How To Bypass Any IP Ban – Complete Guide 2022

Different kinds of websites, apps, stores, games, and online applications use various methods to prevent users who break the rules from entering their platforms. One of the most used methods you’ve probably experienced at least one time is called IP Ban. An IP Ban is when the platform set up its servers to deny access requests from a specific IP address or a specific range of IP addresses. Most of the time, IP Bans occur automatically by the platforms because the user has either break the platform “Terms of Use”, tried to hack or used hacks regularly, tried to brute force the login panel, and/or many more reasons.

All these platforms and websites log the users’ IP addresses in their databases and bind them with their accounts, personal information, email, and browser. Some of them even bind the IP address with the user’s hardware. These may sound like too much to you, but that’s the truth.

Now you may ask, is it easy to bypass an IP ban? Depending on the platform, game, or website and why you got IP banned, the difficulties of bypassing that differ. There are platforms that will instantly link you to the same IP address you were using before and get your new IP address banned.

While IP Bans mostly apply to cheaters, and people who break the rules, there are some rare cases when users will get IP banned without an obvious reason. Whatever the case may be, below, you will find step-by-step instructions on bypassing any IP ban instantly and getting back to your favorite game, platform, or website again.


It shows a user wondering why he is getting denied by a server where he probably had been IP banned.

How To Bypass IP Ban on any game, website, or platform.

Now that you know the fundamentals of an IP ban and the reasons for getting your IP address banned, let’s get straight to the point. Below you can find all the steps to get your new IP address whitelisted again on any server and start playing instantly.

To bypass the IP ban with 100% success, you should do every step of this guide in the same order as shown below and not skip a single one. If you miss any step or change the order, you will most likely get banned instantly again!!


The content you will find in this post is for educational and research purposes only. You are not encouraged to use these methods or techniques.

I’ve collected into a folder all the files and software you will need to bypass the IP Ban.

Most of the 40$ a month spoofers/cleaners you see on the market use similar software and scripts. The only difference is that you will have to copy/paste a few commands and change a few values instead of pressing one button.

IP BAN Bypass Files

The files were updated on April 2022, and I made everything easier. I created a few scripts that will do most of the stuff just by running them. Also, new locations will be updated frequently.


OR Receive the files on your Email(Get new updates)

Step 1 – Uninstall the app, game, or browser.

The first and most important thing you’ll have to do is to completely uninstall the game, app, or browser(if you got banned on a website) and make sure to clear every single file related to that. We want to ensure that no files are left on the PC that could link you back to the ban.

Navigate to the Control Panel and choose the option Programs.

Programs option on Control Panel.

Next, click on Programs & Features option.

Programs & Features

Locate the app, game, or browser, right-click on it, and choose Uninstall.

Step 2 – Clear Cache/Fingerprints/Leftovers.

Now let’s start clearing up any trace files left on your PC. Please double click on each shortcut on the first folder of the files and look for Folders/Files related to the game/app/platform and delete them.

Locations to delete leftovers after uninstalling it.

These are the locations you will find in the shortcuts:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)
  • C:\Program Files
  • C:\%userprofile%\Documents\
  • C:\%localappdata%
  • C:\%programdata%
  • C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local
  • + more every time they get updated.

Once you delete everything related to the app/game from all these locations, the next thing you will have to do is to delete some leftovers in the registry.

Press Windows Key + R, and type Regedit.


A window should pop up. You will have to do now to copy each of the locations below, paste them into the registry search bar, and then look for any folders related to the app/game and delete them.

registry locations
  • HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\
  • + more locations on the files.

At each location, you will see a lot of folders on the left side.

Right-click on any folder related to the game/app and choose Delete.

delete registries

Restart your PC and move to the next step!

Step 3 – Mask your IP Address.

Your IP address is the most crucial security step that will even make or break everything you did above to bypass the IP Ban. The best way to change your IP address is to use a VPN service or a proxy server(Proxys need an excellent setup to avoid disconnections and unhiding your IP, so let’s stick with the VPN).

This is the most commonly asked question. Do I need a VPN? YES! You do. If you don’t use a new IP, your new account will get linked to your IP ban, and it will be blocked, sometimes instantly or after a few hours/days. You can get a spoofer/cleaner and pay 40$ per year, or you can follow all the steps of this guide and get NordVPN for 2 years at around 3.49/month and have the same results.

