Best Dota 2 Settings

Best Dota 2 Settings – Comprehensive Guide

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Every modern PC can handle Dota 2 with ease on relatably high fps. The main focus of players looking for the best Dota 2 settings is to achieve the highest FPS possible, lowest input lag and latency, and have the smoothest possible gameplay.

Apart from those settings, it’s also important to optimize your mouse, control, and sensitivity settings. I am not the most experienced Dota 2 player, so I will suggest you settings from Pro Dota 2 players.

Below I will go over everything you need to know about Dota 2 camera settings, controller settings, binds, graphics settings, and even sound settings. If you’ve played Dota 2 for any time, you should have released that the default settings don’t allow you to play at your best potential.

Sticking to the default settings will disadvantage you no matter how good you are. So we will improve all the settings to get you the most benefits.

Also, at the end of this post, you’ll find resources to optimize your PC to achieve higher performance, fps, less input lag, and less latency in Dota 2 and any other game you might be playing.

Best Dota 2 settings

When it comes to the best Dota 2 settings, whatever you may be looking for, you will probably find it in this guide.

I will go in-depth in every important setting and give you some suggestions from my experience or from my research on the best Dota 2 Pro player’s settings.

Best Dota 2 Graphics / Video settings

The first and one of the most important Dota settings part is the graphics. It will determine how our game looks and what frames per second we will be getting while playing.

Navigate to your settings and then at the VIDEO tab and follow my suggestions below.

  • Resolution
    • Use advanced settings
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 ( Or your preferred one)
  • Size: Choose your monitor’s native resolution in combination with the highest Hz
  • Display Mode: Exclusive Fullscreen ( Make sure it’s exclusive fullscreen since it will help you tremendously with your FPS and input lag )

Please don’t change anything on the Rendering API right now; we will do it later with the launch options.

  • Rendering
  • Use advanced settings
    • Animate Portrait: Enabled.
    • Additive Light Pass: Enabled.
    • World Lighting: Enabled.
    • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled.
    • Normal Maps: Disabled.
    • Ambient Creatures: Disabled.
    • Ambient Cloth Simulation: Disabled.
    • Grass: Disabled.
    • Anti-Aliasing: Disabled.
    • Specular: Disabled.
    • Specular and Light Blooms: Disabled.
    • High-Quality Water: Disabled.
    • Atmospheric Fog/Caustics: Enabled.
    • High-Quality Dashboard: Disabled.
    • Vsync: Disabled.
    • Tree Wind: Enabled.
    • Compute Shaders: Disabled.
  • Texture Quality: Medium
  • Effects Quality: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Medium or Off if you have really low FPS.
  • Game Screen Render Quality: 100%. You can lower it to 80-90% if you have a bad time with your frames per second.

If you are really struggling with your FPS, you can set your Dota 2 graphics settings to the lowest possible and even lower the resolution slightly to gain a few extra frames per second.

These Dota 2 settings should give you the best performance possible while always keeping the graphics acceptable and everything clear in-game.

Screenshot of the Best Dota 2 Graphics settings

Best Dota 2 Sound/Audio Settings

Let’s move on to the sound settings of Dota 2. We will leave most of the default settings as they are.

  • Volume
    • Master Volume: 100%
    • Game Sounds: 100%
    • Music: Off
    • Voice: 80%
    • Unit Speech: 60%
  • Audio
    • Sound Device: Choose your preferred one ( Speakers, Headphones, Monitor )
    • Speaker Configuration: Choose the type of the Sound Device
    • Play Sound in Desktop: Off
    • Chat Message Sound: Off
    • Mute Co-Broadcasters: Off
    • Use Captions: Off
    • Always use default respawn music: On
    • Always play default death music: On
    • Autodetect Audio Latency: On
Screenshot of the best Dota 2 settings on the Sound/Audio tab

Social Tab Settings in Dota 2

In the social tab of Dota 2 settings you can leave everything as default. Let me give you an example how mine looks.

