Best and Cheapest places to buy Windows 10 keys

If you’ve just built your new pc or got a new laptop and you are looking for a Windows 10 key, or after years you think that the time to activate Windows 10 has finally come, then you came to the right place. In this post, you will find the best and cheapest places to buy a Windows 10 activation key.

There are a lot of ways to get a Windows 10 key. Some are really cheap or even free, while others can cost you a few hundreds of dollars. We will skip the expensive part and focus on the best websites I’ve found online to get the cheapest Windows 10 keys while making sure they are legit and won’t cause any issues.

OEM Windows 10 Keys vs Retail Windows 10 keys

OEM Windows 10 keys still offer the full version of Windows without any limitations. The difference between the OEM product and the retail version of Windows is that the OEM version is meant for system builders and administrators to sell it to end-user and provide all the support needed.

So to make it clearer for you, when you use an OEM code to activate Windows 10, you basically don’t get free services and support from Microsoft like the retail versions, and also, the key is tied to the computer that you will activate it. For example, if you had any issues and you try to contact Microsoft to help you solve them, they will most likely tell you to contact the organization in charge of your Windows product.

To sum it up, OEM Windows 10 keys are legit as the retail Windows 10 keys. They are just meant for different types of users and uses. Without that meaning, you can’t use the OEM keys if you are just a regular guy. Personally, I’ve always used OEM Windows keys and never had any issues.

Are tied to the computer that you activate it on. Transfer rights to another computer.
Do not offer any free Microsoft direct support.Free Microsoft support.
Cannot be used to upgrade from an older Windows Version. (You will have to reinstall if you are using an older version)You can upgrade from previous versions.
If you change the motherboard, your Windows key will get deactivated.You can transfer your key even if you change the motherboard or computer.

If Microsoft’s support for your Windows 10 pc is critical to you (which I really doubt from my experience), or If you want the transfer rights and also to be able to make all sorts of hardware modifications, then the retail full license is recommended.

Before you walk away, later on, in this post, you’ll also find places to purchase retails keys for Windows 10 much cheaper than purchasing directly from Microsoft.

Best & Cheapest places to buy Windows 10 keys

Down below, you will find two reliable websites to buy cheap Windows 10 retail keys and Windows 10 OEM keys. You can always compare both of them because prices fluctuate, and most of the time, this two have the lowest prices for any Windows keys.


Best place and prices to buy Windows 10 keys

In MMOGA, there are only Windows 10 OEM keys available for the moment, and you won’t find any retail keys. The company has been for a few years in the market and can be trusted, and I’ve personally been using their services and products for a few years. That’s the first reason I recommend them as one of the best places to buy Windows OEM keys.

The other reason is that their prices are really low. You can get a key for Windows 10 home for close to $15 and Windows 10 professional version at $16, and you’ll also find other Microsoft products at low prices as well.


Best place and prices to buy Windows 10 keys

Prices here are a little bit more expensive, but you’ll also be able to find retail keys as well. Kinguin has been on the market for many years, and they are reliable. If you receive any Windows 10 key that doesn’t work, they will back you up and offer you either a replacement or refund. As I said above, the prices are slightly higher, making up the following prices Windows 10 OEM keys at 30$ and Windows 10 retail keys at 40$.

Got the key, now what?

Once you’ve received your new Windows 10 key in your email, the last thing you have to do is to enter this key to activate your Windows 10.

How to activate Windows 10 Step by Step

Navigate at your search bar on the bottom left of your screen and type: “Activation settings“, and click on the option available.

Activation settings on Windows 10

Now, click on change product key, and enter the Windows 10 key you’ve received in your email.

How to activate Windows 10 by entering a Windows 10 key. Step 1, finding the option.
How to activate Windows 10 by entering a Windows 10 key. Step 2, entering the code.

Click Next, and Activate!

How Windows 10 should look after activation.


What happens if i don’t activate Windows 10?

The only limitation you’ll have if you don’t activate Windows 10, is the personalization of your computer. Colors, background images, background image sizes, etc.

How can I get a cheap Windows 10 product key?

Just follow my guide above, and pay close attention on each key version.

Is it legal to buy a Windows 10 OEM key?

Yes, OEMs are legal licenses distributed by organizations or companies that build computers for end-users.

Are cheap Windows 10 keys legit?

Most of the time, yes, but there isn’t a yes or no answer since it highly depends on the seller. Cheap Windows 10 keys don’t mean that they are not legit. For example, these keys could be OEM keys instead of Retail keys and cost much cheaper. This doesn’t make these OEM keys a scam.


I hope you learned something from this post, whether it’s about the activation procedure of Windows 10 or maybe just a much less expensive means of getting Windows 10 versus paying two hundred bucks buying at retail. Again, consider those retail keys available for 30-50 USD if you want a little more back-end support from Microsoft, but I think the OEM version will do just fine.

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