Best Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV) Settings – Comprehensive Guide

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Every modern PC can handle Final Fantasy XIV with ease on relatably high fps. The main focus of players looking for the best Final Fantasy XIV settings is to achieve the highest FPS possible, lowest input lag and latency, and have the smoothest possible gameplay.

Apart from those settings, it’s also important to optimize your mouse, control, and sensitivity settings. I am not the most experienced Final Fantasy XIV player, so I will suggest you settings from Pro FFXIV players.

Below I will go over everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV camera settings, controller settings, binds, graphics settings, and even sound settings to hear footsteps clearer. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XIV for any time, you should have released that the default settings don’t allow you to play at your best potential.

Sticking to the default settings will disadvantage you no matter how good you are. So we will improve all the settings to get you the most benefits.

Also, at the end of this post, you’ll find resources to optimize your PC to achieve higher performance, fps, less input lag, and less latency in Final Fantasy XIV and any other game you might be playing.

Best Final Fantasy XIV settings

When it comes to the best Final Fantasy XIV settings, whatever you may be looking for, you will probably find it in this guide.

I will go in-depth in every important setting and give you some suggestions from my experience or from my research on the best Final Fantasy XIV Pro player’s settings.

FFXIV Characters in-game

Optimizing the Launcher of Final Fantasy XIV

Before we even get into the actual in-game settings, let’s check an essential setting on Final Fantasy XIV launcher. Navigate to the launcher and click on the gear icon on the top right side.

If your computer supports DX11, then go ahead and turn it on. Most computers from at least the last ten years will support it. If you are not sure if your pc supports DX11, then do the following:

  • Press Windows Key + R.
  • Type -> dxdiag and hit Enter.
  • Navigate on the Display tab.
  • On the right part of the screen, there is a drivers tab. Check the Feature Levels.
  • If you see 11_0, then your pc supports DirectX 11, and you can go ahead and enable it on your Final Fantasy XIV launcher.
How to find out if your PC can handle DirectX11, DX11, apps and games.

By enabling DX11, your game will run smoothly and improve graphics quality. You can even test enabling it without even checking. If it’s not supported, the game will not start, and you can go back and disable it.

Best Final Fantasy XIV display settings

  • Main Display: Choose your main GPU
  • Screen Mode: Full Screen
  • Resolution: Match with your monitor’s native resolution
  • High Resolution UI settings: 100% (HD) – Standard
  • Default UI Size: 100%
Best FFXIV Display Settings, which are mentioned above. (Part 1)
  • Character Lighting: Personal Preference
  • Frame Rate: If you are experiencing big FPS drops, cap your FPS at your monitor’s refresh rate. If your game is smooth and running without issues, then you can disable the FPS limit and let it go as high as possible.
  • Check the option Limit frame rate when the client is inactive.
Best FFXIV Display Settings, which are mentioned above. (Part 2)

Best Final Fantasy XIV sound settings

  • Play sounds when window is not active: Enable only System Sounds
    • When you click off of Final Fantasy, minimize it, or alt-tab, you can still hear the game. Below that, you can choose which sounds you want to hear when you do this.
  • Play Music when mounted: Personal Preference
    • All mounts play music when you mount them. If you don’t like that, then disable this setting.
  • Enable normal battle music: Personal Preference
    • Like mounted music, but instead of playing when you mount, it plays music when you fight something.
  • Enable City state BGM in residential areas: Personal Preference
    • Most major cities in Final Fantasy XIV have residential areas that you can access. When you are in any of these residential areas, a specific song will play. If you don’t like that, check this box, and you’ll listen to the themed music instead.
  • Play system sounds while waiting for Duty Finder: Enable
    • You’ll hear a continuous sound right after the duty finder sound. You can keep this enabled just in case you miss the initial sound.
  • Listening Position
    • Zoom out your camera to the maximum and start attacking something. Suppose you want the sounds to sound like they are coming from far away from the move, the slider to the left. If you want the sounds to sound like you are next to your character, then move the slider to the right.
Best FFXIV Sound Settings, which are mentioned above. (Part 1)
  • Volume settings
    • Master Volume: 80
      • Affects all sounds coming from the game.
  • BGM: 70
    • Background music.
  • Sound Effects: 45
    • Any non-vocal sound made by characters and enemies.
  • Voice: 75
    • Battle voices and dialogues.
  • System Sounds: 65
    • Sounds like opening the menu, pressing a button, duty finder sound.
  • Ambient Sounds: 80
    • Sounds made by the environment.
  • Performance: 50
    • Sounds from classes that can play music.
  • Player Effects Volume
    • Self: 100
    • Party: 100
    • Other PCs: 100
  • Equalizer: Standard
Best FFXIV Sound Settings, which are mentioned above. (Part 2)

