Best (ESO)Elder Scrolls Online Settings – 2022

This post will dive deep into the important Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) settings to achieve the optimal experience while playing the game. I will show you how to optimize every single settings tab of the game, from graphics settings to controls, and give you some tips and recommendations to enhance your gameplay.

You can expect an increase in your FPS while maintaining the quality of the graphics and apply some settings that you may not even know existed. You’ll find recommendations for both PC and Console versions of the game, so this guide is for every ESO player out there who wants to optimize his game and gameplay to the maximum level.

Best Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) Video/Graphics settings

  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
    • Increases and stabilizes your FPS because your PC focuses all the resources on the game.
  • Active Display: Your main monitor.
    • If you have a multi-monitor setup, choose the one you want your game to show up.
  • Resolution: Monitors Native resolution.
  • Vertical Sync: Off
    • Increases the input lag, so it’s better to leave it disabled. If you want that smoothness, enable G-Sync or Freesync instead.
  • Anti-Aliasing: Depends on your hardware. If you are running on a low-end pc, then turn it off.
  • Gamma Adjustment: Personal Preference
Best Elder Scrolls Online(Eso) graphics & video settings. (Part 1)
  • Texture Quality: Medium-High
    • It really depends on your hardware.
  • SubSampling Quality: Medium-High
    • It really depends on your hardware as well.
  • Shadow Quality: Off
    • Keep this off because the performance hit is huge.
  • Water Reflection Quality: Off
    • The performance hit of this setting is big as well but if you want to enable it, go with Low. (Not more than that)
  • Maximum Particle Systems: 1200+
    • If you go under 1000, then you’ll have issues spotting abilities and effects.
  • Particle Suppression Distance: Keep this around 35-60
  • View Distance: 35
    • It can be beneficial for PvP, and you can consider increasing it so see much further aways but keep in mind that it will drop your FPS really hard.
  • Ambient Occlusion: None
  • Bloom: OFF
  • Depth of Field: OFF
  • Distortion: OFF
  • Sunlight Rays: OFF
  • Grass: OFF
  • Show Additional Ally Effects: OFF
Best Elder Scrolls Online(Eso) graphics & video settings. (Part 2)

Best Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) Gameplay settings

Lets jump into gameplay settings where i will highlight some important things you should be doing .

  • Combat Cues: Turn this On. Glowing areas on the ground highlight some friendly effects or some enemies AOEs you want to dodge.
  • Custom Colors
    • Friendly Color: Green or whatever you like.
    • Friendly Brightness: At least 5.
    • Enemy Color: Red or whatever you like.
    • Enemy Brightness: At least 10.
  • Double Tap on Dodge: On.
    • Double Tap Speed: 120 – 200. Test this one and see which value works best for you.
  • Ground Targeting Range Lock: On
  • Prevent Attacking Innocents: On
    • Enable this, so you don’t accidentally attack any guards, merchants, or anything like that.
  • Quick Cast Ground Abilities: On
    • It saves you a lot of time when using ground abilities. With Automatic, you’ll have to tap two times to cast your spell, while with ON, you’ll have to press once.
Best ESO Gameplay settings for PC & Consoles (Part1)
Read the settings above because few settings might be different on this photo.
  • Consolidate Area Loot: On
    • This setting will automatically check all the corpses in the area when you loot a corpse and will place all that loot into a window.
  • Auto Loot: On
    • Saves you some time by automatically looting when you click on a corpse.
  • Auto Loot Stolen Items: Off
  • Prevent Stealing Placed Items: On
    • Can prevent you from stealing by miss clicking.
  • Auto-Add to Craft Bag: On
  • Loot History: On
  • Hide Polymorph Helmet: On
  • Hide Mount Stamina Upgrade: On
  • Hide Mount Speed Upgrade: On
  • Hide Mount Capacity Upgrade: On
Best ESO Gameplay settings for PC & Consoles (Part 2)

Best Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) Combat settings

The next major tab with ESO settings that you should optimize is the combat one.

  • Ability Bar: Always Show
    • Your skills will always be visible whether you are in combat or not.
  • Attribute Bars: Always Show
  • Resource Numbers: Number and Percent
  • Active Combat Tips: Automatic
  • Ultimate Number: On
    • Shows your Ultimate into the ability bar
  • Appear Anonymously:
Best ESO Combat Settings for PC and Console(PART 1)

You want to turn most of the text settings ON if not all of them to see as much information as possible to

  • Outgoing
    • Outgoing Damage: ON
    • Outgoing Damage Over Time: ON
    • Outgoing Healing: ON
    • Outgoing Healing Over Time: ON
    • Outgoing Crowd Control: ON
    • Outgoing Pet Damage: ON
    • Outgoing Pet Damage Over Time: ON
    • Outgoing Pet Healing: ON
    • Outgoing Pet Healing Over Time: ON
  • Incoming
    • Incoming Damage: ON
    • Incoming Damage Over Time: ON
    • Incoming Healing: ON
    • Incoming Healing Over Time: ON
    • Incoming Crowd Control: ON
    • Incoming Pet Damage: ON
    • Incoming Pet Damage Over Time: ON
    • Incoming Pet Healing: ON
    • Incoming Pet Healing Over Time: ON
  • Show Over Healing: ON
Best ESO Combat Settings for PC and Console(PART 2)

The same goes for Buffs & Debuffs, you want to see as much information as possible because it can really help you out in a lot of situations.

  • All: Always Show
  • Self Buffs: ON
  • Self Debuffs: ON
  • Target Debuffs: ON
    • From Others: ON
  • Long Effects: ON
  • Permanent Effects: ON
Best ESO Combat Settings for PC and Console(PART 3)

Guides to Optimize your PC

Below you can find some posts from me that will help you optimize your PC even more and possibly increase your FPS.

Last but not least

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Install Malwarebytes and then open it. Click on Scanner -> Advanced Scanners ->Configure Scan, and select the option scan for rootkits and also, on the right side, select all your drives and click on Scan. This scan may take a lot of time, but it can save you from serious issues especially if you use your computer for transactions, work, etc.

How to remove viruses and malware from your computer

Once the scan is completed, quarantine everything and restart your PC.

If after following this guide you still can’t optimize ESO or you feel like your PC is underperforming, you can book a PC Optimization appointment with me and I will be more than happy to help you out and solve all your problems and dramatically improve your pc performance.

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These are my recommended and best settings for Elder Scrolls Online(ESO), both for PC & Console. These settings should offer you the best performance and increase your FPS, and a clean and very useful interface, so you don’t have to use any addons to do that and bloat your game. Keep in mind that using many different addons can bloat your game and decrease performance, so it’s always good to keep only the necessary ones.

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