How to get around a FiveM ban [Working Method]

Getting hit with a FiveM ban can throw a wrench in your gaming sessions, leaving you on the sidelines of your favorite role-playing server. I’ve been there, and I know it’s a frustrating experience you’d want to resolve quickly. In this article, I’ll dive into what a FiveM ban is, why it might happen, and most importantly, how you can get back to the action.

I’ll guide you through the common reasons for bans, the difference between server and global bans, and some effective strategies to appeal your case. Stick with me, and let’s get you back in the game.

Can you get hardware banned on Fivem?

Understanding the severity of a FiveM ban is crucial, especially when it comes to the possibility of a hardware ban. A hardware ban, or “hardware ID ban,” is a stringent punishment that may occur in some gaming communities, but what about in FiveM? Can you truly get your hardware banned from platform?

From my research and experience within the FiveM community, a hardware ban FiveM scenario is certainly possible, although it isn’t the go-to solution for first-time offenders. FiveM hardware bans are typically reserved for repeat violators or those involved in severe rule-breaking. Unlike a server ban, which is confined to one particular server, a hardware ban prevents your computer from accessing any server within the FiveM network.

The idea behind a FiveM global ban which includes hardware restriction is to deter persistent offenders from simply rejoining the community with a new account. By tying the ban to the computer’s unique hardware ID, FiveM support aims to enforce a more lasting punishment. This means, if you’re hardware banned from, it’s a clear sign that your actions have crossed a line that the community considers unacceptable.

However, similar to appealing a typical FiveM ban, there is a pathway for those who believe they have been unjustly hit with a hardware ban. To seek resolution:

  • Contact FiveM support directly.
  • Provide clear evidence that supports your claim.
  • Be prepared to explain your situation thoroughly.

As this is a more serious ban, how to get unbanned from FiveM when facing a hardware restriction becomes a more challenging process. You’ll need to be patient and cooperative with FiveM support staff, and you should understand that overturning a hardware ban is an uphill battle.

Keep in mind that maintaining good conduct is the surest way to avoid any type of ban, whether it’s server-specific or hardware-related. It’s in your best interest to adhere to the rules laid out by FiveM and its affiliated servers.

Can Fivem IP Ban you?

Diving into the realm of FiveM bans, there’s more than just hardware bans to consider. Many players are curious about whether FiveM can issue an IP ban. This type of sanction may seem extreme, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. IP bans can effectively block a user from accessing the game from their specific Internet connection, creating a barrier that’s harder to circumvent than a simple account ban.

While hardware bans are known for being particularly stringent, IP bans carry their own weight. An IP ban would essentially blacklist your internet address from connecting to the FiveM servers. It’s an effective tool in their arsenal against those breaking the FiveM terms of service. Especially if I’m considered a repeat offender or if I’ve committed a severe violation, there’s a chance FiveM might resort to an IP ban to prevent me from creating new accounts and immediately hopping back into the game.

IP bans, however, are not frequently discussed when it comes to the FiveM field, primarily because a hardware ban from is already a robust measure. Still, it’s essential to acknowledge that IP bans could be implemented if FiveM deems it necessary for protecting its community and maintaining fair play standards.

SLOTHYTECH DOESN’T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. The content you will find in this post is for educational and research purposes only. You are not encouraged to use these methods or techniques.



I made this custom HWID spoofer, to make it possible for everyone to follow the guide. Because not everyone knows how to use commands on CMD, edit the registry, or have hours to collect all the files manually.

All files are clean and virus-free, you can check by yourself on Virus Total or with any antivirus software.

The spoofer was updated in December 2024 to keep up with the latest game updates.


Receive the files in your E-mail

(You will also receive emails when there is a new patch/update)

Download the files, extract them, and move the “HWID Bypass folder” to your C: drive.

How To Bypass Fivem HWID and IP Bans

It is crucial to follow each step of the guide in the exact order shown below to bypass the Fivem hardware ban successfully. Skipping a single step may result in failure to spoof and conceal your previous HWIDs, which will require you to repeat the entire process.

