70% discount. + 3 months completely free + 1 year free dedicated IP(worth 70$)

Once you have installed NordVPN

  • Make sure the option to disconnect you from the internet if the VPN is disconnected is enabled.
  • Make sure you have enabled OpenVPN (UDP) or OpenVPN (TCP) protocol from the settings tab.
  • Locate the Specialty servers category on the right. Click on it to expand.
  • Click on Dedicated IP and choose the location you wish.
NordVPN dedicated IP setup to hide our IP address in order to avoid and bypass IP/HWID bans.

Step 7 – Create New Account

Now that you got everything ready, it’s time to create a new account.

Open NordVPN if it’s not already running and do the following:

  • Run NordVPN
  • Navigate to Dedicated IP tab
  • Choose your preferred country
  • Choose your preferred server, and click Connect.

Navigate to the game’s official website and create a new account with the previously saved information on the text file.

Step 8 – Download and Install the game

Now it’s time to go ahead and download the game you were HWID banned and install it on your computer. Before you download it, please make sure your VPN is running at all times.

Please navigate to the official website of the game you were previously HWID banned, download it, install it, and log in with your new account.

Congratulations, you just learned how to bypass any HWID bans in any game.

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