Best places to buy Fifa 21 coins – Buyers Guide

Since you can’t transfer your Fifa coins from the previous year’s game edition, you’ll have to build up your team from the start. There might come the need to buy Fifa 21 coins (FUT coins) to speed up the process of buying better players and growing up your team. All good till here, but there are so many websites out there to buy Fifa 21 coins that you may get confused on which one is the safest, cheapest, or best option.

That’s exactly the point of this post. To show you the best, cheapest, and safest places to buy Fifa 21 coins (FUT coins) while taking into consideration the reliability of the websites, the customer’s feedback, the security of your account by the methods used by the sellers, as well as my personal experience with those websites.

Before we look at the websites, let me first explain to you a few things you should consider before purchasing Fifa 21 coins.

Fifa 21 match, player tackling another player.

Before you buy Fifa 21 coins

Buying Fifa 21 coins is against EA rules, and there is a possibility of getting banned for doing so. But under certain circumstances, you can stay on the safe side and lower the possibilities of getting banned as close to zero as possible. You’ll find some tips later on in this post.

There are two main ways that sellers will transfer to you the purchased Fifa 21 coins. They are called Comfort Trade and Player Auction.

Comfort Trade: You’ll give your account’s details to the seller or website you are purchasing your Fifa 21 coins, and they will take care of the whole coin transfer process.

Player Auction: Here, you will sell one of your players to the maximum price range of the player, aiming for the amount of the Fifa 21 coins of the order.

Which one to choose is completely up to you, but you’ll find step-by-step instructions on what to do in both cases. The websites you’ll find below will tell you even which players to list and what the sale price should be etc.

Fifa 21 coins (FUT) coins example.

Few tips to keep your account safe

  • Always order from sellers/websites that are reputable and working with the latest methods to transfer Fifa 21 coins. The main reason for this is that you want people that actually care about your account and not just to transfer the coins. Once you find those sellers/websites (which I will list below), you want to follow their instructions step by step and even ask them to provide you with the safest path possible to transfer your coins.
  • If you are going to purchase millions of coins, then I recommend contacting the seller and asking them what would be the ideal way to transfer all these coins for your account to be safe.
  • Avoid big transfers on completely new accounts.
  • If you decide not to purchase Fifa coins from the websites below, keep in mind always checking the reviews of either the website or seller, especially when using the Comfort Trade method, because you may end up losing your account. (This won’t happen on websites below)

Best places to buy Fifa 21 coins – FUT coins

I am always checking the prices, feedbacks, and news from companies and sellers, so expect the list to get updated from time to time.


Best, cheapest, and safest website to purchase Fifa 21(fut) coins.

One of the best places to buy Fifa 21 coins for all platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch. Not only do they have the best prices for Fifa 21 coins, but they also are one of the most reliable websites when it comes to game currencies. You’ll also find Fifa 21 points card available for sale, as well as a section where you can sell your Fifa 21 coins and make some money.

MMOGA uses both Comfort Trade and Player Auction trading methods I talked about above. You are safe to use whichever you prefer, but keep in mind that with the Player Auction method, you’ll have to pay for the transaction fees of EA.

You’ll never see stock issues since they have many suppliers, and Fifa 21 coins will always be in stock for all platforms.

Prices for buying Fifa 21 coins (FUT)

  • Fifa 21 PS4/5 coins prices start at € 7 per 100k coins and the delivery time is between zero to twelve hours.
  • Fifa 21 Xbox One/ X|S coins prices start at € 9.50 per 100k coins, and the delivery time is between zero to twelve hours.
  • Fifa 21 PC coins prices start at € 6 per 100k coins and the delivery time is between zero to twelve hours.
  • Fifa 21 Nintendo Switch coins prices start at € 9.30 per 100k coins, and the delivery time is between zero to twelve hours.

I’ve found lower prices than these on this internet. Still, when you combine the reliability of the website, the support available in case of questions or problems, and the guarantee they are providing you, then it’s totally worth the few bucks or pennies that you’ll pay extra.

Fifa 21 coins buying prices available for the website recommended in this post.

Prices for selling Fifa 21 coins (FUT)

Fifa 21 coins selling prices available for the website recommended in this post.

How to buy Fifa 21 coins (FUT) (step by step)

  • Go to MMOGA and create an account. (Your orders will also be saved on your account, and the next time you order, you’ll get a discount of up to 10% depending on the volume your spend.)
  • Navigate to the menu, and choose Fifa coins.
  • Choose your desired platform.
  • Choose the delivery type that you prefer.
  • Choose the amount of Fifa 21 coins that you wish to buy and click Buy.
  • Read the description and instructions and fill out the needed details depending on the delivery type you chose.
  • Click Into the cart and proceed to the payment.
  • Complete the payment and follow the instructions step by step.
  • If you have any questions or didn’t understand exactly what you should do, contact the support, and they will guide you through the whole process.

All major payment methods like Paypal, Skrill, credit and debit cards, Paysafecard, Bank transfers, and many more are accepted, so you’ll most likely not face any issues with the payment.

How to sell Fifa 21 coins (FUT) (step by step)

  • Go to MMOGA and create an account.
  • Navigate to the menu, and choose Fifa coins.
  • Click on FUT coins – sell.
  • Choose the platform that you have available Fifa 21 coins, and click continue.
  • Select the coins amount you wish to sell, and you will get the estimated payment you’ll receive after transferring your Fifa 21 coins.
  • If you are happy with that, click continue, and choose that payment method you wish to get paid to and enter your details.
  • Click continue and follow the instructions to transfer your coins and then get paid for that.

If you have a large volume of Fifa 21 coins you can always contact them and ask for a partnership.

Fifa 21 player shooting the ball.


If you follow everything stated in this guide, you’ll be able to buy the cheapest Fifa 21 coins available while keeping your account safe from potential limitations and bans. I would love to hear on which websites you are currently shopping Fifa 21 coins, or if this is your first time, what are your thoughts about the websites listed on this post.

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