Fifa 21 best controller and camera settings

Best Fifa 21 Controller & Camera Settings

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

The most important and crucial settings in Fifa 21 that either make or break the game are the controller and camera settings. A lot of players never bother changing and tweaking these settings and stick with the defaults. I understand that you need time to test each setting and each combination of settings to find the optimal ones, but instead of doing that, all you have to do is follow this guide right here.

This post will go in-depth at the best Fifa 21 controller and camera settings that every player should be using or at least try one time. If you are not optimizing your settings, you are at a disadvantage over the rest of the players, and it may be one of the reasons you are losing a lot of games.

While this guide is optimal for new players or players who never bothered changing their settings, it is also beneficial and informative for veteran Fifa 21 players looking to change their playstyle.

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Best Fifa 21 Controller Settings

Let’s start with controller settings. Go to the main menu and then click on customize controls.

  • FIFA Trainer: On but customized for beginners / Off for more advanced players
    • A pretty useful feature for new players, which indicates the movements of the players. If you will use Fifa trainer, go into the game and tweak the trainer settings, so you are only watching the mechanics you want to appear on the screen. If you are used to the game mechanics, then I recommend you turn it off.
  • Timed Finishing: Off
    • There are certain situations where the timed shooting can be beneficial, but most players leave it off. If you want to get your gameplay on the next level and you are going for competitive play, then turn it timed finishing option on.
  • Next Player Switch Indicator: On
    • You don’t want to turn off one of the settings; otherwise, you won’t know who you are switching to. If you turn this on, you’ll have a little triangle icon above the player’s head that you will switch if you press L1.
  • Pass Block Assistance: On
    • You always want this on since it’s actually AI helping you out. There is no reason to want that off since it’s actually helpful. Only a few top players have this off because they prefer full control of the players, but for 99% of us there, leave this ON.
  • Auto-Switching: Air Balls and Loose Balls
    • The other options mess up things sometimes, so this one is the best and safest one.
  • Auto-Switching Move Assistance: High – None
    • I recommend setting this on High if you are still struggling with the first touches of the players. Once you get used to it, you can set it to low and eventually set it to none.
  • Jockey: Assisted
    • Manual Jockey is beneficial only if you are an elite player+ because while you have more control with manual, assisted Jockey can help you more times. Let’s say you have a defender and you are running towards the opponent’s attacker, assisted Jockey will slow you down once you get close to him, while manual will do nothing. That’s why Manual Jockey is recommended only for top-tier players.
  • Auto Flair Pass: Depends on your playstyle
Best Fifa 21 Controller Settings that are described above.
  • Auto Clearances: On
    • Your AI players perform clearances when needed, so there is no reason to turn this off.
  • Auto Shots: Off
    • You don’t want the game to take a shot for you, or at least you shouldn’t.
  • Player Lock: On
    • You only go into this mode when you hold the L3 and R3 and press them in together. Just leave it on since it’s tough to activate it by mistake.
  • Contextual Agile Dribbling: Off
    • It’s better to get used to using dribbling when you want to instead of letting the game decide.
  • Assisted Headers: On
  • Right Stick Switching: Ball Relative, but if you are used to any of these, stick with it since it’s mostly a personal preference.
    • Player Relative is when the player is the reference point, and Ball relative is when the ball is the reference point.
  • Ground pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Through Ball Assistance: Assisted
Best Fifa 21 Controller Settings(part 2)that are described above.
  • Shot Assistance: Assisted
  • Cross Assistance: Semi
    • You want to use Semi so you can control where the ball or the cross is actually going.
  • Lob Pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Save Assistance: Assisted
  • Analog Sprint: OFF
    • Basically gives you the option of either running at full speed or making the players’ speed depend on how hard you press the RT button. If you slightly push the RT button, the player will run at minimal speed, while if you press the RT button hard, the player will run at 100% speed. I recommend setting this off to make your players run at 100% speed at any time.
  • Defending: Tactical Defending
    • You can only use Legacy on offline mode
  • Pass Receiver Lock: Late
Best Fifa 21 Controller Settings(part 3)that are described above.

These were the best controller settings to use in Fifa 21 to increase your reaction times, give you an advantage over the rest of the players and increase your win rates. We are done with possibly the most important part of the Fifa 21 settings, but we are not completely done yet. We got the Fifa 21 camera settings to analyze and tweak to optimize our game completely. Below you’ll find the best camera settings for Fifa 21 with throughout analysis and suggestions.

Best Fifa 21 Camera Settings

Now let’s go over camera angles, the best camera angles, the best one to use depending on your playstyle, and which one is the best in terms of performance and win rates.

The default camera on Fifa 21 is the Tele Broadcast, a decent one, but I would not suggest this because most of the players are not taking advantage of the radar. Many pro players use the Tele Broadcast, but they are actually looking at the radar every few seconds, so if you are not using the radar to your advantage, you should not be using Tele Broadcast because its very zoomed-in when compared to other cameras, and you are losing a lot of the field view. So if you are not even using the radar, what’s the reason for using Tele?

Tele Broadcast Camera in Fifa 21 comparison with Co-OP
Tele Broadcast Camera Example

The Fifa 21 camera that I highly recommend is Co-OP because it gives you a wider view of your players who are not necessarily near the ball’s current position and gives you the ability to see almost everything you need. A lot of people complain that Co-Op camera makes their game slower which is actually a myth. Since the camera on Co-Op is zoomed out and moving slowly, it creates the feeling that the game is slower, which is actually not. It’s a placebo!

Using the Co-OP camera, the perception of the camera gives you a better estimation when attacking/defending and having opponents very close to you. I mean by that, you can clearly see if the opponent can hit the ball from you or if there is enough space for you to dribble or shot directly, and that’s why the Co-Op is the best camera to use in Fifa 21.

The top-down approach makes it easier for you to make shots towards goals and also see available opportunities to make a cross or pass. Which with other cameras you wouldn’t be able to spot.

Now that I explained why the Co-Op camera is the best one to use, let’s go ahead and tweak some settings and personalize it depending on your needs. Below you can find the best Fifa 21 camera settings for everything.

Co-op camera in Fifa 21 to compare it with Tele Broadcast and show the difference between the view and why it is the best camera for Fifa 21.
Co-OP Camera example on the same match

Go to the Main Menu -> Settings -> Game Settings -> Camera

  • Single Player Camera: Co-op
    • Online/Offline games that you play by yourself.
  • Multiplayer Camera: Co-op
    • When playing with your friends next to you with two or more controllers.
  • Locked to Player Camera: End to End
  • Pro Clubs Camera: Co-op
  • Be a Keeper Camera: Dynamic
Best camera settings for Fifa 21
  • Camera Settings: Custom
  • Camera Height: 20
    • The higher the camera height is, the more of a bird view angle you get.
  • Camera Zoom: If you were used to Tele Broadcast, you can start with Camera Zoom set at 20 and then slowly taking it down to 10. If you are playing on a big tv screen like 50inch +, I recommend setting the camera zoom at 20 for optimal performance.
Best Camera settings for Fifa 21 part 2

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With this camera and controller Fifa 21 settings, you’ll probably need a few matches or days to get used to, so get ready to lose a few matches. Just stick with it, and in the long term, it will dramatically help you out and make you a better player. Let me know in the comments below what’s your favorite camera and controller settings and what’s the biggest differences you’ve spotted.

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