Do I need to use a VPN connection at all times? Yes, that’s one of the reasons I recommend getting NordVPN because you will have the lowest ping possible and the fastest connection possible. Unless you have an easier way to change your IP address, go ahead and do that.

I can’t save you money because you will need a VPN 100% to be able to connect again since you won’t be able to bypass it with the same IP address, but if you are testing the method, you can get 30 days FREE subscription on NordVPN and test the method without spending a penny, but I would highly recommend getting the 1 or 2 years deals for more than 50% OFF since you will need it anyways in the long run, so you will be saving more than 50% of the total price.

Once you have installed NordVPN

  • Ensure the option to disconnect you from the internet if the VPN is disconnected is enabled.
  • You have enabled OpenVPN (UDP) or OpenVPN (TCP) protocol from the settings tab.
  • Locate the Specialty servers category on the right. Click on it to expand.
  • Click on Dedicated IP and choose the location you wish.

Step 4 – Change your MAC address.

The next thing that immediately gets banned by most games, apps, and platforms after the IP addresses on any IP Ban is the MAC address, so you have to make sure you have a different one. Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to change your MAC address on any Windows machine.

Navigate to Settings.

Settings Windows

Click on Network & Internet.

Network & Internet Windows

Click on “Change adapter Options“.

How to change adapter settings in Windows

Right-click on your primary internet adapter and click on “Properties“.

Adapter Properties

Choose Client for Microsoft Networks, and click Configure.

Client for Microsoft Networks configuration

Navigate to the Advanced tab and choose Network Address.

Now go to this website, generate a new mac address, copy it, and paste it to the Network address box.

How to change MAC address on network adapter in Windows to bypass IP Ban.

Click OK, and you will be disconnected for a few seconds/minutes from the internet. No worries, it will get back up.

Now do the same thing for the NordVPN adapter. Right-Click on the NordVPN adapter and choose Properties.

Configuring the NordVPN adapter.

Choose “Client for Microsoft Networks” and click “Configure“. Navigate to the Advanced tab, choose MAC Address, and paste a newly generated MAC address from the generator.

How to change MAC address of NordVPN adapter in Windows to bypass IP Ban.

Once you’ve changed your ethernet/wifi adapter and the NordVPN’s adapter, MAC Address, proceed to the next step.

If the above method didn’t work for you

You will easily find a program to change your MAC address in the previously downloaded files. Select your Network Connections, click on the “Random MAC Address” button, and click on “Change Now!“.

Change MAC Address to bypass IP ban.

Step 5 – Create or buy a new account.

Now that you got everything ready, it’s time to create a new account or buy a cheap one from one of these websites: MMOGA, MMOGAH.(Gaming)

Open NordVPN if it’s not already running and do the following:

  • Run NordVPN
  • Navigate to the Dedicated IP tab
  • Choose your preferred country
  • Choose your preferred server, and click Connect.

Then go ahead and create a new account or connect to the one you bought.


  • Use the most commonly used email providers ( Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Protonmail, etc.) Avoid temporary emails.
  • The same goes for the phone number. Don’t use the free numbers you’ll find on websites on the internet. Instead, use a phone number you never used before, get a free number from the Hushed App, or try to find another app that gives you a trial or cheap phone number.

Step 6 – Create a new Windows User. (Recommended but not required)

Recently I updated this guide to avoid reinstalling Windows from scratch, but instead of that, you will have to create a new Windows user. Pretty easy to do so; just follow the steps shown in the video below.

Login to your new Windows user, make sure VPN is running, and proceed to the next step.

Step 7 – Download and Install the game/app/browser.

Now it’s time to go ahead and install it on your computer.


Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions or questions!

What is an IP ban?

When you get IP banned on any platform, game, or website, you’ll be immediately disconnected from any servers, and you won’t be able to reconnect to the server from the same IP/Account until you get unbanned. To sum it up, an IP Ban is when your device’s IP Address is blocked from accessing and making requests on any of the platform’s servers that banned you.

Reasons you can get banned on different platforms, games, and websites?

Below you can see some of the most common reasons people get banned:

  • Hate speech and real-life threats on chat.
  • Exposing personal information of other players.
  • Posting links on chat or forums that redirect malicious software/websites.
  • Impersonating stuff.
  • Cheating, Exploits, Abusing glitches and bugs, third-party software, and anything that would negatively affect another person’s experience.
  • General commercial spamming on chat and forums.

Is IP ban legal?

Receiving IP bans as well as getting your account banned on any website, app, or game is completely legal as long as it’s included in the company’s Terms & Services.

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