Best NVidia Driver For Any Game – 100+ Games

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

With PC Gaming, each piece of hardware equipment needs the equivalent driver in order to communicate with the operating system and so does your NVidia graphics card. The NVidia Graphics card will need a driver installed on your OS in order to work as it is supposed to. For gaming, you want to have the latest and best NVidia graphics driver installed on your PC in order to have the best gaming experience.

After every major game release, NVidia will publish a new driver or a hotfix for the previous one in order to enhance the performance of their GPUs on the latest titles. With that said, new NVidia drivers are very frequent, and many PC players are wondering if they should get the latest driver or stick with any of the old ones.

We measure the FPS highs and lows and how stable each NVidia driver is in each game. We perform benchmarks with all drivers in all games to determine the best one. Apart from our personal tests, we also take into consideration users’ feedback across the web.

In this post, you will find a list of 100+ most popular games and the best NVidia driver for each game in order to get the best performance possible.

Best NVidia Driver for each game:

GameBest NVidia Driver
MIR4527.56 WHQL
Fortnite527.37 WHQL
League of Legends527.37 WHQL
Counter-Strike: GO527.37 WHQL
Dota 2527.56 WHQL
Apex Legends527.37 WHQL
Minecraft527.56 WHQL
Valheim527.56 WHQL
GTA V527.56 WHQL
Call of Duty: Warzone527.37 WHQL
Sea Of Thieves527.56 WHQL
Rocket League527.56 WHQL
RuneScape527.56 WHQL
Black Desert Online527.56 WHQL
Warframe527.56 WHQL
Rainbow Six Siege527.37 WHQL
Guild Wars 2527.56 WHQL
Elder Scrolls Online527.56 WHQL
World of Warcraft527.37 WHQL
Team Fortress 2527.56 WHQL
Rust527.56 WHQL
Ark Survival527.56 WHQL
Path of Exile527.56 WHQL
Destiny 2527.56 WHQL
Red Dead Redemption 2527.56 WHQL
Smite527.56 WHQL
Overwatch 2527.56 WHQL
Roblox527.56 WHQL
Valorant527.56 WHQL
Among Us527.56 WHQL
New World527.56 WHQL
Fifa 23527.37 WHQL
DayZ527.56 WHQL
Monster Hunter World527.56 WHQL
Bless Unleashed527.56 WHQL
Forza Horizon 5527.56 WHQL
CrossFire527.56 WHQL
World of Tanks527.56 WHQL
For Honor527.56 WHQL
Unturned527.56 WHQL
HearthStone527.56 WHQL
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War527.37 WHQL
Starcraft 2527.56 WHQL
Diablo 3527.56 WHQL
Call of Duty Vanguard527.37 WHQL
Escape from Tarkov527.37 WHQL
Rules of Survival527.56 WHQL
Arma 3527.56 WHQL
Battlefield 2042527.56 WHQL
TeamFight Tactics527.56 WHQL
Dead by Daylight527.56 WHQL
Genshin Impact527.56 WHQL
Lost Ark527.56 WHQL
Heroes of the Storm527.56 WHQL
Fall Guys527.56 WHQL
Dungeons & Dragons(D&D)527.56 WHQL
Terraria527.56 WHQL
Elder Ring527.56 WHQL
Dread Hunger527.56 WHQL
War Thunder527.56 WHQL
Hearts of Iron IV527.56 WHQL
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt527.56 WHQL
Euro Truck Simulator 2527.56 WHQL
Cyberpunk 2077527.56 WHQL
NBA 2K23527.56 WHQL
Stardew Valley527.56 WHQL
7 Days to Die527.56 WHQL
Don’t Starve Together527.56 WHQL
Crusader Kings III527.56 WHQL
Left 4 Dead 2527.56 WHQL
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim527.56 WHQL
Mount & Blade II Bannerlord527.56 WHQL
Halo Infinite527.56 WHQL
Conan Exiles527.56 WHQL
The Sims 4527.56 WHQL
Fallout 4527.56 WHQL
Battlefield V527.56 WHQL
Cities Skylines527.56 WHQL
Brawlhalla527.56 WHQL
Farming Simulator 22527.56 WHQL
Garry’s Mod527.56 WHQL
Risk of Rain 2527.56 WHQL
World of Warships527.56 WHQL
Paladins527.56 WHQL
Raft527.56 WHQL
The Forest527.56 WHQL
Borderlands 3527.56 WHQL
Microsoft Flight Simulator527.56 WHQL
Albion Online527.56 WHQL
Icarus527.56 WHQL
EVE Online527.56 WHQL
Fallout 76527.56 WHQL
No Man’s Sky527.56 WHQL
V Rising527.56 WHQL
Diablo Immortal527.56 WHQL
Modern Warfare 2527.37 WHQL
Call Of Duty Warzone 2527.37 WHQL
Football Manager 2023527.56 WHQL

When It Matters

Having a stable FPS with high lows and high tops in games is extremely important for gaming. Of course, stability and not having issues play a significant role as well, but making sure your GPU is not underperforming can make the difference between winning and losing. Although most people can’t tell the difference between a couple of frames per second, or a few milliseconds of latency, the difference is there.

Apart from that, many times, especially when new triple-A titles release you will instantly notice that something feels off with the game. Then after a week or two when a new NVidia driver releases, all of a sudden all the issues get addressed, and your game feels smoother, and the performance is significantly increased.

That’s the main reason why having the best NVidia driver matters.

Our tests

We test multiple times each game with different benchmarking methods and all possible combinations of NVidia drivers to produce a reliable average figure that represents the most suitable driver for each game.

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