Best Final Fantasy XIV Graphic settings

  • Enable wet surface effects: Enabled
    • It doesn’t hurt performance a lot and makes things look beautiful when raining.
  • Disable rendering of objects when not visible: Enabled
    • The game saves resources on objects you can’t see.
  • Use low-detail models on distant objects: Enable on low-end pc.
  • Real-time Reflections: Off
    • You won’t even notice it’s off, and it helps with your fps.
  • Edge Smoothing(Anti-Aliasing): Depends on your hardware.
    • If your pc can handle it, turn it on. If not, then turn it off.
  • Transparent Lighting Quality: Experiment since it really depends on your hardware. Go in front of a big surface of the water to see the results immediately.
  • Grass Quality: Turn it on if possible since it adds a different feeling to the game.
  • Parallax Occlusion: Turn it off.
  • Tessellation: Normal or Off.
  • Glare: On
  • Map Resolution: High
Best FFXIV Graphics Settings, which are mentioned above. (Part 1)
  • Shadows
    • Self: Display
    • Party Members: Display
    • Other NPCs: Display
    • Enemies: Display
  • Shadows Quality
    • Use low-detail models on shadows: Enable
    • Shadow Resolution: Set it to max if your pc can handle it.
    • Shadow Cascading: Set it to max if your pc can handle it.
    • Shadow Softening: Set it to max if your pc can handle it.
  • Texture Detail
    • Texture Filtering: Anisotropic or Disabled.
    • Anisotropic Filtering: Depending on your GPU, test the values if you chose Anisotropic.
Best FFXIV Graphics Settings, which are mentioned above. (Part 2)
  • Movement Physics
    • Self: Full
    • Party Members: Full
    • Other NPCs: Full
    • Enemies: Full
  • Effects
    • Naturally darken the edges of the screen: Disabled, there is no difference.
    • Blur the graphics around an object in motion: Off
    • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion: Off on low-end pcs. The rest of you should experiment.
    • Glare: On
      • It mostly affects glowing objects. There is a small performance hit, but it’s worth it.
    • Water Reflection: Low or off
    • Enable depth of field: Enabled
Best FFXIV Graphics Settings, which are mentioned above. (Part 3)

Now to get the best out of these settings and balance the quality and performance of the game, you’ll have to tweak a lot of these settings by yourself. Let me give you a few tips on how to do that.

  • Head over to a city with a lot of plants and crowded.
  • Start testing the settings individually while always checking your fps.
  • Start from a low preset and gradually increase the quality of individual settings.

Some of the settings that affect your fps the most are the following:

  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Parallax Occlusion
  • Transparent Lighting Quality

Best Final Fantasy XIV Mouse settings

  • Allow resolution changes via mouse drag: Enable if you are playing on window mode or multiple monitors.
    • It allows you to resize the game window by dragging your mouse.
  • Limit mouse operation to game window: Disabled
    • It locks your mouse inside the Final Fantasy window.
  • Mouse Camera Sensitivity: Personal preference
  • Expanded Mouse Functionality Settings: Choose how your game cursor looks in-game.
Best FFXIV Mouse Settings, which are mentioned above.

Best Final Fantasy XIV Controller setup and settings

Please get to the device/controller tab on Final Fantasy XIV, and let’s start.

  • Enable gamepad: Enable
  • Device: Choose your controller
  • Gamepad Type: Choose the type of your controller.
  • Keep gamepad enabled when client is inactive: Enabled
  • Enable vibration: Disabled
  • Enable LT+L auto-run: Enabled
    • Your character will start auto-running when you press the combination of these two controller keys.
  • Enable window zoom via L3: Disabled
  • Enable text pasting with L1+R1: Enabled
  • Analog Stick Sensitivity: Experiment a little bit by yourself.
  • Enable virtual mouse: Transforms your controller into the in-game mouse pointer. You can move the cursor with the right stick.
  • Gamepad Customization
    • Calibration: If you feel like your controls are going crazy, or that something is wrong, you can re-calibrate your controller by pressing Begin next to Calibration.
    • Button Configuration: Here, you can change what each setting on your controller does.
Best FFXIV Controller setup and settings.

Now that everything is set up correctly, you are ready to get back to the game and start grinding again, or you can look at the best places to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Guides to Optimize your PC

Below you can find some posts from me that will help you optimize your PC even more and possibly increase your FPS.

Enhance your gaming experience

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Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV): Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Final Fantasy XIV run smoother?

First and foremost, you will have to apply all the Final Fantasy XIV settings discussed in the guide above. Apart from that, you could also make sure that minimal programs are running in the background and that your PC is optimized as well. Those steps will guarantee the smoothest experience on Final Fantasy XIV.

Is Final Fantasy XIV well Optimised?

Final Fantasy XIV is a really well-optimized game. The game is built on its own custom-made engine, which works pretty well and keeps everything smooth, even on big raids.

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