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The Best HWID Spoofer for Friday The 13th

If you are looking for a reliable, free HWID spoofer for Friday The 13th, then this article is for you. We have compiled a list of free tools and detailed step-by-step instructions, which in combination, create the best free HWID spoofer for Friday The 13th.

The Friday The 13th HWID spoofer in this guide is not the typical one-click program that will do everything for you and change all your hardware ids automatically. Instead, most of the “hard” things to do will be done with scripts we’ve created, and you should do the rest manually, which is easy even for non-tech-savvy users.

In general, it’s pretty easy to do, so no worries! Follow all the steps, and you will bypass any anti-cheats on Friday The 13th using this HWID spoofer in under 20 minutes.


The content you will find in this post is for educational and research purposes only.

You are not encouraged to use these methods or techniques.

The Best HWID Spoofer for Friday The 13th

Why use this HWID Spoofer instead of paid HWID Spoofers?

A paid HWID spoofer is undoubtedly an option, but it’s not always the best.

The most obvious reason is the cost. Most paid Friday The 13th working HWID spoofers will require you to pay a monthly subscription which can cost anywhere from 480$ to 1000$+ us dollars per year, and a VPN subscription which will cost another 50+$ per year.

Using our free Friday The 13th HWID spoofer and methods + the recommended VPN, you will only have to pay the VPN subscription, which will be around 50$.

You can see that the difference is enormous, and the results are identical. The only difference is that you will need manual work instead of pressing two buttons.

Features of Friday The 13th HWID Spoofer

Below you can find a list of the critical features of the best HWID spoofer for Friday The 13th that will help you bypass the HWID ban.

  • Uninstall the game.
  • Clear up all trace files left on your PC.
  • Clear leftovers in the registry.
  • Edit every HWID registry key that could link you to the Friday The 13th HWID ban.
  • GUID editing.
  • Mask your IP Address.
  • Change the disk’s ID/SN.
  • Change HWIDs of every hardware part. (MB/CPU/NC/etc.)
  • Change MAC Address.
  • New email + Phone number to create a new account.
  • Change Monitor HWIDs
  • Mask peripherals from Friday The 13th.
  • Edit Windows Unique IDs that can track you.
  • Motherboard ID/SN changer.
  • HWID changer.
  • And more.

Download and Use the Friday The 13th HWID Spoofer

To use the free Friday The 13th HWID spoofer, you must download the files and follow the instructions in this video or this written guide.

The steps you will have to follow while using the Friday The 13th spoofer to change all your hardware ids and bypass any ban are the following:

  • Uninstall the game and clear all traces.

You will find detailed instructions on uninstalling Friday The 13th and clearing up every single file that could link you back to the ban.

  • Edit HWID Registry keys.

Manually edit some HWIDs in the registry.

  • Mask & Setup your IP Address.

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up the perfect VPN connection.

  • Change your Disk’s Serial Number/ID.

You will have to double-click a script that will change your disk’s SNs and IDs.

  • Change HWIDs of everything.

A script that will change all your HWIDs. You will have you press a few buttons.

  • Change your MAC address.

Change your MAC address from your network adapters.

  • Create or buy a new game account.

Instructions on how to easily create a new account and avoid authentication errors, as well as two suggestions to get cheap accounts or phone numbers.

  • Change Monitor HWID(Optional)

On manual HWID bans, you may get your Monitor banned, so you will find instructions on how to change your monitor HWIDs in 30 seconds.

  • Hide Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller serial numbers. (Optional)

Again, sometimes on manual bans, you may get your peripherals blacklisted. On the HWID Friday The 13th spoofer files, you will find instructions on how to block Friday The 13th from getting information from your peripherals.

  • Set up everything correctly.

Instructions on how to correctly set up everything and start playing Friday The 13th.

  • Download and Install the game.
  • Enjoy!


If you get banned again, you have to follow the guide again.

To get unbanned from the hardware ban with 100% success using the Friday The 13th HWID spoofer, you should do every step of the guide and not skip a single one. If you miss anything, you’ll most likely fail to get unbanned, and you will have to redo everything from scratch.

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