WoW Best addons for leveling and questing

10 Best WoW and WoW Classic Leveling & Questing Addons

Last Updated on 1st February 2023

Today I will introduce you to the best leveling and questing addons for World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. The add-ons you’ll find below can be very helpful and powerful for either new World of Warcraft players or veterans.

You will find quest add-ons that will give you the most optimal questing route to maximize your leveling speed, addons that precisely tell you where certain quest mobs spawn and exactly what to do in certain situations, and also addons that will show you chest locations on the map to maximize your gold profits while questing and leveling up.

WoW Best addons for leveling and questing

Best WoW and WoW Classic Leveling & Questing Addons

The best WoW Leveling and Questing addons will provide you with features that help you level up faster, easier, and more effectively.

My favorite combination of WoW add-ons is Titan panel, Zygor Guides, and Gathermate2.

Leartix Plus

The interface of Leartrix Plus WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

This is a set of useful things you can incorporate into WoW and has much to do with it. The feature that is going to impact your leveling and questing the most is the automation tab.

This will allow you to automate quests, gossip, accept the summons, automatically repair your equipment, and sell junk.

While this might not seem so important, think about when you are leveling up in World of Warcraft and have dozens of gray equipment on your bags.

You are trying to figure out which one to sell and which to keep. This addon will do it automatically to save some time and focus on questing and leveling up.

If you combine a few of its features, you will save tons of time in the long run and it’s considered by many one of the best quest addons for WoW.

Key Features

  • Automatically accept quests.
  • Automatically accept summon requests.
  • Automatically accept resurrection requests.
  • Social features
  • Chat features
  • Text & Interface features
  • Quest tracker and quest information.


The interface of GuideLime WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

Guidelime is an addon for World of Warcraft Classic, which provides leveling guides with automatic progress updates. It will give you the optimal questing route and tell you exactly what to do. Very similar to Zygor but with much fewer features available.

You’ll have all the quest steps with the optimal questing route, and as you complete them, the checkboxes will be marked as completed. You can also manually mark the quest as completed as well. Pretty straightforward. Just follow the arrow. Note that some quests might not be automatically assigned as finished, so you’ll have to do that manually.

Key Features

  • List with quest steps
  • Arrow pointing in the direction of the next step.

HandyNotes NPCs

The interface of HandyNotes NPCs WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

Sometimes you may be in the open world, questing and leveling up; a lot of times, you may end up running out of bag space, and the first thing that may come to your mind is to go back to a major town or village to go and sell your loot.

The thing is that there are some NPCs out there that you may not know about that can do repairs and clear your bags.

This addon shows you all the available vendors on the map, which will most likely save you a tremendous amount of time traveling.

Key Features

  • Shows various NPCs on the map and minimap
  • Item Search


The interface of Questie WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

What this addon does is it puts adds extra information on your quests like loot, mobs that you need to kill, areas you should go to either kill the mobs or collect some loot to complete your quest, locations of quests you can pick up, and other useful information for questing and leveling up for efficiently.

A pretty solid addon that will make your questing and leveling experience much better and easier.

Key Features

  • Useful information about objectives & quests
  • Icons to mobs you need for quests
  • Quest Tracker which Tracks quests you’ve completed


The interface of GatherMate2 WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

This addon basically tracks nodes for mining, herbalism, etc., but you will not be using it for that stuff. Instead of using it for professional leveling, you can use it to find chests and giant clam locations to get some extra loot while leveling up your character.

So the reason I recommend Gathermate2 is to find some extra loot, weapons, armor, and gold while questing and leveling in WoW, so the whole process is more efficient.

Key Features

  • Tracking of all gathering professions
  • Display of all collected data on the World Map and the MiniMap
  • Herbs, mines, gas clouds, archaeology digs, fishing pools, treasures.


The interface of Zygor Guides WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

Zygor is the all-in-one package and most likely the only one you need for leveling and questing in either WoW or WoW Classic. It is always up to date, and the developers are constantly working on the project.

You will find guides from the first level to the end game content with an arrow on your head to tell you exactly where to go and explain exactly what you should do to finish the particular quest.

You’ll also find leveling guides depending on the zone you prefer playing and even guides for all available dungeons, professions, dailies, and reputations.

Zygor guides is a premium addon with a monthly subscription. But before you even pay for that, you can try it for free and see if it’s what you were looking for, so there is nothing to lose here.

Clean and easy-to-use interface with everything you’ll ever need while questing and leveling.

Here you can check the complete list of Zygor features.

Key Features

  • Fully In-Game Guides from level one to max level.
  • Dungeons guides
  • Gold farming guides
  • Waypoint Arrow and Travel System
  • Talent Advisor tells you the best way to spend your talent points.
  • Quest Reward and Gear Advisor tell you the best gear to pick and equip.
  • Auto-sell gray items to keep your inventory space freed up.
  • Search By Quest
  • Auction and Mail tools
  • Quest Tracker to track World quests.

Classic Codex

The interface of Classic Codex WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

A handy WoW questing addon with a Quest tracker which tells you exactly where the quest is located and all the steps you have to complete the quest.

Apart from that, it will also show you the exact mob spawn location you need to kill for each specific quest. It just makes the whole process of questing and leveling much easier. Not the best interface, though.

It also allows you to disable certain things from showing on your map, so your map isn’t filled with small icons.

Key Features

  • Display available and active quests on your map and minimap.
  • Exact spawn locations for mobs/NPCs/objects.
  • Auto-accept all the quests.

Azeroth Auto Pilot

The interface of Azeroth AutoPilot WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

This addon basically gives you the most efficient questing route. It provides a little in-game panel showing where you should go and which quest to do next. In this way, you can maximize the experience that you gain while questing to level up faster.

It’s straightforward and very effective, and it will probably get you to a maximum level much quicker than without any addons.

Key Features

  • Navigation arrow
  • Steps for each quest
  • Asks if you want to do group quests
  • Auto talk to NPCs

Titan panel

The interface of TitanPanel WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

The main reason to install Titan Panel is to track the amount of experience you are gaining per hour and a rough estimate of when you will level up.

Apart from that, there are a few more cool features available. There is a durability tracker, gold per hour tracker, hp, and mp tracker, which all can come in handy while leveling up and questing in World of Warcraft.

Key Features

  • Gold,hp,mp,durability trackers.
  • Many built-in plugins.
  • You can have 1 or 2 bars at the top and/or the bottom of your screen.


The interface of StoryLine WoW Leveling and Questing addon in-game.

Storyline is not going to speed the leveling experience up in any way. In fact, it’s going to slow it down. But that’s a good thing sometimes.

This add-on will get you a little deeper into the story and make you feel like the NPCs are actually talking to you and giving you tasks.

This addon is for you if you want to take things slowly and learn more about the WoW story while questing and leveling.

Key Features

  • Animated 3D models and fancy effects.
  • “cuts” the dialogue into multiple parts, playing one after another in an old-school RPG style.


You’ll probably find hundreds of other World Of Warcraft addons that may be useful to you, but if you are looking for some of the best leveling and questing addons, then the ones above will give you a good starting point for sure.

If you hate leveling up, questing, and farming, you might consider looking at my guide on the best places to buy wow gold and accounts.

Let me know in the comments below what addons you are currently using and any suggestions you may have.

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