Here is a quick overview of how to get around a Fivem hardware ban:

  • Step 1: Uninstall Fivem and clear all traces.
  • Step 2: Change HWID Registry keys.
  • Step 3: Change your IP Address.
  • Step 4: Change your Disk’s Serial Number/ID.
  • Step 5: Change hardware IDs.
  • Step 6: Change MAC address.
  • Step 7: Create or buy a new game account.
  • Step 8: Change Monitor HWID.
  • Step 9: Hide the Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller serial numbers.
  • Step 10: Set up Fivem Correctly.

I highly recommend following the article below, as it is regularly updated. However, if you find yourself stuck at any point, there is a video available that shows all the steps included in the guide.

Step 1 – Uninstall Fivem and clear all traces.

To begin fixing the Fivem HWID ban issue, it is crucial that you completely uninstall the game and remove every related file from your computer. This is essential to avoid any potential traces of files that could be linked to the ban.

Make sure you moved the “HWID Bypass” folder to your C: drive.

Go ahead and download Revo Uninstaller.

Install it on your PC and run the program.

Look for Fivem, right-click on it, and choose Uninstall and Continue.

Choose Advanced, and click on the “Scan” button.

Choose Advanced, and click on the "Scan" button.

Now, you should see a list of all the leftovers and registry keys that would have been left on your PC after a normal uninstallation of Fivem. You don’t want those files/registry keys to link you back to the HWID ban from Fivem.

Click on “Select All” and click the button “Delete“.

Delete all registry leftovers from your PC.

Another window will pop up with more game file leftovers.

Again, click “Select All” and “Delete“.

Delete more leftovers from the game.

That’s it, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Change HWID Registry keys

Next, you will need to change a few HWID registry keys that could link you back to the ban.

Here are step-by-step instructions to edit registry keys linking to the Fivem hardware ID ban.

Press Win Key + R on your keyboard, and a small window on the bottom left should appear. Type “Regedit” and hit enter.

How to access registry editor in Windows.

Copy the following path: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography” and paste it into the search bar at the top.

Location of some hardware ids you need to change.

Go to the GUID Generator website, click the button to generate a new GUID, and copy it.

GUID Generator.

Double-click on the “MachineGuid” key on the right side of the registry window, replace the existing GUID with the new one, and click OK.

How to change your GUID.

Copy this path: “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\IDConfigDB\Hardware Profiles\0001” and paste it into the search bar at the top of your screen.

Go to the GUID Generator website, click the button to generate a new GUID, and copy it.

Double-click on the “HwProfileGuid” key on the right side of the registry window, replace the existing ID with the newly generated one and click OK.

How to change the 2nd GUID to bypass HWID Ban on Fivem.

Now, let’s move on to the next step!

Step 3 – Change your IP Address

We see this all the time in the comments and on the emails we receive that people don’t want to pay for a VPN or want to make this work with a free VPN. Unfortunately, that will not be sustainable, and you will actually spend more money on new accounts and countless hours thinking about why you are getting banned again than just getting a premium VPN now.

Even HWID Spoofers will require you to buy a VPN. If you were to buy a working HWID Spoofer, you would have to pay around 500$-1000$ per year for the spoofer + VPN. By following this guide, you only need the VPN(3$-4$ per month) and 15 minutes of your time to follow the steps.

I’ve tried most premium and free VPNs, and the one with the highest success rate and good ping was NordVPN.

Benefits of using NordVPN

  • It works for your purpose of getting unbanned.
  • It has one of the lowest ping you can get from a VPN.
  • If the ping is too high in your location, you can always get a refund or get a dedicated IP address with a better ping.
  • They have a limited time offer: 3 months FREE + up to 74%+ Discount.(<- that link gets you a 🎁)
  • They offer a FREE password manager with the subscription. (Useful for managing and protecting ALT accounts as well as any online account)
  • They won’t sell your data (like most free VPNs).

Create an account, download the app, and connect to a server close to you.

Step 4 – Change your Disk’s Serial Number/ID.

In this step, we will use Microsoft’s VolumeID tool to modify the unique identifiers of the disk.

