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Best Smite Settings – Ultimate Guide 2023

Last Updated on 7th October 2022

Every modern PC can handle Smite with ease on relatably high fps. The main focus of players looking for the best Smite settings is to achieve the highest FPS possible, lowest input lag and latency, and have the smoothest possible gameplay.

Apart from those settings, it’s also important to optimize your mouse, control, and sensitivity settings. I am not the most experienced Smite player, so I will suggest you settings from Pro Smite players.

Below I will go over everything you need to know about Smite camera settings, controller settings, binds, graphics settings, and even sound settings. If you’ve played Smite for any time, you should have released that the default settings don’t allow you to play at your best potential.

Sticking to the default settings will disadvantage you no matter how good you are. So we will improve all the settings to get you the most benefits.

Also, at the end of this post, you’ll find resources to optimize your PC to achieve higher performance, fps, less input lag, and less latency in Smite and any other game you might be playing.

Best Smite settings

When it comes to the best Smite settings, whatever you may be looking for, you will probably find it in this guide.

I will go in-depth in every important setting and give you some suggestions from my experience or from my research on the best Smite Pro player’s settings.

Best Smite Graphics/Video Settings

Starting with the Graphics settings, since most probably we will not have the same computer specs, you’ll have to test the settings and, depending on your preferences, choose the best for you. I will just give you a starting point with some tips.


  • World detail: Low. It will give you extra FPS if you are struggling.
  • Texture detail: Maximum. It will make your game look sharper and cleaner.
  • Shadow detail: Minimum. I personally almost in every game disable shadows since most of the time they cause major FPS drops.
  • Shader Quality: Medium.
  • Resolution: Your monitor’s native resolution.
  • Resolution Scale: 100
  • Screen Type: Fullscreen.
Best Graphics Settings for Smite


  • Use Vertical Sync: Always OFF.
  • Use Ragdoll Physic: Off.
  • Particle Detail: Low.
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off.
  • Use D3D11: On.
Best Smite settings for Graphics tab ( Effects )

Best Smite Audio settings

Not many customizations to be made here. You want to make sure that our audio works as intended, nothing more, nothing less.


  • Audio Device: Select your Headphones, Speakers, or Monitor.
  • Main Volume: 100
  • SFX Volume: 100
  • Music Volume: Whatever you like.
  • Announcer Volume: Whatever you like.
  • Notification Volume: Whatever you like.
  • Mute Chat Notification: Whatever you like.
Best Smite Audio settings

Voice Chat

  • Voice Chat: On
  • Voice Chat Volume: 50 – 70
  • Mute Voice Chat: Unmute
  • Microphone Volume: 100
  • Mute Microphone: Unmute
  • Voice Chat Input: Choose whatever you prefer.
  • Voice Chat Input – Keybinding: Choose the keybind to enable voice chat.
Best Smite Voice chat settings

Best Smite User Interface Settings

Below you can find only the important settings that you should make sure are set like this. The rest are up to you.

  • Show your Health: On.
  • Streamer Mode: If you are streaming and you want to hide names, you may consider enabling this option.
  • Show Mana Usage: Yes.
Best Interface Smite settings
Best Interface Smite settings part 2

Best Smite Controls Settings

Below you can find some of my recommendations for Control settings. It’s a good starting point and should put you on track to find the best Smite Control settings for you.

  • Cast Mode: Quick Casting or Insta Casting
  • Invert Look: Off
  • Smooth Mouse: Off
  • Restricted Camera Pitch: Off
  • Controller X Sensitivity: Default
  • Controller Y Sensitivity: Default
  • Mouse Sensitivity: Start with 15 and play around with it.
  • Preferred Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Best Smite Control settings

Best Smite Targeting Settings

  • Distance Line: Ruler
  • Enable Bracket Highlighting: Off
  • Reticule: None
  • Ground Target: Arrow
  • Use 2D Ground Target: Off
  • Always Show Grand Target: On
Best Smite targeting Settings

Best Smite Controller Settings ( PC / Console )

Below you can find my recommendations for the best Smite Controller settings either on PC or console. I highly recommend you start with these settings and periodically start changing them to find the best for you.


  • Controller Layout: Savage Plus
  • Cast Mode: Quick Casting


  • Use Inverted Look: Off
  • X Sensitivity: 20
  • Y Sensitivity: 20
  • Aim Acceleration: 3
  • Left stick deadzone: 5
  • Right stick deadzone: 3
  • Enable Aim Assist: Off
  • Enable Controller Vibration: On
  • Enable Basic Attack Vibration: Off
  • Jump Enabled: On
  • Restricted Camera Pitch: On

Configuration File Edits

In the last part of this guide, I will show you how to edit Smite’s settings configuration file and which settings in this configuration file are important and should be tweaked.

Let’s find the configuration file

  1. Navigate to Documents
  2. Enter MyGames Folder
  3. Double click on Smite folder
  4. Enter the BattleGame folder
  5. Navigate to Config Folder
How to access the configuration settings file of Smite, step 1-2
How to access the configuration settings file of Smite, step 3
How to access the configuration settings file of Smite, step 4
How to access the configuration settings file of Smite, step 5
Preview of the configuration settings files of Smite

Now, right click on BattleEngine.ini file and choose Edit with Notepad++ .

Once the config file is open, press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and copy the below terms and make sure to change the values accordingly.

The following changes will remove the FPS Limit on Smite.

MaxSmoothedFrameRate=250.000000 ( There will be more than one, make sure to change them all) This setting will remove the 150 FPS limit of Smite and place a new one which is 250. You can change this number to a higher value depending on your PC Build and Monitor.

The following changes will increase the minimum desired FPS on Smite.

MinSmoothedFrameRate=144.000000 ( I put this on 144 since my FPS never drop from 144, and also, my Monitor is 144hz. For example, if you are constantly playing 80 – 120 FPS, you can set this to 60. The minimum recommended by me is 60 )

The following changes will give you extra FPS if you are struggling

Open the BattleSystemSettings.ini file with the same way and change the below settings accordingly.

These settings are recommended only for people who want higher FPS and are really struggling with their FPS in Smite.

  • StaticDecals=False
  • DynamicDecals=False
  • UnbatchedDecals=False
  • DynamicShadows=False
  • LightEnvironmentShadows=False
  • MotionBlur=False
  • DepthOfField=False
  • AmbientOcclusion=False
  • Bloom=False
  • bAllowLightShafts=False
  • Distortion=False
  • DropParticleDistortion=False
  • LensFlares=False
  • AllowRadialBlur=False
  • bAllowSeparateTranslucency=False
  • bAllowPostprocessMLAA=False
  • bAllowHighQualityMaterials=True
  • MaxShadowResolution=128
  • DynamicLights=False
  • MaxWholeSceneDominantShadowResolution=128
  • bAllowDropShadows=False
  • bAllowFog=False
  • MaterialQualityLevel=1
  • SpeedTreeWind=False

Guides to Optimize your PC

Below you can find some posts from me that will help you optimize your PC even more and possibly increase your FPS.

Enhance your gaming experience

If, after following this guide, you still can’t optimize ESO or you feel like your PC is underperforming, you can book a PC Optimization appointment with me, and I will be more than happy to help you out and solve all your problems and dramatically improve your pc performance.


After applying the above settings, you should be good to go. Control settings definitely are a personal preference, and you should be tweaking them constantly to find what best fits you. On the other hand, in graphics and sound settings, you just set them and forget them.

If your computer is struggling to play Smite on acceptable frame rates, you might consider building a new one.


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