Best Places to buy Genshin Impact Accounts

Best Places to buy Genshin Impact Accounts

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

When Genshin Impact was released, it had a blast. Everyone was going too crazy to play the game, and huge twitch streamers constantly played it, so the masses quickly adopted it. After that period, the player base dropped, but thousands of players enjoyed the game daily.

Like in every game, there are situations that players might consider buying a new account. There is no exception on Genshin Impact. Many players seek the best places to buy a Genshin Impact account.

In this post, you’ll find in-depth instructions and suggestions on finding the best & cheapest Genshin Impact accounts possible while eliminating the risks of either getting banned or scammed by any of the sellers.

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Things to consider when purchasing Genshin Impact Accounts

When it comes to purchasing a Genshin Impact account, there are also a few things you should consider, but the ban risk is pretty low.

The most reliable and safe method to purchase a Genshin Impact account is to complete the payment and receive the account inside a big marketplace website like the ones I will show you below.

You want to do that, so if someone tries to scam you, you will be backed up by the company and get a refund.

  • First, you’ll have to make sure that the seller is selling an account with full access. I mean that you will receive the email associated with the account, so you can change it to your own and take complete ownership of the account.
  • Make sure to find a reliable seller and tons of positive reviews, and preferably no reviews mentioning account bans.
  • Read the description of the account carefully, check any screenshots available, ask the seller any questions you might have before purchasing, and ask the seller for screenshots if there are no available in the description. You want to make sure you will get what you expect before the payment to avoid any hassle later on.

Best places to buy Genshin Impact accounts

I am always checking the prices, feedback, and news from companies and sellers, so expect the list to get updated from time to time.

So now you might be thinking, where can I find and buy Genshin Impact accounts?

There are multiple places someone can buy a Genshin Impact account.

You can buy them from forums, friends, websites, apps, and social media pages, but not all these options are reliable, safe, or secure, nor do I recommend most of them. So below, you’ll find the best places to buy a Genshin Impact account.


One of the best places to buy Genshin Impact accounts

On G2G, you’ll find more than two thousand Genshin Impact accounts for sale at any time. From accounts with a low number of skins to OG accounts with the rarest skins in the game. You’ll find a lot of different offers with relatively low prices, but don’t hype immediately.

Always make sure to check exactly what the seller is offering and carefully read the description. As I said above, I highly recommend you look for full-access accounts whose email can be changed instantly.

Before you purchase anything, do your own research. Find a few Genshin Impact accounts that you really like, and take a look at the seller’s reviews to see if you can trust them and what other buyers experienced with them. You don’t want to purchase from anyone their reviews indicate accounts pullbacks and bans.

Overall, a great website; you can find some reliable sellers there, but you still have to be very careful with each account’s description and seller’s feedback. Keep all discussions with the seller on the website so G2G can help you solve the seller’s problems.

How to buy a Genshin Impact account step by step

Now you know the different types of Genshin Impact account available, and you know exactly the best websites to find those accounts. Now let’s focus on how to actually buy the account and what to do once you’ve purchased it.

  1. Put a maximum on your budget ( Not only will it prevent you from overspending, but also save you a lot of time and research)
  2. Make up your mind on what you are looking for but be realistic.
  3. Once you know what you are looking for, head to G2G and create an account.
  4. Use the filters to help you find what you are looking for faster.
  5. Look for full-access accounts only, and check the seller’s feedback. You want him to have as close as possible to 100% positive feedback. If they have any negative feedback, check what the buyers are saying about him. If there was, for example, a delay with the account delivery and the seller was not satisfied, that’s not a big deal. If, on the other hand, you see comments talking about account pullbacks and bans, I’d recommend you stay away. If the seller fills the requirements, save the account and look for a few others that you also like.
  6. Once you’ve collected a couple of accounts is time to contact the sellers.
  7. Send them a message asking key questions about the accounts. Please send a message to everyone and wait for their responses.
  8. Depending on their response, eliminate the ones you feel are not so reliable and keep the rest.
  9. Now you can either start negotiating for the price or complete the purchase and get your account.
  10. You can even record the transaction on the website for extra security when the seller sends you the details.
  11. Once you’ve received your account, start by changing the email on the Genshin Impact website to your email. Add FA and also change the password.
  12. Go ahead and change the password on the email the seller sent you, remove any recovery emails on that email, and add a phone number.
  13. Don’t rate the seller yet. Just play with your new account for a few days to ensure everything is okay.
  14. Then go back and rate the seller and let him know that everything is fine till now.
  15. Even in case you experience any issues after months of using the account. You can go back and contact the website support and explain everything and hope for a resolution.
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