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6 Easy Fixes: Nvidia Display settings are not available

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

The error message “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” is widespread and can occur for several reasons. It could be because of hardware, connectivity, drivers, or software issues.

While experiencing this error, the Nvidia control panel won’t open, and you will keep getting the following message: “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” “You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU.

Below we will go through all possible working methods to fix this error, starting from the easiest one.

Before you start doing any of the below methods, I highly recommend downloading and installing all the latest Windows updates and restarting your computer. That alone can sometimes fix the “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” “You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU.” error.

1. Check your display connection

The first, most important, and easiest thing you can do is to check your display connection. You want to ensure the display cable is attached to your Nvidia GPU and not on your integrated motherboard port.

Once you are sure that the cable is connected to the correct display port, restart your computer and try opening the Nvidia control panel again.

If, even after you restart your computer, the Nvidia control panel won’t open again, you can also try changing the cable to ensure it is not faulty (it happens sometimes).

If you are sure the cable is functional and connected to the correct port and the error persists, you can move to the second method.

Not my video, but it will help you figure out what you should do.

2. Repair and Reset the NVidia control panel

Before uninstalling and reinstalling NVidia graphics card drivers, let’s try to reset and repair the NVidia control panel application.

To do this, navigate to your search bar and type “Add or remove program” and click on the available option. You should see a small search bar, click on it and type NVidia.

Click on the Nvidia control panel and then click on “Advanced options“.

How to locate the NVidia Control Panel software advanced options
Advanced options of NVIDIA Control Panel

Now navigate at the bottom, and you should see the two options ( Repair and Reset).

First, click on the repair button, and once done, click on the reset button.

How to repair, fix and reset “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” "You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU."
First, perform a repair and then Reset.

Now you can check if you can open the NVidia control panel or if you are still getting the error “NVIDIA Display settings are not available.” If you still get the same error, please move to the following method.

3. Disable and Re-Enable your NVidia GPU

This method is simple but very effective. Many online users have reported fixing the “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” error by disabling and reenabling the graphics card from the device manager of Windows.

To do that, go to your search bar and type “Device Manager” and click on it. Look for Display adapters and click on the small arrow; here, you should be able to see your NVidia graphics card listed.

Right-click on it, select Properties and then navigate to the Driver tab on the new window.

Click on Disable device, wait for 10 seconds and then click on Enable Device to re-enable it.

How to disable your NVidia GPU drivers
Disable and then Re-enable

4. Driver Update via Device Manager

Follow the same steps mentioned in the 3rd method, but instead of Disabling the Device, we will update it this time.

So, click on Update Driver, and a new window will appear. Choose the option to update automatically. If you get a message saying that you already have installed the latest driver on your computer, move to the following method. If a new driver has been installed, restart your computer and check if the error is solved.

How to update your NVidia GPU drivers from the device manager

5. Uninstall / Manually install NVidia GPU Driver

The difference between this method and the above is that we will manually choose and install the driver. Before we start downloading and installing the NVidia GPU driver, we want to pause Windows updates because there is a chance that Windows will automatically download and install a driver for your graphics card.

Go to Windows Updates and click on Pause updates for seven days.

How to pause Windows updates for 7 days.

Navigate to device manager as we did on the two previous steps, go to your graphics card’s properties, and navigate to the Driver tab. Now click on Uninstall Driver and let it finish the process.

How to uninstall your NVidia GPU drivers using the device manager on Windows 10.

Once the process is completed, you have to download the latest driver for your graphics card. You can either download the GeForce Experience software or manually download the exact driver you need.

To download the needed driver, visit NVidia’s official website, complete the form with your graphics card model and details and click on “Start search” There will be a list with the latest driver available for the specific graphics card. Download the latest one and install it.

Alternatively, download the GeForce Experience software, install it, and it will automatically find the latest driver for your graphics card. All you will have to do is to click install inside the software.

Once you have installed the latest driver, just restart your computer.

6. Update your Intel integrated GPU drivers

If you have an integrated Intel graphics card, there is a possibility it interferes with your NVidia graphics cards and gets you this error. What you want to do here is download and install the latest driver for your intel GPU manually.

To do this, navigate Intel’s official website, download the latest driver for your Intel graphics card, and install it. Restart your computer and try to open the NVidia control panel.

A weird way to fix an Nvidia-related error, but it works.

If, after following this guide, you still can’t solve your issues, you can book a PC Optimization appointment with me, and I will be more than happy to help you out and solve all your problems.

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By now, if you have tried every method listed in this guide, the “NVIDIA Display settings are not available” “You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPUerror should be gone. Now that you can access your NVidia control panel, it might be the perfect time to start optimizing it with instructions from my video below.

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