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Optimize Windows 11: The Ultimate Guide 101

Stavro P.Windows1 Comment

If you searched for this guide, you either have Windows 11 already installed on your PC or looking forward to installing it as soon as possible. Whatever the case, you did the best thing because the truth is that you will need to optimize your Windows 11 operating system to get the most performance out …

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How To Bypass Any IP Ban – Complete Guide 2022

Stavro P.Windows, GamingLeave a Comment

Different kinds of websites, apps, stores, games, and online applications use various methods to prevent users who break the rules from accessing their platforms. One of the most used methods is banning users’ IP addresses. All these platforms and websites log the users’ IP addresses in their databases and bind them with their accounts, personal …

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Unpark CPU Cores: Everything you need to know

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Unparking CPU cores, a topic discussed by many people around the internet, and the last few years, has become an exciting topic for gamers looking for a performance boost on their computer to increase their FPS and have more stable gaming machines with fewer shutters and fps drops. CPUs had low power sleep states for …

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Best AMD Radeon Settings in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Stavro P.Windows3 Comments

AMD Radeon Software is a fantastic tool that allows us to change our GPU and game settings, fine-tune fan speeds, monitor temperatures, and even overclock/ undervolt / underclock our GPU. According to AMD, you can get more than 40% more performance out of your existing hardware without spending a dime. It would be a pity …

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How To Debloat Windows 10 – Ultimate Guide 2022

Stavro P.Windows11 Comments

In this guide, I will show you how to successfully debloat Windows 10 to free up some excess storage space, help your PC and applications load faster, and, most importantly, reduce some of the load on the CPU and RAM. Everything you find in this post will improve your PC performance regardless of usage, whether …