Best Dota 2 Social Tab and Chat settings

Best Dota 2 ( Minimap, Interface, Game, Camera, Miscellaneous) settings


  • Auto Attack: Standard ( It can be beneficial to set it to Never only on a few heroes)
  • Auto Select Summoned Units: Turned off.
  • Double Tap Ability to Self Cast: Enabled ( Double tap a spell to cast it on yourself).
  • Smart Double Tap: Enabled.
  • Unified Orders with CTRL: Enabled.
  • Teleport Requires Hold/Stop: Enabled.
  • Channeled Abilities Require Hold/Stop: Disabled.
  • Right-Click to Force Attack: Disabled.
  • Quick Attack: Enabled.
  • Quick Move: Enabled.


  • Edge Pan: Enabled.
  • Reverse Camera Grip: Disabled.
  • Center Camera on Hero on Respawn: Disabled.
  • Disable Camera Zoom: Disabled.
  • Hold Select Hero to follow: Disabled.
  • Camera Speed: 3000 to start with and you can change it according to your playstyle.


  • Use Simple Colors in Minimap: Disabled.
  • Hide Minimap Background: Disabled.
  • Use Simple Minimap Background: Disabled.
  • Use Extra Large Minimap: Enabled.
  • Use Alt to show Hero icons: Enabled.
  • Invert Alt Toggle: Disabled.
  • Show Minimap on the Right: Disabled.
  • Minimap Hero Size: 130%


  • Holding ALT Highlights Hero: Enabled.
  • Holding ALT Shows Neutral Spawnboxes: Enabled.
  • Holding Alt Shows Tower Attack Range: Enabled.
  • Show Ability Rangefinder While Casting
    • Player Names
  • Disable Status Text: Disabled.
  • Hide Damage Numbers: Disabled.
  • Unit query overrides hero control console: Enabled.
  • Show Queued Orders On the HUD: Enabled.
  • Colorblind Mode: Disabled.
  • Differentiate Ally Healthbars: Disabled.
  • Automatically choose cursor size: Enabled.
  • Show Help Tips: Disabled.
Best Dota 2 ( Minimap, Interface, Game, Camera, Miscellaneous) settings Basic tab

Move to the Advanced Options tab .


  • Summoned Unit Auto Attack
    • Same as hero
  • Disable Autoattack When Stop is Held: Enabled.
  • Toggle Autoattack Automatically: Disabled.
  • Quickcast On Key Down: Enabled.
  • Shop Always Uses Hotkeys: Disabled.
  • Shop Search Gets Focus on Open: Disabled.
  • Smart Attack Move: Enabled.
  • Auto-repeat Right Mouse: Enabled.
  • Use Broadcaster Stats: Enabled.
  • Bring Dota 2 to front when match found: Enabled.
  • Bring Dota 2 to front for pick phase and game start: Disabled.
  • Bring Dota 2 to front when unpaused: Disabled.
  • Bring Dota 2 to front for Ready Checks: Disabled.
  • Enabled console: Enabled.

Network Quality: Depending on your internet speed choose accordingly.


  • Left-Click Activates Camera Grip: Disabled.
  • Enable Screen Shake: Disabled.
  • Smoothdrag Camera when Spectating: Disabled.


  • Minimap Misclick Protection Time: 0.00
  • Double-Tap Self Cast Timeout: 0.24
  • Dynamically Scale Hero Icons in Minimap: Disabled.
  • Move after Ability Target Cancelled: Enabled.
  • Camera Color-shift when Dead: Disabled.
  • Display Network Information: Enabled.
  • Hide Tips on Loading Screens: Disabled.
  • Default Tournament Spoiler Block to On: Enabled.
  • Automatically Add New Items to Collection: Disabled.
  • Use Mouse4/Mouse5 for dashboard forward/back: Enabled.
  • Strict Solo Role Queue Matchmaking: Enabled.
  • Recycle Immortal Treasures for Sideshop Gold: Disabled.
  • Use Plus Assistant rather than the default guides: Disabled.
  • Auto-Deliver ON by default in Turbo games: Enabled.
Best Dota 2 ( Minimap, Interface, Game, Camera, Miscellaneous) settings Advanced tab

Best Dota 2 HotKeys / Keybinds Settings

I will just give you a few suggestions on the hotkeys so you can work your way around them.

