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How To Hide Location From Zoosk – 2023 Tested

There may be instances when you want to hide your location from Zoosk, such as to protect your privacy, bypass restrictions, or maintain anonymity. This guide will help you hide your location from Zoosk on all your devices, whether that be your PC, Android device, iOS device, or even TV.

While it is relatively easy to hide your location from Zoosk, there are some crucial steps you should take which avoid getting linked to your old location.

You’ll also learn about different tools and ways to hide your location from Zoosk, like using special networks, add-ons, and even tricking your GPS location.

This will help you decide which way is best for you to hide your location on Zoosk.

How to hide your location from Zoosk.

Hide your Location on Zoosk

Below you will find all the steps and the information you will need to completely hide your location from Zoosk and how to prevent Zoosk from seeing your real one.

1. New browser or Reinstall the Zoosk app.

First, get the portable version of Chrome to eliminate any association between your existing region and the new one. Old activity, cookies, location data, location service settings, and browser settings may cause complications.

If using an Android or iPhone, reinstall the app or browser and proceed to the next step.

For PC/Laptop users, follow these instructions:

Visit the official website for the portable version of Google Chrome using your current web browser.

On the PortableApps page for Google Chrome Portable, find and click the “Download” button to reach the download page.

Download Chrome from Portable apps

After downloading, locate the saved file and double-click to begin the installation process.

Follow the onscreen instructions in the Portable Chrome installation wizard.

With Portable Chrome now installed, you can continue on to the next step of hiding your location from Zoosk.

2. Turn off location settings.

The next step is to disable the feature that allows your browser to reveal your actual location on Zoosk.

PC Users:

Open the installed portable Chrome browser.

Click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner to access the Chrome menu.

Select “Settings” from the menu.

From the menu, click on "Settings" to open the browser settings.

Scroll to the “Privacy and Security” section and click “Site settings“.

In the “Site settings” menu, click “Location” to adjust location settings.

Toggle the switch next to “Don’t allow sites to see your location” to ON if it isn’t already. This prevents your browser from divulging your real location.

Chrome: How to block GPS location tracking

Go to, click “Settings” in the bottom-right corner, and select “Search Settings“.

Next, go to, and on the bottom right side click on "Settings" and choose "Search Settings".

Scroll to “Region Settings“, choose your desired region, click on it, and then click “Save“.

Scroll down and look for "Region Settings". Once you find it, locate your preferred one, click on it, and click "Save"

Proceed to the next step, where we will configure everything to hide your location on Zoosk.

Mobile Users (Android / iOS):

For mobile devices, modify your phone settings instead of browser settings.

Block GPS location tracking on your mobile device by following these instructions:

iOS Mobile devices.

Shows step by step how to disable iphone location tracking on iOS mobile devices.

Android Mobile devices.

Shows step by step how to disable GPS android location tracking on android mobile devices.

3. Change Your GPS Location & IP Address

To successfully hide your Zoosk region/location/country, it’s mandatory to use a VPN app. This step is inevitable, as Zoosk requires your IP address to match the country will change to.

If you don’t use a VPN, you can’t move forward with hiding your device’s location from Zoosk since then you may need external devices that fake your GPS location. It’s possible, but harder.

I recommend using NordVPN because they have high-quality VPN servers with a huge server network, ensuring that you won’t be flagged and you will successfully spoof your GPS location/country/region on Zoosk.

You may also find other working VPNs, but NordVPN is one that we tested and it works flawlessly for the purpose of hiding your location information from Zoosk.

NordVPN connect to a server in Turkey.

The same thing goes for mobile phone users. Download, install, and open the NordVPN app. Either choose “Quick Connect” to be connected to the nearest and best server for you or choose from the list of servers from different regions and countries.

how to connect nordvpn on mobile phone

4. Change your Zoosk Location Settings

Before you log in and use your Zoosk account, make sure that NordVPN is running, and connect to the preferred region that you want to change to.

Next, sign in to your account, locate the “Privacy Settings”, and change your “Location/Region/Country” settings to your preferred one and the one that matches the VPN server you previously chose.

Save your settings, and you are good to go. You’ve successfully hidden your real location from Zoosk.


If it doesn’t allow you to change your country in the settings, or it doesn’t change automatically after a few tries of login in and out a few times, contact Zoosk support and let them know that your physical location has changed and you want them to change your account settings.

Wait 24-48 hours until they change your region, and you are good to go.

5. Check your Location on Zoosk

After successfully hiding your location, test it by accessing Zoosk and checking if it displays the correct region or country you’ve chosen. This will ensure that your location is effectively hidden.

If you encounter any issues or inconsistencies, double-check your settings and make sure the VPN is connected to the desired region.

6. Keep Your Location Hidden: Best Practices

To maintain your hidden location on Zoosk, follow these best practices:

  • Always use the VPN when accessing Zoosk. Disconnecting may reveal your actual location.
  • Regularly clear your browser cache, cookies, and history to avoid location-based data leaks.
  • Use the same browser when using your Zoosk account.

Hide your Location from Zoosk: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my Zoosk location in any country?

Yes, provided Zoosk is accessible in the region/country you’re trying to hide your location in.

Does a VPN effectively hide my location on Zoosk?

A VPN effectively hides your location on Zoosk by altering your IP address, giving the impression that you’re in a different region.

Is it possible to fake your location on Zoosk?

Yes, by following the steps in this guide, you can deceive Zoosk into believing you’re in another region or country.

How do I hide my Zoosk location without a VPN?

While a VPN service is the most reliable option, alternatives include using a proxy server or external devices to fake your GPS location.

In Conclusion

Hiding your location on Zoosk can be achieved by following the steps outlined in this guide. By using a VPN, and adjusting browser and device settings, you can maintain privacy, access region-specific content, and enjoy a personalized experience on Zoosk.

Remember to stay alert and follow proper security measures to keep your location hidden and protect your online privacy.

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