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Escape From Tarkov(EFT) Buyers Guide 2023

Last Updated on 7th March 2022

Escape from Tarkov has been around for quite a few times now and has established a big player base. Escape From Tarkov, aka EFT, has roubles as one of the in-game currencies, and players are constantly looking for ways to get more. In this post, you’ll find the safest websites to purchase Escape From Tarkov roubles without having to worry about getting scammed by the sellers.

With a simple search on the web, you’ll find hundreds of places selling Escape From Tarkov roubles. Forum members, social media pages, websites, sellers on big marketplaces, and many more. While many of them might seem legit because of the reviews and comments you may find available, that’s not always the case. You can easily lose your money and get nothing in exchange if you are not very careful.

I’ve only chosen websites that I have personally used multiple times and I know that will back you up in case something goes wrong with the seller/trade. Enough talking, let’s start!

Delivery methods for EFT Roubles that sellers use

The only method that sellers are using right now to deliver EFT Roubles is via the in-game Auction House(Flea market). The seller will buy your items from the FLEA MARKET, and the EFT Roubles will be transferred to you.

Although the Auction House delivery method is relatively safe, you should not overdo it with purchasing EFT Roubles because you may get your account banned in the long run. Few transactions a month should keep your account safe. For example, instead of buying EFT Roubles daily in small amounts, buy once or twice a month the whole amount of EFT Roubles you would buy.

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) Two players pointing guns at each other. One has a pumpkin head skin.

Best places to buy EFT Roubles gold

I am always checking the prices, feedbacks, and news from companies and sellers, so expect the list to get updated from time to time.


MMOGA EFT Roubles available.

One of the best places to buy EFT Roubles, not only do they have very low and competitive prices for EFT Roubles, but they also are one of the most reliable websites when it comes to game currencies. You’ll also find EFT Roubles, items, and Powerleveling services available for sale.

The biggest differences between the two websites are the prices and the sellers. What I mean by that is that on MMOGA, the prices are higher, but the risk is lower since you don’t have to spend time looking for good and reputable sellers, while on G2G, you’ll find cheaper EFT Roubles, but you’ll have to do your research on the sellers and find someone you can trust.

I found cheaper EFT Roubles on some marketplaces, but the only sellers selling at a lower price than MMOGA and G2G sellers were sellers who either had a bad reputation or 0 reviews. Personally, I would pay the extra few cents or bucks to be on the safe side.


EFT Roubles available on G2G.

When it comes to EFT Roubles, G2G is one of the best websites to buy EFT Roubles. You’ll find sellers offering EFT Roubles for all servers and platforms, and you can also find items, accounts, game coins, power leveling & coaching services on their website. Their support is there if you have any questions before, while, or after trading, and the website company has been around for many years and can be trusted. Because of the number of sellers on the platform, the prices are meager, and the number of offers is relatively big.

How to buy EFT Roubles(Step by step)

  • Go to MMOGA and G2G and create an account on both websites. (Your orders will also be saved on your account, and the next time you order, you’ll get a discount of up to 10% depending on the volume your spend, also will be easier to compare the final prices when including fees and discounts)
  • Navigate to the menu, and choose Escape from Tarkov.
  • Choose either EFT Roubles, items, or power-leveling services.
  • Choose the amount of EFT Roubles you wish to purchase and click Buy.
  • Read the description and instructions and fill out the needed details depending on the delivery type you chose.
  • Click Into the cart and proceed to the payment.
  • Complete the payment and follow the instructions step by step.
  • If you have any questions or didn’t understand exactly what you should do, contact the support, and they will guide you through the whole process.

Few tips to keep your account safe while buying EFT Roubles

  • Always order from sellers/websites that are reputable and working with the latest methods to transfer EFT Roubles. The main reason for this is that you want people that actually care about your account and not just to transfer the coins.
  • If you purchase big amounts of Roubles, then I recommend contacting the gold seller and asking them the ideal way to transfer all these coins for your account to be safe.
  • Avoid big transfers on completely new accounts.
  • If you decide not to purchase Roubles from the websites above, keep in mind always checking the reviews of the website or seller.
  • Never give your account credentials to any website or seller.
  • Always keep all transactions and chats inside the platform, so In case that something goes wrong, you can prove everything.
Escape from Tarkov(EFT) Inventory full of roubles.

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