It’s common for hard drives to be blacklisted by Fivem’s hardware ID ban. The good news is that you can easily change the unique identifier of your hard drive without any risk to your files or the hard drive’s functionality.

Here are the steps to change the serial numbers of all your hard drives.

Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the files and go to the “Step 4” folder. Look for a file named “Change Disk IDs“. Right-click on it and select “Run as administrator“.

When you open the Command Prompt, all your drives will be listed. Enter the letter of the drive you want to change and press Enter.

Script to change Disk IDs (Volume Serial Numbers)

Press any key to continue and change your HDD/SSD SN. You’ll see a confirmation message.

Once you receive a message indicating that the drive ID has been successfully changed, repeat the same process for your other drives. After completing this step for all your drives, proceed to the next part of the guide.

If you want to change the Drive ID manually or revert the changes, follow the steps below:

Run the “Change Disk IDs.cmd” file as administrator and close it directly. We are doing this only to move the required files on the C drive.

Run CMD as administrator and type the following commands: 

  • cd c:/
  • Now for every disk that you have, type -> vol (Disk letter): for example, if you have two disks, let’s say, C & D. You will have to type the following commands: 
    • vol c:
    • vol d:
    • Save the Volume Serial Number of your disks in a separate text file.
How to find out the serial number of your hard drives.
  • volumeid c: (Type the Volume Serial Number you saved before, and change the last two digits to whatever you want) For example, if the previous Volume Serial Number was AB98-1233, type the command -> volumeid c: AB98-1211.
  • If you have additional disks, please repeat the same process for each of them.
  • You should receive a message indicating that the Volume ID has been updated.
How to change the serial number of your hard drives.

You’ve successfully changed the hard drive serial numbers, bringing you one step closer to lifting the HWID ban in Fivem.

Step 5 – How to Change HWIDs

In this step, you will learn how to change every unique hardware ID on every hardware part of your PC that Fivem bans.

To complete this step, you will need to use AMIWIN64. (An automatic script is included in the files)

If you didn’t download the files, these are the commands you need to use when you run AMIWIN64:

Run each command to display the current ID of each hardware part. Then, enter the command with a different ID of the same length as the default ID.


If you downloaded the files, do the following:

Navigate to “STEP 5 – Change HWIDs of everything” folder, right-click on the “Change ALL HWIDs.cmd” file and choose “Run as administrator“.

Changing all HWIDs using the free spoofer from SlothyTech.

After completing the hardware parts change, you will be prompted to press any key to continue. The new hardware IDs will be displayed in the command prompt.

How to change all HWIDs using a script.

After pressing any button to continue, your Command Prompt should correspond the example below.

Message in command prompt that all HWIDs have been successfully changed.

You’ve successfully changed all your system hardware IDs and are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 6 – Change your MAC address.

The MAC address is immediately banned by Fivem after an HWID ban, so it’s crucial to ensure that you have a different one.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for changing your MAC address on any Windows computer.

Navigate to Windows Settings.

How to find Windows Settings.

Click on Network & Internet.

Network & Internet Windows setting.

Click on “Change adapter options“.

How to change adapter settings in Windows

Right-click on your primary internet adapter and click on “Properties“.

Adapter Properties.

Choose Client for Microsoft Networks, and click Configure.

Client for Microsoft Networks configuration

Navigate to the Advanced tab and choose Network Address.

Now go to Browserling, generate a new MAC address, copy it, and paste it into the Network address box.

How to change MAC address on network adapter in Windows.

Click OK, and you will be disconnected from the internet for a few seconds/minutes. No worries, it will get back up.

Now do the same thing for the NordVPN adapter. Right-Click on the NordVPN adapter and choose Properties.

Configuring the NordVPN adapter.

Choose “Client for Microsoft Networks” and click “Configure“. Navigate to the Advanced tab, choose MAC Address, and paste a newly generated MAC address from the generator.

How to change MAC address of NordVPN adapter in Windows.

Once you’ve changed your ethernet/wifi adapter and NordVPN’s adapter MAC Address, proceed to the next step.

Alternative: spoof Mac Address

Here is an alternative way to spoof your MAC address.