Navigate to your HOTKEYS tab, ensure you are on the Basic settings tab, and let’s start.

The first and most important thing is to make sure you enable Quick Cast.

Another great setting that you might not be using at the moment is Unit Specific Hotkeys. This setting basically allows you to set specific hotkeys for a specific hero.

At the end of this part, I will leave a few keybinds suggestions from Pro Dota 2 Players.

Best Dota 2 HotKeys / Keybinds Settings on the Basic tab

Now I want you to go to the advanced settings tab and change the following settings accordingly:

  • Quickcast on key Down: Enabled.
  • Double Tap Ability to Self Cast: Enabled.
  • Smart Double Tap: Enabled.
  • Show always Uses Hotkeys: Disabled.
  • Left-Click Activates Camera Grip: Disabled.
  • Use Legacy Keys: Disabled.
  • Allow Windows / Command Key to be bound: Disabled.
  • Bind keys based on keyboard position: Disabled.
  • Enable Advanced Quickcast/Autocast Hotkeys: Enabled.
Best Dota 2 HotKeys / Keybinds Settings on the Advanced tab

Rendering API in Dota 2

DX11 vs DX9 vs VULKAN vs Open GL 

On newer systems and for most people playing Dota 2, Dx11 should provide you with a better experience, performance, and FPS than the rest of the options.

Instead, if you are running on a lower-end / old computer, you may consider testing all APIs to see which one gives you the best results (It depends on your hardware if the APIs are compatible).

You can change the rendering API in Dota 2 by adding commands in your Launch / Startup Options.

To access your Launch Options, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Steam client
  2. Navigate to the Library tab
  3. Right-click Dota 2
  4. Select Properties
  5. Navigate to the General tab
  6. Click Set Launch Options

Depending on which API you want, add one of the following commands in your Launch Options.

  • OpenGL: -gl
  • DirectX 9: -dx9
  • DirectX 11: -dx11
  • Vulkan: -vulkan

Best Launch Options to Optimize Dota 2

Below you can find the best launch options for Dota 2 with explanations to optimize and gain even more performance and decrease loading times.

  • -novid
    • Will disable the Valve intro whenever you launch the game.
  • -high
    • Will allow Dota 2 to run on a higher CPU priority and possibly increase your FPS and performance.
  • -useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd
    • Use these three commands to prevent Dota 2 from changing mouse sensitivity and acceleration settings.
  • -map dota
    • Will load the map along loading the game when you launch it, which will reduce the waiting time when joining a game.
  • -dx11
    • Will force the game to run on DX11 API, which is the most used by most Dota 2 players. If you did test the different APIs as I told you above and it happens that a different API is giving you the best results, then instead of -dx11, add the API that gave you the best performance.
  • +fps_max 0
    • This can set a custom FPS cap in Dota 2. I prefer to have it uncapped, so I choose 0.
  • +cl_showfps 1
    • This command will show an FPS counter in the game.

The below line If you are like me then copy and paste the following line:

-novid -high -useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -map dota -dx11 +fps_max 0 +cl_showfps 1

Example of the best launch options for Dota 2

If you want to change language in Dota 2 then add the following command: -language <code> ( Where <code> is the language) for example: -language Chinese

Enhance your gaming experience

If, after following this guide, you still can’t optimize the game or you feel like your PC is underperforming, you can book a PC Optimization appointment with me, and I will be more than happy to help you out and solve all your problems and dramatically improve your pc performance.


The above settings should be enough for new players to get started and for veteran players to learn some new stuff and optimize their Dota 2 settings better. I hope this guide helped you out, and if it did, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

If you can’t get Dota 2 to run properly on your computer after using my settings, you can either get in touch with me to optimize your PC, or maybe it’s time to look for a new PC Build to play Dota 2.

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