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The Best 3 Laptop Cooling Pads for MSI Summit E13FlipEvo

In the world of high-performance laptops, heat is the biggest enemy. Without proper cooling, your MSI Summit E13FlipEvo can overheat quickly and start downclocking and slowing down. Poor ventilation, running graphic-intensive programs and games, ambient temperature, and dust buildup on air vents can all cause the MSI Summit E13FlipEvo to overheat. This not only makes the laptop uncomfortable to use, but it can also decrease the overall performance.

It’s important to address overheating problems quickly, as they can lead to permanent damage if left unchecked.

You can keep your MSI Summit E13FlipEvo running at its best of capabilities in terms of performance with the right laptop cooling pads. In this post, we will look at some of the best cooling pads available for MSI Summit E13FlipEvo that will ensure optimal performance and longevity for your device.

best cooling pad

Thermaltake Massive 20

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB is an impressive laptop cooling pad that will provide superior cooling performance for your MSI Summit E13FlipEvo, and it’s our top option for the best cooling pad for MSI Summit E13FlipEvo.

Its unique design is equipped with a Built-in 200mm fan, an adjustable fan speed controller, and three adjustable height settings to provide maximum airflow and heat dissipation, keeping your laptop as cool as possible no matter how hard you’re pushing it.

The massive surface area also offers comfortable ergonomics for extended gaming or work sessions. Additionally, its built-in RGB lighting with five lighting modes (Wave, RGB Spectrum, Pulse, Blink, and Full Lighted) allows you to customize the look of your setup.


  • Three adjustable height settings to provide optimal cooling performance.
  • Large surface area.
  • Built-in RGB lighting.
  • Quiet operation when not running at full speed.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy installation.
  • It can be used for even larger laptops.
  • You can turn the RGB off.


  • Not suitable for lap use as it does not have a padded bottom.
  • Fans can be loud when set at higher speeds.

Below you can see the temperature difference with and without the Thermaltake Massive 20.

Temperature differences while using the Thermaltake Massive 20 on MSI Summit E13FlipEvo.
Showing the Thermaltake Massive 20 laptop cooling pad.

Targus 17

The Targus 17 cooling pad helps evenly distribute air underneath your laptop, reducing the risk of overheating and providing optimal airflow. It is also designed with an adjustable tilt feature allowing you to easily adjust the height of your laptop while using the cooling pad, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Additionally, its lightweight design makes it easy and convenient to take with you when traveling or commuting.

Moreover, the Targus 17 cooling pad is also equipped with two USB ports, allowing you to connect your laptop to other devices, such as an external mouse or keyboard. This makes it even more convenient and functional while giving you easy access to all your favorite accessories.

The Targus 17 cooling pad can be a great way to ensure that your MSI Summit E13FlipEvo stays cool and functions optimally for years to come.


  • The tilted design is comfortable for long sessions.
  • Light and easily portable.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Suitable for lap usage.
  • 4 Adjustable height levels.


  • The performance’s not the best.
  • No fan speed controls.
  • No USB pass-through.
Showing the Targus 17 laptop cooling pad.
Showing the side of the Targus 17 cooling pad

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim is a lightweight, stylish, and practical laptop cooling pad. It has an ultra-slim design that perfectly fits MSI Summit E13FlipEvo while providing superior airflow to keep it cool.

The single fan provides enough airflow to dissipate heat away from MSI Summit E13FlipEvo, helping it perform better. It also features a sleek finish for a modern look and feel, which perfectly complements MSI Summit E13FlipEvo.

It features adjustable height settings to accommodate MSI Summit E13FlipEvo as you wish. With two levels of height adjustment, you can find the optimal elevation that best suits your needs.

Lastly, this laptop cooling pad is USB powered, so you don’t need to worry about laptop battery life or have to plug it into an outlet.


  • Lightweight, small, and stylish design.
  • Adjustable fan speeds and height settings.
  • Quiet.
  • Excellent airflow.
  • USB passthrough.
  • Integrated cable management


  • Not recommended for gaming.
  • The cooling performance is okay.
Showing the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim laptop cooling pad.


If you are looking for the best cooling performance, then your best bet would be the Thermaltake Massive 20. (Gaming, Rendering, Editing, heavy tasks)

For those looking for portability while dropping your temps, the Targus 17 is the best laptop cooling pad for you.

Finally, if you want to help your MSI Summit E13FlipEvo a little bit with the temperatures while having a lightweight and stylish cooling pad, get the Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim.

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