Download Technitium MAC Address Changer, install it on your PC, and follow the instructions below.

Run Technitium MAC Address Changer, select your network Connection, click on the “Random MAC Address” button, and click “Change Now!“.

Change MAC Address to bypass HWID ban on Fivem.

Step 7 – Create or buy a new game account.

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to create a new Fivem account or buy a cheap one from one of these websites: MMOGA, MMOGAH, G2G

To get started, please go to the official website of Fivem and sign up for a new account using fresh and unique details.

Once you have created a new account, refrain from taking any actions and proceed to the next step of this guide.


  • Use the most commonly used email providers ( Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Protonmail, etc.) Avoid temporary emails.
  • The same goes for the phone number. Don’t use the free numbers you’ll find on websites on the internet. Instead, use a phone number you have never used before, and get a cheap one from Tossable Digits, Hushed TextVerified or SMSPVA
  • Don’t use Russian Numbers until further notice.

Step 8 – Change Monitor HWID(Optional)

In rare instances, your monitor’s serial number may be included in the HWID ban. It is advisable to change it since the procedure is simple and fast. To modify your monitor’s ID serial, follow the steps mentioned below:

Navigate to the folder -> STEP 8 – Change Monitor HWID, right-click on CRU.exe, and choose “Run as Administrator“.

Run CRU as Administrator

On the top side of the Custom Resolution Utility app, choose your Monitor/s and click on the “Edit” button.

How to edit your monitor's properties, settings, resolution, and hwids from Windows.

Change the value of the ID Serial and click OK.

Change Monitor ID Serial Number - HWID

Step 9 – Hide Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller serial numbers.

It is a rare occurrence for your mouse, keyboard, controller, and other peripherals to be banned or blacklisted. This typically only happens in manual HWID bans by Fivem administrators and moderators. However, as a precautionary measure, I recommend spending a minute or two to hide all your peripheral serial numbers. This will help ensure that you remain safe.

In case something stops working after you carry out this step, it’s recommended that you revert the changes made to ensure that everything works as expected.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change the ID or serial number of any computer peripheral device, including mouse, keyboard, and controller:

Navigate to the “STEP 9 – Hide Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller serial numbers.” folder or download USBDeview, right-click on USBDeview.exe , and choose “Run as administrator“.

Showing how to: Right-click on USBDeview.exe , and choose "Run as administrator"

Locate your Mouse, right-click on it, and select “Open In RegEdit“.

Change controller, mouse, keyboard, and peripherals IDs and HWIDs.

Right-click on the marked folder on Registry Editor and choose “Permissions“. A window will pop up, and you should find the “Read” column and tick the “Deny” option. Once you do that, click Apply and OK.

Deny Reading Peripherals Serial ID

Repeat the same steps for your keyboard and controller(if you have one).

Step 10 – Set up Fivem Correctly.

Please download and install Fivem from the official website, but do not launch the game yet.

  • Open NordVPN, go to “Settings” and make sure “Kill Switch” is enabled.
  • Connect to a server in your preferred country. (Servers closer to you will get you better ping and no VPN packet loss)
  • Run Fivem and log in with your new account.

Enjoy the game, and leave a comment below to let me know if it worked for you!

Fivem Bans: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bypass a hardware ban in FiveM?

To bypass a hardware ban, you may need to change your HWID, disk serial number, MAC address, and potentially hide peripheral serial numbers.

Can I change my IP address to evade an FiveM IP ban?

Yes, changing your IP address can help evade an IP ban. Consider using a VPN or resetting your internet router.

Will uninstalling FiveM delete all traces of the game?

Uninstalling FiveM might not delete all traces. You should clear any remaining files and registry entries manually.

Do I need to buy a new GTA V game account?

If your account is banned, creating or purchasing a new game account may be necessary.

Should I change the serial numbers of all my devices?

It’s recommended to change the serial numbers of your main hardware components. Hiding the serial numbers of peripherals such as mouse and keyboard might also help.

What should I do before setting up FiveM again after a ban?

Ensure that you’ve made all necessary hardware and IP changes before reinstalling and setting up FiveM to avoid detection.

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